Chapter 10 – Setting up a barrier

「If you simply want to prevent the werewolves from entering the village, then I can help」

Although there is a little… No, a considerable problem.

「What you say is… true? That would be the best solution, but the enemy are those who are called the hunters of the forest, werewolf, you know?」

The goblins were quite skeptical in my words…

「Yes, I’m fully aware of it. But anyway we will continue tomorrow, it’s already night after all. Let’s eat something and go to sleep」

「Ah, you are right」

「Speaking of food, we can eat smoked meat from lesser orc and trent seed. However, there isn’t enough food for the five of us, besides it’s already night, it would be dangerous to go hunting」

Sari said with a troubled face.

It can’t be helped then, it’s my turn to shine…?

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「Let me offer you my wyvern meat, it’ll be enough for all of us」

「「「Wyvern’s meat!!!」」」

The three goblins, Mido, Sari and Menado, shouted in surprise at the mention of the wyvern’s meat.

I was startled.

「It’s… It’s that okay?」

Daidalian asked me for a confirmation with an apologetic tone.

It would be sad to celebrate the long-awaited reunion with such sad food.

「Yeah, I would appreciate it if you could prepare me enough food before I depart」

「Y-Yes, gladly! That’s a matter of course」

This evening’s dinner menu was settled with Wyvern’s meat, smoked lesser orc’s meat and roasted trent’s seed.

The roasted trent’s seed was a bit sweet and crispy, but unexpectedly delicious. The smoked lesser orc’s meat was hard and salty, but since it was preserved food I can’t complain.

The goblins ate the wyvern’s meat with a smile on their faces.

It’s just like Daidarian said, they can only eat this kind of high class food once every so many years.

They are only able to eat such food only if a stray wyvern’s child wanders alone (Since the goblins are incapable of hunting an adult one) and this was their first time tasting adult wyvern’s meat.

Once finished eating, the goblins come towards me thanking me.

If with just this they got happy, then it was worth it.

Baum was happily drinking from a barrel my water of the highest quality that I could offer, since being a slime it doesn’t need to eat.

With full bellies, we deepen our friendship regardless of our races.

We never lacked short tales about my encounter with Daidarian or about goblin’s daily life.

Then, we all fell asleep.

The goblins huddled together and slept soundly.

It seemed warm.

It seems that to sleep together, men and women, don’t need any kind of permission.

Mido, a childhood friend and the sister of his best friend, Sari.

If you think about it, this is not a harem?

But his mother is also here, but still…

Baum was next to me, so I tried to hug it, but as it was cold I let it go.

I have the feeling that Baum said, I’m sorry, so I told him not to worry.

You don’t need to be hot, Baum.

Because your heart is already warm…

After spending a night in the hut, morning came.

Since Sari and Menado were early birds, they started cooking the lesser orc that they hunted as soon as they got up,and as for Daidarian and Mido, they went early to visit the graves. It seems that I was the last to get up.

When I tried to apologize for not having helped they quickly told me that since I was their guest, I shouldn’t worry.

The smoked lesser orc’s meat was unappetising, but since it was fully roasted it was quite delicious.

Though a bit too much greasy…

After finishing the meal break, I started to move on my own.

Daidarian and Sari were in front of me.

「Then, let’s continue yesterday’s conversation…?」

Baum was walking through the village while Minado and Mina securing the food for the night.



Daidarian and Sari nods.

「I think you already know, but in order to defend the village from the werewolves, I can raise a water barrier」

「A water barrier you said…?」

「Wait a second! A water barrier to prevent the werewolves from entering? Is that even possible!」

Sari suddenly cut off our conversation, it seems as though she didn’t believe what she has heard.

「It’s possible, Sari-neesan. Even fully grown wyverns are nothing against the barrier, not to mention werewolves」

「Wyverns, you said? Listen to me Daidarian, a water barrier is not an almighty magic and you say that an adult wyvern wouldn’t be able to break it? Even for a demon would be impossible」

But I’m not a mere demon…

Unlike Daidarian, Sari has lived for a long time and is well-informed about magic.

