Chapter 7 – First Meal after 1500 Years (2)

「Baum, Alberto-san, I’ve finished〜」

Daidarian came to call me once he finish roasting the meat interrupting my playing time with Baum.

It seems like the meat is ready.

I quickly made my way to where the meat was being roasted.

There there was the well-roasted wyvern meat.

Uoo, the amount of meat juice is overwhelming!

The fat of the meat shone when illuminated by fire.

Now I’m drooling.

「It would have been better if there was salt, though」

「No no, it’s enough just like this」

After all, at the beginning I was going to eat raw meat full of poison.

There’s no way I’d complain just because the taste is a little bland!

I think it’s time to try a real meal… right?

You can’t stop me anymore, Daidarian-kun.

When I glanced at him for a confirmation, he nodded.

「T-Then, itadakimasu」


I couldn’t hold any longer, I sank my teeth in my first meal in 1500 years.


The juices overflowed inside my mouth with every bite.

That’s right, this is what it means to eat, is being able to satisfy your appetite.

Memories of my past revives.

The meat was cut and roasted, without any kind of seasoning.

Some people could argue and get angry saying that this is not a meal.

But… for me this was a supreme feast.

I never thought it would be possible to taste something like that.

This is bad… Tears fall from my eyes.

「W-What’s wrong? Was there something that was not to your liking?」

Seeing me suddenly become quiet, Daidarian called me out.

「It’s not that, It’s just that it’s very delicious… It’s truly delicious」

I had no other word to describe what was happening.

But truly, not other word came to my mind.

I greedily devoured the meat as if I wanted to compensate for all the meals I have not eaten during all these years.

(Ah, that’s right. I need to take out some drinks)

Since there was no cup, there was no other option but to take directly from our hands…

「Want water? Since there is also no river around here, you must be thirsty, right? You’ll have to drink water directly from your hands since we don’t have cups」

「Ah, then, If you would be so kind」

Daidarian placed his meat skewer on a stone washed with water magic as a replacement for a dish, then held out both his hands.

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Daidarian drank the water which was poured into his hand with extreme vigour.

As expected, he was quite thirsty.

「T-This water is delicious!」

Glad you like it.

After enjoying my first meal in 1500 years, I had a chat with Daidarian and Baum.

「Ah〜 I’m full. What are you guys going to do now?」

「My hometown is within the forest, east of where we are now. I was thinking about going back」

「Your hometown is here in the forest?」

「Walking on foot from here will take about half a day, but three months ago this was burned to the ground by the demon king Rannu. I want to at least make the graves for those who died… Also, now that Rannu has died, some may have decided to return to the village」

Daidarian spoke with a saddened expression.

Although such things are not unusual in these days, it’s still depressing…

At the eastern part of the forest where the village of Daidarian resided was attacked and burned to the ground by the subordinates of the demon king Rannu. That was the moment when Daedarian had the slave magic casted on him.

They never thought that they, being being a village more of the bunch, were going to be attacked by surprise. Although most of the children and women managed to escape, the men were killed or made slaves.

「Baum will also accompany you?」

Like us, Baum was also made a slave and after a while, weakened, it fell down in its way, but then was helped by Daidarian.

「Yes, it seems like it will come with me」

『Pigi pigi』

「I see… Thanks, I’ll be counting on you, then」

The Baum jiggling *Puru Puru* its body… it’s so adorable.

As usual, I had no idea what it was saying.

「Alberto-san, where do you plan to go?」

「For the time being, I plan to go to the south, to the Fara town, after that I’ll do whatever I feel like…」

「That means that you will have to cross the mountain range, then, um… Alberto-san’s… wings are…」

「Ah, unfortunately my wings were burned in the defensive battle for the castle」

No matter how much time passes, an uncomfortable feeling remains.

But without her, I would still be under Rannu’s control.

Now that I’m like this I can understand why those gargoyles threw me away.

(I wonder what those gargoyles are doing…?)

Eh? It’s not like me being worried about them?

Hey hey, who do you think I am?

I’m a gargoyle that has endured for more than 1500 years, I’m the embodiment of patience.

I fully understand how terrifying and sorrowful wars are.

It would be a waste of time if I got angry for every little thing.

That’s why if we were to meet again

I’ll absolutely take vengeance!

After all, I never said I would forgive them.

I’ll make them atone for the sin they have committed.

Even though I can understand the reason, my feelings couldn’t.

No good no good, Daidarian would get scared if I kept up such an expression.

I’d really like to make those youngsters swallow the dirt under their nails.

「W-Well, at least I’m alive, feeling down won’t change anything. You’re also the same, it’s useless to be worried」

Since the mood was getting dark, I decided to change the subject.

It would be wasteful to be depressed after having eaten such delicious meal.

「So since you have to cross the mountain range, you will run into monsters, right? Can a gargoyle use Search Magic or the like? 」

「More or less. The minimum around 10 meters, and the maximum up to 100 meters」

「Eh! 100 meters? That’s is…. quite wide」

But using the maximum leaves me dead tired.

The search magic is able to detect living beings and magical power up to a certain range.

The amount of information that enters the brain depends on the range, so if it is extended a lot, the brain would overload.

I usually use it at a range of 10 meters.

But in a fight, ten meters are nothing, the enemy would notice you instantly.

Search magic is only useful to prevent surprises attacks.

Even so, I keep it on 24 hours a day just in case.

「Rather than monsters, I’m more afraid of being lost in the mountain」

It’s the first time I’m crossing a mountain, and besides, encountering monsters is not something unusual.

