Chapter 12 – Proposal

When I returned to the village there were two girls in front of the barrier, an elf and a dryad.

Both races, elves and dryads, were races that excel in appearance.

The elf’s long hair bathed in sunlight shines like a beautiful gold, and though she has a slender body, with an appropriate chest that shows the characteristic of a woman, even when she screamed 「Oraa! Ooria!」 her sex-appeal didn’t… disappear.

The dryad had medium length green hair and downcast eyes which seemed to give an kind aura. And her body, her body while saying 「It’s enough」 and 「It will breaaak」… those could bewilder *bokyun bokyun* any man.

(Stoooop! Don’t escape from reality!)

「Hey Mea, I wonder if I’d okay to use all my power? Even the gentle me is already at her limit」

「But I’m telling you that’s not okay!」

(Aah… I don’t want to go there. Gentle? That one?)

An elf girl who was still hitting the barrier along with a dryad desperately trying to stop her.

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I wished I could turn back.


At first glance the elf looks like a normal girl of 16-17 years, but if you look further at her, she gives a dangerous presence.

An elf stops aging once reached a certain age, so it is difficult to know their precise age…

More than a dangerous presence, every action of her screams dangerous woman.

「Ah! Alberto-san is here! Rize-san, he already came back!」

The elf’s line of vision shifted towards me.


Damn Daidarian, calling me out now of all the times…

I wasn’t prepared yet.

But now that I have been called out, I don’t have other choice but to come out.

「I’m back… eh? What’s happening here?」


According to Daidalian, both of them were Sari’s friend that came here to see how the village’s restoration was going.

But thanks to the barrier they were unable to enter.

Then the elf snapped out and started kicking the unreasonable barrier…

While I was listening to why they were here, the elf, while hitting her feet strongly against the ground was approaching me.

「This is a goblin’s village! Why is there a gargoyle here?! Good day!」


The elf girl came to pick a fight.

But I never thought that she would come to greet me like that.

「Ah, nice to meet you」

Let’s return the greeting first.

「What the hell were you thinking, to make a barrier this strong, are you an idiot?! Thanks to that I couldn’t get inside!」

As expected, she seemed to be angry.

「Rize-chan, you can’t talk like that. I’m really sorry!」

The dryad called Mea began to apologize without stopping.

「Ah, I don’t mind it, really」

「But it’s amazing, It’s the first time I see a barrier like this」

Now with a 180-degree attitude, she started praising me.

Um, weren’t you angry at me?

Is she friendly or aggressive? Was she praising me or ridiculing me? I don’t know well.

It’s impossible for me to get angry with this elf since all her actions so far have been countered.

Really, I would like for her to stop with that bipolar personality.

「Rize is a bit impulsive, but really, she is a good girl」

Sari casually gave a follow up.

You called that ‘a bit’?

Though she doesn’t seem to be a bad girl…

「Don’t ignore me! I’m not lonely!」

「Rize-chan!! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!」

Ah, it must be that she says what comes to her head at the same time.

「Wait a second, I’ll plant my magical power imprint on you so be quiet」

「I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

「Give me the imprint now」

Since Sari said that they were not a bad people, I planted my magical power imprint on them and granted them the privilege to enter the village.

「I can… go inside」


Sari guides two people who have successfully entered the village to the former Mido house which is now a meeting hut.

The only safe building of the attack is now a gathering place for the goblins.

「So, why did the two of you came here?」

Sari asks the two girls.

「You see, I heard from Mea that you were in the middle of restoring the village, so I brought this」

What Rize took out of the bag was five bottles of maple syrup and a seasoning such as salt that was tightly packed in the bag, and various kinds of monster meat such as lesser orc and grizzly.

Obviously the size of things she took out exceeded the size of the bag, so it should be that, a bag that has been granted with space expansion magic, a magic bag.

A bag that expands the storage space in the bag according to the magic consumption of the owner.

How wonderful, I also want to grant it expansion magic to my bag made with wyvern skin and make it a magic bag.

「Though it’s a little it should help you all」

「No… but, this is a lot… is really okay?」

Rize nods at Sari’s words.

「Really, it’s okay! We should help each other in these times. The maple syrup is from Mea, so you know」

「Rize, Mea… thanks, I will receive these gratefully」

Sari and Daidarian bowed.

It seems that it was not a lie that they were kind…

Though they didn’t give that first impression.

