Chapter 9 – Reunion

We managed to safely reach the village at dusk.

In the past, it may have been a village in which all the goblins lived happily, but now, tree huts were burnt down, the field were all dug up and the fences around the village were destroyed.

The evidence of the fierce attack without mercy of the demon king Rannu is here, but something is missing.

「This is…」

As Daidarian takes a step in his village, his face tightens.

「Something was bugging me even before we arrived, but there’s no a foul odor」

Daidarian nodded at my words.

The traces of the attack remain, but I don’t see any corpse.

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Has someone buried the corpses?

This is my wishful thinking, but it could be that…

「Could someone have returned?」

As Daidarian was exploring the village, a loud scream was heard.

「It’s me, chief Marida’s son, Daidarian! Is anybody here!?」

After a while, near the entrance to the village, you could hear the door of a partially burned hut opening up with a *gigigi* sound.


「Young master An?」

「Mi…do? Sari-oneesan too!」

Cautiously two goblins came out of the hut.

One of them is a female goblin of the same age as Daidarian.

Generally the skin of the goblins are dark brown, but unlike the male goblins, the female goblin’s skin is more white and her eyes are bigger.

This time it should be impossible for me to confuse the genres… really.

The other goblin ‘s build is about two meters larger and his skin is greenish.

(A hobgoblin?)

A hobgoblin is one of the many evolutions of the goblins.

Although I don’t know very well the specifics conditions to evolve, most races take into account the age and magic power as the basic conditions to evolve.

If Daidarian continues to grow he may also become a hobgoblin in the future.

And by the way, as for the gargoyles … they don’t evolve.

We retain the same appearance from birth.

It’s a little sad, but… I think it’s a good thing that I was born perfect from my birth.

It’s the truth after all, and I don’t accept any objection.

「Daidarian! Daidarian, right!!?」

「Yes! Yes! It’s me! So you have safely escaped, Mido!」

Daidarian and the girl he called Mido stared at each other for awhile before they walked in each other’s direction.

Their distance eventually grew closer… and then.



They hugged each other so tightly that you could hear a *gashi * sound.

「Thank god! After the werewolf took you with him,… I… thought I would never see you again…」

「Yes, two days after Rannu died and the mental control was undone, I was finally able to return!」

「Rannu… is dead?」

「Yeah, Rannu is dead!」

「Ah… I’m really happy. He has finally died! Now all of us can peacefully live together again!」

「Yeah… he has finally die!」

A touching meeting with an unbelievable topic…

As expected, he must had a considerable grudge within him.

He just got what he deserved, I don’t have a shred of sympathy for him.

Those two, deeply moved by their reunion they were still hugging…

10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds…

I’d like to separate them, but the mood doesn’t let me.

「I’m really happy that you are safe, young master An… And although I understand your feelings, the people behind you seem troubled」

「…Ah, I’m sorry, Sari-neesan」

I thought I’d let them continue for a while longer, but the female hobgoblin, Mido, gave a warning to Daidarian and put a stop to their huggin.

A reliable elder sister type, this goblin.

Daidarian apologized when he noticed Baum and I probably felt out of place.

「Daidarian, those people are?」

The one called Sari-neesan asked.

「Let me introduce them, I met them along the way, Baum the slime and Alberto-san the gargoyle」

「A gargoyle… you said?」

First of all there was never much interaction between gargoyles and goblins.

Mido looks at me as if seeing something interesting.

Hey, hey… stop that.

「Ah! I-I’m sorry for staring you…」

Mido apologized as she bowed her head.

Her look was as if she had found something interesting.

It’s not something that has caused me unpleasant feelings so I don’t care so much.

「Fufu, don’t be worried, young lady, but try to not stare at me so much or Daidarian will get jealous」

Who the heck is the one talking…? Ah, it’s me.

「Eh, ah… such a thing」

Catching a glimpse of Daidarians’ face, Mido’s face turned red.