Even if the person in question doesn’t have magic, she has the knowledge.

「Even for my friend, an elf specialized in water magic, she would have to be in her best condition in addition to having all the luck in the world to stop the attack of a wyvern. Even we, the hobgoblins, are capable of destroying the water barrier, although not in one blow」

「But, it stopped them, many of their attacks…」

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Sari still looked at us with a doubtful gaze, so I let her experience it in first person.

『Water Barrier』

A water sphere appeared covering all three of us.

「Do whatever you like」

「It’s better if you don’t underestimate me, I may be the one saying this, but I’m the best spear user in the village」

Sari comes out of the barrier, and starts stabbing it.

Water barrier should be weak against spears or any thrusting weapon… But.


Although Sari used the impulse of the race she took to stab the barrier, it has no sign of breaking.

「Spiral spear! Giant Swing! Killing spear!」

Hey! There are several dangerous skill names mixed in there!

I left Sari, who was struggling, alone for a while.

「Even Sari’s spear can’t pierce through. As expected, that barrier is amazing」

Daidarian said in admiration.

It’s okay to praise me more.

After all, praise will make me improve…

「The barrier was packed with a considerable amount of magical power, as such, is impossible to break it if the attacker is not at the same level」

Werewolves wouldn’t pose any problem.

But against a fenrir wolf like Rannu, it would be impossible. At that time you won’t have another option but to surrender.

But I don’t think that such a demon would appear out of nowhere and come here…

「Haa haaa… What’s… with this barrier?」

No matter what attack Sari performs, the barrier continues unperturbed.

「Hey, there shouldn’t be any problem, right?」

「You’re right, but just how much magical power did you put into that barrier?」

Sari finally became aware of the barrier’s true strength.

「But Alberto-san… that barrier is…」

「Yeah… this barrier allows you to go outside but not enter」

「What…? Then, in the end it’s not useless?」

「That’s why I said it, that I could obstruct the werewolves from entering the village」

That’s right, I can obstruct the attack of the enemies but it would also obstruct the entry of the allies. I have to think a little more about how will do it.

I can activate and deactivate the barrier at my whim while I’m here, but the problem is that I won’t always be here.

「So… what should we do?」

We, the trio in charge of village’s defense, were folding our arms while pondering about it.

「Hey, Alberto」

「Um? Did something come to mind?」

Seemingly thinking of something, Sari asked me a question.

「You, being the conjurer, can not get out of this barrier either?」

「No, since I’m the one who made it, I can go out and enter freely」

「Fumu, why is it that you can leave freely?」

「Ah, do you know about magical power imprint?」


「I don’t know either」

「I suppose so」

It’s not strange that they don’t know it because they are a race incapable of using magic.

So I explained a little.

Excluding goblins, slime and other similar races, most of the living things have magic inside them.

To be able to cast magic, such as fire, ice, among others, the person in question must possess an aptitude to be able to transform the magical power inside them to the different elements.

And if they don’t have the necessary aptitude, they won’t be able to transform the magic to the element they wish.

For example, my aptitudes are water, earth and gravity. I can cast magic of these three branches.

By the way, magical power that you don’t need to transform is called non-attribute magic.

Magic that you have to circulate inside your body like body strengthening magic and mind magic are a kind of non-attribute magic.

Here the magic imprint comes into question.

The magic imprint summarizes the properties and characteristics of the magic power that one has.

In other words, a magic imprint is like a magic fingerprint version.

There is an infinite variety and there is no one equal to the other.

A characteristic of the magic imprint is that a person with an identical magic imprint can ignore a part of the effects of such magic.

No matter what magic is casted, they all need magical power.

As long as magic is used, the magic imprint is always reflected in the magic that was cast.

And in this case, as I have casted this magic, the water barrier has the same magic imprint as me, so I can go out and enter freely.

「….and that’s why. Have you all… understood?」



Un, well, it can’t be helped, my explanation was long… I’m sorry.

