Chapter 281

“Walk through the door.” Was the man’s only response.

“I’ll try.” Maru replied and waved a hand out in front of him. He started walking forward and when his outstretched palms touched the gates, the view around him completely transformed.

“What kind of magic is this?” Maru wondered out loud as he witnessed the colorful images created and recreated time and time again.

At first it came to his house in the slums and to his wooden hut second, then his mansion in the city of Antavale, next was of course his castle in the late Vestal Virgin Sect,

and lastly was his recent home in the outer disciples’ quarters. Finally, it settled to the first place he called home.

“Am I back in my house near Antavale, Madame Ais?” Maru asked.

“Negative, Maru. You are still in the Infernal Blood Sect specifically beneath the grounds of its foundations.” The system answered.

“Are the things I see here real, Madame Ais?” Maru queried once again.

He could see the paintings which his dear mother personally picked for their family home.

Of course this was not the only duplicates because when they moved to the city of Antavale, how could Maru forget these special selections of his mother.

Thus, Maru had totally replicated them all in their big mansion at the center of the city. The scene of the past was entirely changed by their advent of power in the core of the metropolis.

His family were treated as gods and goddesses that predated whatever force that may have rooted in that lowly mortal abode.

“Negative, Maru. This is only an imitation of your memories.

In essence, all of these can be felt and perceived up to a point, so you can call them real as they belong to the material world and not one imagined or a mere illusion.” the system eloquently replied.

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“Is it reading my mind then? Wow!” Maru exclaimed at the unusual ability of the cave of dwelling.

“Affirmative, Maru. You have arrived at this instance because the spirit that controlled the entirely of this mystique deemed this scenery the one closest to your heart.” the system responded.

“What is this spirit, Madame Ais?” Maru queried and looked high and low but saw no one but himself in the immediate surroundings.

He walked to touch a lifelike depiction of a lush forest upon a large rectangular canvas. The tips of his fingers caressed each stroke and slides of a brush long gone amidst the roughness of the opened art.

“It feels so real!” Maru was alarmed at the amazing sorcery.

“It is a trapped soul, Maru. An intelligence that may have been forcefully acclimated into this formation or may have also willingly offered to serve as a guardian on these caverns of knowledge.”

The system informed the little boy.

“Is it alive?” Maru whispered.

“HELLO! IS SOMEBODY THERE?!” and added in a loud voice.

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But no sound responded as only the echoes of his high pitched voice retorted back at him.

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