It seems that my other skill hasn’t rusted.

My other name was “the supporter” though.

「Seriously… Alberto-san… what do you mean by jealousy? Alberto-san has saved my life on our journey, he is my benefactor. He is someone you can count on」

「I-is that so? If Daidarian says so, then it should be okay, Although it’s a bit late, let me introduce myself, I’m called Mido, a goblin」

「I’m Sari, a hobgoblin. Best regards」

Mido and Sari came to believe me, a guy whose appearance, 100% reeks of suspicion.

It seems that they trust greatly in Daidarian.

「I’m Alberto, the gargoyle, nice to meet you」


「Yes, Baum-san also said nice to meet you」

It seems that the two of them are greeting with Baum telepathically.

After having finishing introducing us, Mido guided us inside the house from which she came.

Although it’s burned a little, compared with the others houses, Mino’s house damage is little. At least, the majority of the furniture has not completely lost its functionalities.

We sit on wooden chairs facing each other, and separating us a wooden table.

Since it has no meaning for Baum to sit down, it stayed on the floor in stand-by.

「Then, Mido… Could you please tell me what happened after I was taken?」

「I understand」

The day that Rannu launched his attack, the male goblins fought bravely against the werewolf and demon king Rannu in exchange for their life in order to make time for the female goblins to escape.

Thanks to them, the female goblins were able to escape safely along with the young children.

Apparently, the women who were able to escape safely are hidden in the forest 5km to the west from here.

Since they didn’t know when Rannu’s subordinates could return, groups of two or three goblins took turns to check the state of the village.

They told us that the funeral of all the men of the village including Daidarian’s father has already been arranged. The graves are 200 meters north of here.

Daidarian will be going there tomorrow morning.

Rannu’s subordinates were werewolf so that means that that unit was assigned to deal with Beria’s scouting unit.

Not only their scouting skill is high, but their battle power is also high.

It could be said that a place with as many obstacles as a forest is, for them it’s their field of expertise.

Perhaps they discovered this village when they were in the middle of scouting Beria’s army, and launched attack with the aim to gain provisions and if the opportunity presented itself, soldiers too.

By the way, Rannu was also previously a werewolf.

Although strictly speaking, Rannu was a werewolf who has evolved into a fenrir werewolf…

I cannot fathom how they were able to escape from a race that could produce a powerful demon king like him.

「…I see, everyone is safe… I’m glad」


Knowing that the battle they fought was not in vain and many were able to escape, tears fall from the Daidarian’s face.

Mido, who was beside him, wiped his tears with her hand.

「I have already contacted Menado-san and told her that you had returned. Surely she will arrive tomorrow morning」


It seems that while we were listening to the story, Sari was communicating with Daidarian’s mother, Menado-san.

Daidarian looked delighted that knowing that he could to meet his mother again after a long time.

But even so…

「Just now you said that you have contacted her… But are we not more than 5 km away? Is telepathic communication able to encompasses such a far distance?」

Since the story came to a halt, I decided to ask.

「As long as you know the exact location is possible. If you don’t know the exact location where the individual is located it would be impossible to communicate」


Sari answered my question.

It’s possible because Mido knows the exact location where the goblins are hidden.

In other words, it’s impossible for Daidarian to communicate with Minado currently.

Only allowed on

According to Sari, if it were not for the telepathy it would have been impossible for them to have escaped from the werewolves with their slow feets.

I tried to ask them about something that has been bothering me during the entire trip. The monsters.

According to what they told us, Mido and Sari met 5 lesser orcs on their way to the village.

Since Mido was with her, they decided to escape.

From what I have understood, 5km away, in the direction where they are hiding, for several weeks, the amount of monsters has increased recently.

And yet, the amount of monsters is less than before…

This situation was within my expectations.

The monsters that were moving away from the center of the battle, little by little were beginning to return.

Since there were only female goblins, I asked if there was no problem with monsters, but they answered that everything was ok.