「Ahaha… I don’t think you should worry about losing your way in the Fara mountain range」

「N? Why is that?」

「The mountain summit is the dwelling of a thunder dragon, so when night falls, part of the mountain is illuminated. It’s just that you can’t see it from here. That’s why it’s impossible to lose yourself if you pay attention at night」

「Hee, I never crossed the mountain range at night so I didn’t know that」

「The mountain also has gentle slopes, so I believe that even if you travel on foot, you won’t have any problems」

「That’s pretty helpful. By the way, there is no chance that the thunder dragon will come to attack you?」

I wonder if the gargoyles that threw me away have been attacked by the thunder dragon?

「So far I have not heard about the thunder dragon attacking someone. I think everything will be fine as long as you do not get too close」

「Then I suppose that it’s fine. By the way, why does the dragon shine at night? Is the dragon trying to show-off?」

「Who knows? It is said that the first time the thunder dragon began to illuminate the mountain was more than 200 years ago, however, some say that the dragon has lived on the mountain since long before, although it had never shone before」

「Fu~n, which means that something happened between that time that changed its mental state」

「You could be right」

On a windy night, amid the noise of the trees, I continue my conversation with Daidarian.

Eventually the bonfire goes out, and little by little with nothing more to do, sleepiness attack us.

「Fuaa~a, I’m getting sleepy, I suppose I should go to sleep」

「You’re right, then I will keep watch, please be at ease and go to sleep」

Daidarian offered to keep watch and was about to stand up, but…

「No, that won’t be necessary」


As a response to Daidarian’s dumbfounded expression, I point the palm of my hand down, and like the previous time, I invoke the water magic Water Barrier.

Using what remains of the fire as a central point, a water membrane of almost 20 meters in diameter emerges.

「I have casted Water Barrier, and if it is destroyed, as I am the invoker, I will be warned, The effect of this magic should last until morning」

「M-Magic sure it’s useful…」

「Even so, we can’t depend too much on it… Though a wyvern shouldn’t be able to break my barrier, just in case I will cast this Magic Barrier once more」

「It’s safe to touch this?」

Maybe because you can’t see magic every day that Daidarian kept staring the barrier with a keen interest.

I nodded to his question.

「If it were an acid barrier or a fire barrier you would lose your hand, but since this is water, it should be fine」

After receiving my affirmation, Daidarian began to touch the Water Barrier everywhere with his hands.

When pushing, the barrier with a *Boyon* bounces back.

Unable to ignore his raging curiosity anymore, Daidarian took a stance as to hit the barrier.

「You can leave the barrier but not enter, so be careful.」

「Eeh」surprised, Daidarian undo his stance.

It’s looks somehow fun, fufu… how young.

I wonder if this is enough compensation for not having helped prepare the food…

The innocence he shows while playing with the Water Barrier matches his age.

I believe that he is a kind boy.

His friends were killed, slave magic was casted on him, and yet he couldn’t let go of his kindness.

A goblin who isn’t even ten years old.

(This is what you call a good-natured person)

Daidarian stopped me from eating poisonous wyvern meat.

He could have waited for me to die poisoned and then monopolize the meat.

Even though he needed me to cure Baum, it was to that extent.

His honest character is really likeable.

Although it may be a bit difficult for a young man like him to live in this world.

(I don’t want him to die)

I thought it was out of character even for me.

「Well, anyway… I’ll sleep first~」

I took one last look at the shining-eyed goblin and fell asleep.

The sun rose up, morning had come.

When I woke up, I found Daedarian and Baum with a slightly troubled look next to me.

No, I really don’t know about Baum…

「Good morning, what’s with that face? Did you not sleep well?」

「Good morning, no it’s not that, I was able to sleep well thanks to you. Since I woke up, I wanted to go out and prepare breakfast, but when I wanted to go out to gather twigs, I realized that the barrier was still in its place, so I couldn’t go outside…」

「Aah… that’s right. I was always by myself so I didn’t realize, sorry」

I dispel the barrier as he wanted.

「You don’t have to apologize, I should be the one, since after all, you granted me with a safe place to spend the night. I’ll prepare breakfast at once, though it will be wyvern meat again…」

「Ou, I’ll leave it to you」

Getting spoiled by his kindness, I entrusted the breakfast preparation to Daidarian, while I leisurely waited.

After a while the meal was ready, and once finished eating the roast meat, I got up and shook the sand from my body, then little by little I got ready to go.

「Ah, that’s right. Alberto-san, please accept this…」

「Eh? What’s that? A bag?」

Daedalian presented a bag made of wyvern skin to me.

「I had nothing to do in the morning so I started making this bag, since it would be difficult to carry the wyvern’s meat. It may be something unnecessary from my part, but I wanted to thank you for the food」


This guy is really…

Okay, yes… I have decided.

「Ah〜〜, um, you see…」


「It’s fine if, ummm, I accompany you until you reach your village?」

「Errr… But, Alberto-san didn’t want to go to Fara town…?」

「That was my intention, but now that I’ve got food, I don’t have to hurry. Since we have met, why don’t we stay together a little longer」

I’m also slightly worried.

The forest looks strange.

So far I haven’t found any other monster other than wyverns.

Also, I want to help this kind-hearted boy, just a little, just a little more.

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「You don’t want?」


「N-No, nothing like that! You are very welcome to join us! Baum also said please by all means」

「Is that so? Then please take care of me for a bit longer」

「Yes! Likewise」

Thus I decided to take a side trip and accompany Daidarian to his village.

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