「The point is, if you have the same magical power as the one who created the barrier, you can go in and out」

「I have understood」

「I have completely understood」

Perfectly they said… Really?

Surely neither of them understood it completely but they understood the important thing.

「U〜m, couldn’t you grant to our bodies your magical imprint?」

「Sharp aren’t you, Sari? It’s possible with goblins. If I did that, it would be possible, you all would be able to go out and enter to your liking. But what are you going to do once I’m not here?」

Indeed, she is really sharp. I noticed how I didn’t have any problems since I met with Daidarian and now this morning either.

「You’re… right」

If I give them my imprint they will be able to enter and exit freely, but newly born goblins wouldn’t be able to go out even once since they won’t be able to re-enter if I’m not here.

If for some reason one of them left the barrier by mistake, the child would start crying, and then it would become a trauma.

『Mother! Father! Let me in! It’s cold here〜』

『You can’t. Once you go outside the village, it’s impossible to go back inside! You must live on your own!』

『That guy! If that guy hadn’t casted the barrier, then my child would be…!』

『Hiii, a monster is behind me! No, I don’t want this, noooooo! I don’t want to die! Save me daddy!』

It seems like something that it could happen.

I don’t want something like that happening in the future.

Baum returned from his walk while we were discussing about the defense of the village.

「Welcome back〜 Baum」


Baum passed by Sari’s side who was outside the barrier a and as he approached us he started to rub its body in mine and Daidaria’s feet.

As always, it is still cute as ever… Eh?

Wait, something doesn’t feel right.


How can this child cross the barrier?


The place falls in absolute silence.

If it doesn’t have the same magic imprint as me… the same magic imprint as me, then it shouldn’t able to go out?

「Ah, so it’s like that」


「Hey, yesterday Baum was rehydrated with my water magic, right?」


「Baum’s body is almost configured with my water magic, so it has the same magic imprint as me, and that’s why it can go out and enter my barrier at its whim」

「I see」Daidarian nodded as if he understood.

That means that if we can attach a part of Baum to the goblins, even if I don’t give them my magic imprint, they will be able to leave and enter my barrier. But even so…

「But can Baum divide itself into small parts? If it can, then Daidarian should try to… No, it should be impossible. We’ll have better chance with a gluttony slime…」

『Pigi Pigi』

Baum, who was listening our talk, separates into a body of water of 1 centimeter in diameter and stuck it on Daidalian’s arm.


「Eh, that I’ll be alright using this?」

As Baum instructed, Daidarian came out of the barrier at once.


「I can… get inside」

Daidarian was able to leave and enter the barrier successfully.

I’m not dreaming, right…?

Isn’t this child really amazing?

Separating into small parts is not a feat that a common slime is capable of…

The most possible explanation should be because Baum drank water of the best quality.

「Are you alright, Baum? Even if it’s a small amount, you have divided your body after all」

I tried asking Baum,

Baum would be unable to preserve its main body if it separates a lot, or so I though.


「「If it is only this amount, it will regenerate naturally over time so there shouldn’t any problem, it’s only that… Just that I would be very happy if Alberto-san could stockpile the finest water for this village before you leave, just for precaution sake. If I had that water, the speed with which I could regenerate would be exceptional」… that’s what it said」

Did it also acquire self-regeneration ability?

Wouldn’t this slime be able to survive anywhere no matter where it goes at this point?

「The finest water you said…? Leave it to me. I’ll prepare lots of it for you」


Baum seemed happy to know that it could drink all the water of the finest quality in the village whenever he wants.

I’ll do my best preparing it.

「Well… Now the problem regarding the barrier has been solved since Baum will stay in this village. How about you call out the remaining goblins that reside in the forest, over there? The sooner the better.」

「I’m glad we have safely solved it. You’re amazing, Baum」


「After this, I will contact telepathically the rest. I’m sure everyone will be delighted over receiving this news and will come at once」

Everyone was lively as the problem has been safely solved.

I have a strong feeling that this has been resolved very easily, but let’s leave it in that Baum is an excellent child.

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