Chapter 8 – Heading to the Village

Right now I’m in the middle of diligently filling with meat the bag that I have been given.

Wyvern meat OK, Beria’s hair OK.

Alright, I’m ready.

With the goblin village in mind, we walk west as we have a pleasant chat.

This feels good. This is what it should be to have fun with friends.

I longed for this.

But, um, you see… I don’t want to say it but…

We’re walking way too fast!

Or maybe it’s me who is walking slowly.

Slowly I’m falling behind.

Anyway I don’t know the way, so it’s only natural that I have to follow them from behind.

If we look at our origins, it’s natural for them to be faster than me.

But who would have thought that not only I would lose against a goblin, but also against a slime…!?

How can the slime be so fast when it doesn’t even have legs!?

I wonder what kind of structure the slime has?

For them it must be their normal speed, but for me it’s a little too fast.

I won’t be able to catch up with them if I don’t increase my speed.

You say I should run?

My legs are short, so I would have to move my short feet repeatedly with all my strength.

Only allowed on

(I would stand out and me running would be totally uncool!)

It can’t be helped that I’m better at air battles.

Water birds are beautiful because they can’t be seen underwater.

As for me, I’m a gargoyle, not even my upper half has a piece of elegance.

But of course, in case of emergency I wouldn’t hesitate to run away regardless of my appearance.

But to be frank, I don’t want to run in front of people.

Maybe it’s useless worrying about such a thing now that I don’t have wings.

Unlike those gargoyles, I know they won’t laugh at me or make fun of me.

To tell the truth there is another reason why I don’t want to run besides looking uncool.

I’m not the kind of man who would put as much importance on such a small thing as that.

The main reason is something completely different.

You may be thinking, what the hell is this guy saying all of a sudden? But recently my number of eyes has increased.

Every time I move, the eye causes me a throbbing pain.

Among the demons, there are those who have eyes on their foreheads, but I never thought that I would gain an eye at such age.

It’s not the so common evil eye, but it’s like having a mischievous kid around.

Rather, it’s worse than an evil eye since this doesn’t attack its owner.

S***, why do I have such eyes…?

It seems that they have yet to notice it…

That it is impossible to grow eyes? It’s not a joke, my eyes indeed have increased by one.

(Seryously, these calluses/eyes…)

I walk barefoot so every time I take a step the sole of my feet hurts.

As soon as I arrive at the town, the first thing I will do is buy shoes…

I can’t treat the calluses with a potion because it’s not considered a wound.

「What reminds me, didn’t you say that there were edible plants in the western part of the forest?」

On our way to his village, we started chatting about various things.

Since the information would be useful on my next trips.

It seems that we will reach our destination in half a day, at dusk.

Until then, I will utilize my time effectively..

「Yes, the plants that predominate are the pisa fruit, treant seed and roche grass」


Just hearing the name doesn’t tell me anything at all.

「Please tell me in detail」

Even if I put airs in front of Daidarian, it would be useless since he has more experience than me in this kind of things.

The pisa fruit is a red fruit of about 3 cm in size that grows in masse from pisa trees in the forest. As it is the fruit is hard and its flavor prevents to eat it, but when boiled it becomes soft and sweet.

Children eat it as a snack.

The Roche grass is used as a material for the creation of potions, and in addition to being bitter, it’s a grass that the more you bit it the more bitter get.

The more you bit it the more bitter it becomes, eh…?

It seems that thanks to this grass, the goblin race didn’t have to worry about catching colds or health problems. But it seems that Daidarian is not very fond of it.

It seems that even adults are not fond of eating it.

But they unwillingly eat it every day at the dining table in order to stay healthy.

The treant seed is a kind of plant that comes from the treant monster.

Because it is difficult to eliminate, the seed is roasted before it grows. Despite being deliciously crispy, the only flaw is that they can’t be preserved for a long time.

It deteriorates rapidly once roasted.

But it rapidly grows into a monster when it’s not roasted.

It’s possible to solve the deterioration using preservation magic, but the problem is that the goblins are unable to use magic.

Preservation magic doesn’t have any effect on living things, but when it comes to inanimate object like a roasted seed, it can be preserved without any problem.

After all, if such a thing were possible, then achieving eternal youth would also be plausible.

