Chapter 11 – Girls x2

As everything progressed without any kind of problem with the barrier, Sari went into the forest to call for the other goblins.

Having goblins, babies among them, even younger than Daidarian, they couldn’t immediately return. But because Baum and I helped them move and acted as guards, they could finish moving in three days. After that, the barrier was finally placed.

Since my foot hurts due to having helped them, I used Baum as a my mount.

I was carrying goblin’s bow and other relatively heavy baggage while Baum was carrying me.

From a outsider perspective, this was an ineffective way of carrying things

However, having no hands, it’s difficult for Baum to carry things.

That’s why I’m acting like Baum’s feet and hands.

Although Baum is the one carrying all the weight, now that he has leveled up, this weight is nothing for it.

Considering that I’m 180 cm tall, I easily weigh around 100kg, but Baum seems quite lively so it should be okay.

I was curious about Baum’s strength, so I proposed a sham battle, but my idea was quickly rejected.

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The slime in question said that it doesn’t intend to brandish this power it got against the person who has saved its life.

Not being something that can be forced, this talk ended there.

I got along very well in these three days that I spend next to them.

The children were very polite and didn’t discriminate against me only because I was a gargoyle.

They even consoled me for having lost my wings.

They even prepared a potion grinding the roche grass so that I could recover my wings.

Such potion wouldn’t able to heal my wings which were burned by a demon king, but I was really happy.

The goblins were grateful to me in regards to the barrier, to the point that they came to ask me if I didn’t want to live with them.

All this time my heart ached, hungry for love, so now that I have to reject their invitation it hurts.

Time passes, now is the fifth day since I came to the goblin village. I once again became Baum’s rider while gathering food in the forest.

Baum told me to relax, but if I’m going to travel alone then I want to increase my survival skills.

That’s why I’m in the middle of gathering food.

(U〜m, this seed is slightly edible, this fruit is also somehow edible, If I force myself, I can eat that grass…)


「Eh? None of them is edible? They are a little spicy, but you can eat them」

You may think that I’m a man who doesn’t learn, but in my case, I have resistance to poison, so I can eat anything.

But most are not delicious if you eat them raw…

The proof is that I have tried them in these days that I was in the forest.

Though they don’t have poison, they leave a lot to be desired. In the case of the trent seed, if you don’t roast it, then it’s like eating mud.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t have a sense of taste, but I have simply never eaten delicious food.

Of course, that’s before I tasted Daidarian’s food.

I don’t want to eat poisonous food on purpose.

But, this is this, and that’s that.

It’s not like I’ll be able to eat delicious food without poison everyday.

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That’s why I’m researching how to eat poisoned food in a delicious way.

Thus I gathered as much poisoned food as I can.

It could be that depending on the way it’s cooked, even poisoned food can be delicious.

Though I won’t be able to bring out my experimental result on a dining table.

I knew this was a challenge that no one has even dared to try.

Nobody in their right mind would eat poisoned food.

A lonely battle that no one can help.

Since if you taste it, you’ll die after all…

I may be putting the cart before the horse, but if I feel like what I’m doing is useless then I will lose.

I stuffed the poisoned food into the two leather bags that Daidalian made for me.

I feel like I’m doing something wrong by using these bags in this way after all the effort he put into making these. Forgive me, Daidarian.

When I was thinking about such an useless thing…

There was a reaction from the barrier that I have set up.

Basically, if there is any abnormality with respect to the barrier, it’s transmitted to the maker, in other words, to me.


Someone besides the goblins touched the water barrier?

「Baum, it seems that someone has touched the barrier, communicate it telepathically to Daidarian」


The situation wasn’t dangerous since the barrier didn’t break, but I wanted to make sure.

Baum was still in the middle of using telepathy, so I waited for a while…

『Pigii Pigigi』

It seems that Baum has already finished communicating, but Baum, being a little worried, was trembling.


「Fumu Fumu」



Lately I can somehow understand Baum, but even so, I’m a bit troubled if I want to know the details,

In these moments, I can only do that.

「Just do what you see fit」

I left all the decision to Baum. It would take time to learn the details, and I also couldn’t verify anything right now.

You want my order? Baum who received my instruction ran to the village like there was no tomorrow.


Wait! Fast! Too fast!

Aren’t we exceeding 60 km per hour at this speed?

I wasn’t thrown off because my hands and legs were fixed to Baum’s body.

With this speed, the village was already in sight.

「Give up already, Rize. They will return soon」

「But! But! What the heck is this barrier!? Let me in at once!」

「I-I’m sorry Rise-san, but I have already sent a message telepathically… So let’s calm down and drink this, please? 」

Daidarian and Sari were calming a girl.

「I’m calm, I’m telling you! *Fungaa*(Drinking water) Oraaa! (Kicking the barrier)」

「Rize-chan never listen to what other people say. I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

When I arrived at the village, what came into my sight was an ill-tempered elf girl who noisily kicking the barrier, intending to go inside, and a dryad who kept on apologizing.

(What… is this? I really don’t want to go there now)

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