Generally the male goblin hunts while the female goblin is in charge of the household chores, gathering of wild grasses, and if they have time, they help with hunting.

Even though three months have passed after the attack, the female goblins had no problem making wooden bows and spears so that they could hunt instead of depending of the male goblins who were not there anymore. Their hunting skills that would put in shame their male counterpart were such that they had no problems dealing with monsters like lesser orcs or the like.

In other words, nothing is impossible for them.

They surely are strong, those female goblins.

However, the goblins are a race which attack their prey with numbers, so if a hobgoblin is with them, it’s even better. For the common goblin, it’s difficult to take care of a lesser orc, and even more given that Mido is a child.

The reason why she brought Mido with her, is probably because she doesn’t trust anyone other than her to keep her safe.

I spend the time leisurely till dusk with the reunited goblins.

Shortly after we started talking, the door of the hut opened suddenly.

It seems that Daidarian’s mother Minado-san has returned.

Despite her being a hobgoblin it’s possible to notice the similarity with Daidarian.

Eh? But they hadn’t said that she would arrive as much tomorrow morning?

Hey hey, it’s not been more than an hour.

Surprised at the sudden appearance of his mother, Daidarian gets up from the chair.


「Mother!! Why? Ah!」

「Idiot! I hurriedly came back when I knew you came back alive! How could I wait till tomorrow morning!?」

Regardless of the time, she went through the forest at night to get here.

Well, for a hobgoblin two or three lesser orc are nothing…

As with Mido, mother and son hugged each other.

An emotional scene again.

*Guii Guii*


I looked down and saw Baum pushing my feets.


* Guii Guii*

(Ah, it’s their long-awaited meeting, and that I shouldn’t interrupt them?)

Okay Baum, got it.

The nuisances ones will take their leave.

I want to think that I’ve reached the point where I can understand it even if I don’t have telepathy.

(Being able to notice something like that, you are truly a man among men…)

Leaving the goblins inside the hut, Baum and I went outside.

The veil of the darkness fell down.

It was pitch dark.

Estimating that a good amount of time had passed, we turned back to the hut.

「I’m sorry that you had to mind about us」

Daidarian greeted us who were entering the hut.

「Hey hey, I’m not such an idiot as to interrupt the long-awaited reunion between mother and son」

After all, I was a man among men who was capable to read the mood.


Forgive me, I lied.

Well, everything was thanks to Baum.

「I’m Daidarian’s mother, Menado. You saved my son from the wyverns on his journey. How can I express my gratitude…?」

「You don’t have to thank me, since Daidarian has already paid me. It’s to the extent that I should be the one thanking you」

「Such a thing, I should be the one…」

「Please, no, I’m the one who…」

I need to put a stop to this or else it won’t come to an end.

Daidarian’s appearance who was slightly embarrassed was pleasant to the eye.

「By the way mother, what is your plan after this?」

「Let’s see…」

Since the village chief, Daidarian’s father died, apparently Menado has been acting as chief for these three months.

「First we have to listen to everyone’s opinion, but if Rannu has dead I think everyone will want to come back… It’s only…」

Menado furrowed her brow as she pondered about it.

「The location which underwent an attack by werewolves should now be well known to them」

「That’s right… And although the probability of them coming back is low, it’s not zero after all」

Despite having suffered an attack, it continues to be their ancestral home, a place full of memories. So it’s natural that they want to live here.

Besides, rather than open up the forest by lumbering trees from the beginning, it is way more easier to rehabilitate the location that has been cleared up before.

However, since this location had been under attack once, if they happen to get in the same situation ever again, they won’t have any chance to get away since now their men were already gone.

「Uu〜m, in short, everything will be fine as long as the wolves cannot step on this place again?」

「Eh? Y-Yes… That’s right, but…」

The goblin’s expression turned blank at my question.

「If it’s only that… I probably could do something about it」

I couldn’t afford to fix all their problems, but I decided to give them a little bit help.

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