Chapter 6 – First Meal after 1500 Years


It seems that my extra special water had a revitalizing effect on Baum.

The slime was “purupuru” jingling more than before. isn’t it lovable?


*Burun Burun* Baum body’s moved left and right.

Unlike before, the slime was more lively than before, so I guess it should be okay.

The body that was recently turning black, became completely transparent. So transparent that you can now see through it.

「Good for you」

Is this Baum’s head? I patted it while wondering.

It was a little cold but since it was squishy it felt comfortable.


Baum climbed all over my foot.

Is it trying to convey its feelings of gratitude?

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「Haha, don’t mind it!」

Amazing, it feels like I’m being healed.

Could this be the so called slime therapy?

Daidarian finished dismantling the wyverns while I was playing with Baum.

「Alberto-san, I’ve finished dismantling the wyverns~」

「Ou, good work〜 I have also finished〜」

「Thank you very much. Um, so, about Baum, have you… What the heck is that!」

Daidarian was stunned, Baum had grown ten times the size of a normal slime.

「Hey hey, you think it’s okay to tell that kind of things to a friend?」

「You’re right, I’m sorry… It’s not that! Why has it grown so much!?」

Generally a slime is about 1 cubic meter, but the current Baum is around 10 cubic meters.

Why did it grow in volume, you ask? It’s because their ability to change shape prevents them from lengthening themselves in any other way than volume.

「Oh that? It became like this because I gave him water of the highest quality. You don’t have to worry, it should return to his original size eventually」

「S-so it’s like that. No, I should be happy that Baum is healthy again. Eh…? …If you are pleased, then it’s all okay」

It seems that Daidarian was communicating with Baum.

He seemed pleased, but I felt a bit left out.

Baum returned to its original size after ten minutes.

「Are you feeling well now? Then, Baum, can I ask you to remove the poison?」


Upon receiving Daidarian’s order, Baum began to engulf the organs-less body of the wyvern.


It was a very fantastic sight.

The entire body of the wyvern was wrapped by Baum.

It felt kinda like motherhood.

Though, I didn’t have a mother, but maybe it feel like that.

The blue colored Baum gradually turned purple.

After almost 30 minutes of being extracting the poison, Baum slowly moved away from the wyvern’s body.


Baum expelled red water from his body, and returned to its original blue.

That should be the poison.

「Though the poison has been extracted, it wasn’t a bit too fast?」

「Usually it’s not that fast?」

「That’s right, it usually takes two hours to extract poison but… Ah, I see. You are in your peak condition after having been rehydrated」

It seems that they are communicating telepathically again.

「It’s really convenient〜being able to communicate telepathically. I too want that skill!」

「Yes, It’s thanks to that ability that we have been able to live until now with the other demons. But Alberto can use magic too, isn’t that right…?」

「Well, you’re right」

Demons are born with unique abilities like telepathy and the like.

But it’s impossible for one to use telepathy if you don’t belong to a certain race.

That’s why is necessary that races without any power to join hands with powerful races to survive.

Surely with the passage of time, some races developed telepathy as a method of communication.

Conversely, races above a certain rank are able to use magic, however, there are many cases where such races don’t possess utilitarian abilities such as telepathy and the like.

Speaking of inherent abilities, most of them are offensive.

(In short, you can’t choose what you want)

「Thanks for everything」

「No, I am the one who should thank you」

Even though the condition was Baum’s recovery in exchange for their help, they did a good job.

At any rate, it seems that at last I will be able to have a proper meal

「Then… It’s time」

What had to be done was done.

After being called by Daidarian, Baum came to his side while he threw his baggage over his shoulder.

He said goodbye, he turned around and then he started to leave.


What’s with this kind of development…? Are we not going to eat together?

「Wait a second, are you two not going to eat?」

Dumbfounded, Daidarian looked at me.

「Eeh? Is… is that okay?」

「Wait, that wasn’t my intention. What I’m asking is how much food you two have」

「We don’t have anything, but if I were to travel west for half a day I would find some edible plants」

「Which means that at this moment you have nothing. Then, eat with me. I have so much and it would be sad to eat alone」

「U〜m, is it really okay? Since as you know, wyvern’s meat is really expensive. I just helped with the dismantling, so it feels like I’m taking advantage of your kindness…」

「If I say it’s fine, then it’s fine, come and eat, but if you are in a hurry then you can go」


「Thanks to you two I don’t have to worry about the poison. I think that is a sufficient reason for you two to eat with me」

「Alberto-san… thanks. Then I will accept your offer. Itadakimasu」

「Let’s eat, itadakimasu…」

「Eh? Are you going to eat it like that?」

「Is not… good?」

He comes and stops me again when I try to eat the meat even after the poison has been extracted.

This bastard is trying to delay even longer my meal?

Don’t tell me that he’ll come with something like, to be able to eat it you need to eat together with a special ingredient or it won’t work, right?

「I didn’t say it’s no good. But since it’s wyvern meat, it would be more delicious to roast it」

「Is… is that right? But, I can’t use fire magic you know?」

「It’s fine. I will be the one to make the fire, after all, I picked up a fire magic stone on my way here since I thought it would be useful later on」

Magic stones are capable of casting magic depending on the type of stone, and although the power of these are not high, they are highly convenient to have. The fire one is capable of casting fire on a small scale.

These are useful on a trip.

What a intelligent kid… Well done, goblin boy!

I thought about it before and now, but his ability to survive is high, or it could be that mine is low…?

From now on I too must learn useful information for survival for this kind of trips.

Daedalian gathered twigs and dried leaves and ignited them with the fire stone.

A cracking sound could be heard, the fire grew even bigger, and the smoke ascended to the sky.

When I noticed, it was night.

「I’m sorry for letting you do all the work, at least let me take care of roasting it」

I have to help a little.

I cut it in small pieces to make it easy to eat, then I threw the wyvern’s meat on the fire.

It is uncomfortable not to do something.

This discomfort could be the remains of my time in which I assisted with alchemy experiments…

Besides, it feels as if the food will be more delicious if I help.

「I can’t eat this much wyvern mea-… Ah!」

「Wha-What is it now?」

Again? Please don’t scare me so much, It’s been surprises ever since I met this guy.

Thanks to that, I end up being scared even by the smallest thing.

「A-Are you okay?」

Daidalian’s gaze wasn’t directed at the wyvern’s meat, but at my hand which was being cooked due to grabbing the heating meat directly

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Aah… I see, as I expected, I’m not doing it right.

Since he went through so much trouble gathering twigs, I thought that at least I should make skewers.

There is a limit to the laziness.

Grabbing the hot meat with my hand, what am I? An idiot?

It’s not hot because I have some resistance against fire… But the juice of the meat was dripping all over my hand.

The meat grease felt extremely unpleasant…

「I’m sorry, but… can I just leave the rest to you?」

Since it seems that I would fail again if I tried to intrude.

Know your place, wasn’t it?.

「Yes, you can leave everything to me」

Daedarian said wearily.

In other words, he says, don’t do anything.

Everyone has the things they’re apt at.

As there was time until the meat was cooked, I decided to play with Baum.

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