Chapter 396

The same could not be said for his fellows though as every single one of them was pinned on the floors they once stood upon.

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The leader realized that this was a foe he could never outmatch in battle and there was a momentary decision for retreat.

But when he remembered the creed that he had sworn and lived by for thousands of years already, the leader shouted his resolve.

“LET MY ENEMIES SHIVER BEFORE ME! I AM FEARLESS!” the leader stood tall and firm. But this was not merely empty bravado because he used this time to throw a rolled papyrus behind him.

The thing opened up when it landed atop his subordinates and what followed was a bright light that matched the handsome man’s aura of death.

“FLASH!” a breath later, the dozen or so wizards vanished from the scene.

To where, only the leader knew the answer. He was unflinching amidst the possibility of passing but he remained to do his duty towards his master.

“Helios Flames!” the leader was an 8th level wizard and could cast out the corresponding level of spell tier. The immediate vicinity sprouted a mimicry of the sun’s spherical figure.

There was heat first and then there was nothing. The magic ravaged the field and centered its yellowish hues upon the motionless forms of his two enemies.

“BOOM!” the leader heard a deafening sound in tune with the spell he released.

No one on his level would have taken that and survived but he dreaded that the result for his efforts would be negligible at best.

The adversary he faced today was definitely a 9th level wizard or perhaps even higher. A 10th level in the legends. A few breaths elapsed and an unbelievable thing happened.

“What sorcery is this?” the leader was shaken by what he witnessed. A deep crater marred the hot lands.

This was obviously the effect of his mystique but what was unsettling was the complete change of scenery.

The building he expected he would find in ruins was gone and all he could see where his eyes could take him was nothing but the smoking sight of the desert sands.

Was he shifted to another place? He thought bewildered about that man’s actions.

“But why?” he added. The leader quickly rummaged for another teleportation scroll in his ring of storage but revealed a befuddled expression in the end.

All items were there save for the things that mattered the most in this moment. He sighed and intoned another of his spells.

“FLIGHT.” this was going to take a long while, the leader concluded after gauging how far away he was from his previous position.


“You can’t keep doing this, Maru.” Mistress Ais said. Everything around them was untouched and there was not even one burned dress to mark the event that happened a half breath earlier.

She gazed at the beautiful man before her who was now back to his usual calm.

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At least that was what could be glimpsed on the outside but it was a totally different situation beneath the surface of what can be seen.

It was a constant mess of inner tribulations, Mistress Ais noted.

“Look at me, Maru? Does Lyra look pretty?” a voice intruded before Maru could reply to the words of the white haired woman.

“Yes, indeed. You are absolutely sexy, Lyra.” Maru may have used some unseemly word in his response but he cared not at all. He was more focused on keeping his demons at bay right now.

This was the beginning of an eternal struggle and be it his pride or confidence talking, but Maru accepted the challenge with great relish.

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