「By the way, Mea, why didn’t you communicate telepathically instead of coming directly?」

「Um, one of the reasons was to help you all, although I have another reason…」

Mea suddenly begin to talk with serious expression.

The reason why Mea came here is related to the migration of the monsters.

Due to the fight between the demon kings, Beria and Rannu, the monsters that lived around the castle forest started looking for a place so as to escape from the high ranking demons.

Now that Rannu died and the Beria army left, these displaced monsters are returning to their original habitat, and powerful monsters, such as Fang Boar and Blood Grizzly, who have been living away from the castle, have also been hunting for their prey, and in chasing those monsters such as the lesser orcs and bear grizzly who have become their prey, they have settled near the village.

Yesterday, they have spotted a Blood Grizzly 10kms away from the Dryad’s home

Blood Grizzly is a ferocious, large bear beast of four meters in length and it’s the evolution of the grizzly.

Its high agility, combined with attack power that was comparable to the wyvern, made the Blood Grizzly more dangerous for goblins and Dryads than Wyverns, which they were less likely to enter deep into the forest.

Dryads had a better chance as they have high stealth ability and could use high level earth magic, but Blood Grizzly wasn’t a monster that goblins and hobgoblins could deal with.



Sari and Daidarian were calling my name with troubled faces.

You don’t have to make such a face.

「It’s not problem at all」

You can feel relieved.

「As expected」

「I understood」

Both, Daidarian and Sari, sighed with relief upon hearing my response.

「Yes, I’d never thought there would be a barrier that strong. Even a blood grizzly would be unable to enter, even we couldn’t get inside the barrier…」

「Sorry for that」

Even though just for appearance sake, I owed them an apology.

「You don’t have to, rather, you helped me」


「That’s right, If I had come just to inform about those monsters, telepathy would have sufficed」


「So, wouldn’t you let me stay in this village? I would like to join hands with the Goblin tribe」

「Eh? What do you mean?」

Mea answered Sari’s question.

It seems that the Dryad tribe, who have been interacting with the goblins for a long time wants now to deeper their connection.

The dryads have high defensive capabilities, but their attack power is close to none. It seems that there was no problem until now, but now a monsters with a high degree of threat are dwelling in the forest causing a sense of danger never before seen, so they do not have the confidence to be able to defend their village like so far.

Although nothing serious has happened so far, having no way to attack, in the distant future they village could end destroyed. So, their idea was to welcome the goblins in their village when the time comes to defend it

「I’m sorry but even we will be unable to do something if the opponent is a monster of the Blood Grizzly class」

「About that, are you aware that dryads are strong in magic bestowal, right?」

「Yes, I’m aware」

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「Fortunately, Blood Grizzly and even Fang Boar are weak to fire. It’s possible to grant fire attribute to weapons as long as there are flame stones. And even we will take care of preparing strong armors. In addition we will prepare everything else that you need, that’s why…」

「So, “use those weapons if they come to attack us.”?」

「Y-Yes. Although we, Dryad, are able to create powerful weapons, we are unable to fight because our physical abilities are low. That’s why we thought that if we could ensure cooperation with the goblins… Of course you can make use of our weapons and armor as you like, including in your daily hunting. And the reason that I asked that if I could stay…」

The male goblins have died and now they lack the ability to scout the enemy and that’s were the Dryad Mea comes in. She would play the role of monitoring the forest.

As a Dryad, she can hear the voices of the trees, and can sense the forest anomaly faster than anyone. It’s only in a forest where they can see and observe around several kilometers in all directions.

In addition, being able to use telepathy, it’s easier for them to reach a mutual understanding with the goblins.

By the way, elves can’t use telepathy and though I don’t understand but they seem to have a keen sense of hearing through their long ears.

「What do you think?」

「I understand, we will discuss it with Menado-san once she comes back from hunting. For now, you can stay here」

「Thank you」


Thus there were two guest staying in this village tonight.

Tonight will be lively.

「Ah, that gargoyle over there! I need to talk to you, come with me outside!」

While we were at it, I was summoned by Lady Rize.

I’m not happy at all, I could smell trouble.

But if I ignore her, she would fly into a rage.

It would be great if I could safely go through it… Though it seems impossible.

It can’t be helped, let’s think positively.

Let’s enjoy the conversation with a beautiful girl for the first time in a 1500 years.

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