But it’s thanks to such magic that Beria’s hair is as if it were freshly cut.

Although I have no use for Beria’s hair at this time.

I wonder if there is someone who wants it?

Maybe some kind of Demon Lord Hair Collector?

「Although it will not be immediately, but when we arrive to the village I will treat you to a feast」

Daidalian puffed out his chest, showing his determination.

Eh… you don’t have to push yourself too much.

I’m curious but not so much to eat that bitter roche grass.

I’m not a M after all.

「O…Ou, I’m looking forward to it」

But well, from what I have heard, it doesn’t seem like it will be a delicious feast, but let’s nod for the time being.

It would be rude of me to ruin his mood after all.

But it may be unexpectedly delicious since it’s Daidarian the one who has high survival and cooking ability.

After our little talk, we continue advancing with ease through the forest…

「Uum, unless we increase our pace, we will not arrive before sunset」


Daidarian suddenly proposes an impossible task.

We are walking fast, and if we increase our speed a little more it would be practically running.

Furthermore, my third eye is screaming in pain.

「It is dangerous to travel at night so, why don’t we increase our pace a little?」

I must steer the conversation in another direction other than increase our pace.

It should be a piece of cake with my conversation skills.

「Is that so…? B-But Baum is still recovering, so wouldn’t it be better to keep our current pace?」

It’s not like I’m in a hurry to get there, and night is not a problem for me.

「Ah, y-you’re right. I forgot about Baum. I’m sorry, Baum.」

Alright! I made him agree.


「Eh? You’re in perfect condition since yesterday and that I should not worry?」

Baum was shaking *puru puru* while transmitting his thoughts.

Idiot slime! Don’t say such unnecessary things, read the situation, please!


「That the you of now has grown so much that now you can carry a rock of 100kg besides running twice as fast?」


To appeal that he was in a excellent shape, Baum starts to shake.

Now it’s difficult for me to say that we should take our time to get to the town…

It can’t be helped…

And now I can’t say that my foot hurts without worrying them.

It hurts a little, but I’ll have to put up with the pain and run.

If it’s them, I believe that they wouldn’t laugh at my running figure.


「「So please hop on me, Alberto-san」…eh?」

Baum stopped and turned around, looking at me.

Eh, ah… Baum, this slime, no, this gentleman is…

「Ba…um, y-you are」

Did it realize how hard I was trying?

Forgive me for thinking that you couldn’t read the situation.

You are the best, I was the idiot.

I want to hug that transparent body with all my strength.

My impression towards Baum in my heart skyrocketed up to the sky.


Daidarian started to apologize once he realized that I was not used to walking.

Able to read the atmosphere, Baum is a man among men. I decided to indulge in the supreme Baum kindness.

Right now and here, a peculiar slime rider is being born.

Baum’s elasticity made it feel excellent to ride it.

Because it can modify its body, it fits perfectly.

Though it’s a bit cold…

(I’m thankful, I’m really thankful)

「Anyway, the monsters continue without appearing」

I, who has become a Baum Rider, asked a question that has been bugging me for several days.

「It’s strange indeed. This area should be the habitat of the lesser orcs, so why is it so quiet?」

「This is my assumption but it must be because the demon king Beria came with his army to attack this territory」

I told my reasoning to Daidarian.

「Because the demon king came the monsters around the castle have escaped?」

「If you mention a demon king, it’s a high-level demon right? Like an arch demon or a werewolf. If such powerful people show up, it’s common sense to escape, right?」


「So the more we enter the forest, the higher the probability that we will encounter other monsters, isn’t that right?」

「I… see」

「I’m sure that after a while they will return to their original habitat, but as we don’t know the current situation with your village, it would be better better for you to be prepared for anything that might have happened」

「I-I understand」

Daidarian nods with a serious face knowing that his village might have become a dangerous area.

「But don’t be worried, I’m here now. And I’m sure the only monsters will be grizzly bears or lesser orcs」

「Y-yes, could it be that the reason why Alberto-san decided to accompany us is that…」

Though I’m not that kind of person, but I still pay back kindness with kindness.

Although the opposite is also possible.

They may have escaped further inside, or there may be some other reason.

Even as we got closer to the village, the monsters continued without appearing.

The only plant type monster that appeared were lesser treant monsters.

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