Book I – Legend, Chapter 32 – Shadow

From behind Grandpa Geb’s head, an ape with flawless silver fur appeared out of nowhere, hanging on his shoulder.

“Your holiness…” said the ape, bowing while transmitting his voice with true essence, “Dragon soul… Isn’t this little boy a bit too fierce?”

“Be still, Fu Si. This boy is our future.” Grandpa Geb answered him in a whisper as if he forgot to not speak aloud in his excitement. The ape Fu Si rolled his eyes at this old guy. Grandpa Geb spoke with zest, “Complete fusion? Now that’s impressive. Hmm, is this is a so-called ‘grimoire’? A pity, I sense the aura of a sky wolf from it. Had you fused with the wolf instead, wouldn’t I take you as my direct disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master. without a second thought? Alas.

“Perhaps, it is better this way, synchronization does have many more advantages down the line. Plus, you still have my bloodline, you cannot get away from that. Hmm. Only time will tell.”

Jodye Trill felt a mighty perception wash over him, and it felt like everything he was had been wholly seen through by this profoundly intrusive gaze.

“Goodness gracious! Is this the benefit of fusing with a dragon? But wait… oh, I see. Now, this is a real tragedy! What is that fool boy of mine thinking? The only thing stopping you from entering sophomore rank is the most natural part! Connecting the spiritual meridians should take you no more than six months, and yet three months have already been wasted.

“Furthermore, what a strong body you have. Although you already possess 1 bp, you’re probably stronger without even using any origin energy. It will truly be a waste if we don’t get you some saint training as well, ah!” Grandpa Geb suddenly struck his forehead, as if he had just remembered something. Then the ring on his hand flashed as he snap-tossed a smaller ring at Jodye Trill who caught it reflexively. Grandpa Geb nodded at Jodye’s reaction speed, “I will give you a mental cultivation technique. It will help you in utilizing the power of origin. As well as this space ring, I refined it for you myself. It can merge with your bloodline and hide on your finger, and it’s one of a kind. Drip a bit of your blood on it.”

Jodye Trill quickly deactivated his source artifacts as fatigue washed over him. Keeping them active that long had surprisingly drained him dry. After taking a few breathes, Jodye recovered and pinched his skin, letting a drop of blood fall on the space ring. He immediately felt a psychic link form between the ring and his bloodline. It felt like they were connected.

“So this is a space ring,” After probing the ring with his spiritual sense, he saw 20 amethyst coins, some cool looking stones, and a book titled Bright Star: Battle Book. With a flash, the book appeared in his hand. Grandpa Geb nodded as if he had confirmed something else. Meanwhile, Jodye was more concerned with the notebook in his hand, “The Bright Star: Battle Book is written in an ancient fey language, but I’ve never seen such a script before. How is it? I can read it so easily?”

He was unsure why he could read the words.

“This mental cultivation method is called the Bright Star: Battle Book, but I have only given you the first two stages.” Grandpa Geb hid his surprise at his grandson’s resolute personality, and spoke in a serious tone, “The first two stages will set a solid foundation for you. After that, you must rely on yourself to find a more suitable method. Well, I believe you can do it. Today will also be the day you receive your shadow.”

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“My shadow?” Jodye Trill instinctively looked at his own shadow on the ground, “What do you mean by this, gramps?”

Grandpa Geb’s eye twitched slightly after being labeled “gramps,” but he found himself unable to feel any anger towards this kid. His face grew solemn as he spoke again, “Here is what I mean. Ke Si is your father’s shadow. He will forever remain a vassal to your father. Today is the day you receive a vassal of your own.”

Jodye Trill’s eyes flashed with the light of understanding, “So what you mean is, my brothers and sisters will receive one as well? A shadow vassal?”

“Well…no, not likely. Perhaps little Kamila,” Grandpa Geb scratched his nose, embarrassed, “Promise Grandpa to never repeat the things I tell you today.”

“I promise.” Jodye Trill had no hesitation in his response, as he finally felt he was going to get some answers.

“Then it is fine. Your true surname is Goldwolf. As for your brothers and sister, all except young Horus and Kamila, they are not all my kin, they will likely not enter the family registry. One must possess a Sky Wolf bloodline to take my name, and for our vassal force to pledge an oath to them. Likely, you will need to demonstrate the power of your Sky Wolf before you are even proven worthy in their eyes. Of course, this shouldn’t be hard for the one with a grimoire. Here take this origin gem. Holding it will provide you the energy necessary to summon your Combat Soul during that demonstration,” After Grandpa Geb finished speaking Jodye Trill sunk into contemplation.

Surnamed Goldwolf? It seems there were secrets in this family he was totally unaware of. Nonetheless, Jodye was excited as he looked at the origin gem in his palm. It was like a piece of milky white jade, and Jodye felt his body bursting with energy as he held it. Jodye Trill was inwardly astounded.

Suddenly, the doors to the room burst open. Lady Isis slowly sashayed her way next to Jodye, bringing with her a bone-chilling air that managed to spread everywhere but avoided little Jodye Trill like the plague. Jodye noticed that his mother and Grandpa Geb neither looked at nor spoke to each other, it was as if they were incapable of perceiving each other’s existence. Jodye Trill found this strange. Lady Isis, as if reading his mind, placed one finger over her lips. Shortly after Isis Trilleck entered and put her arm around her son, a collection of steps were heard coming down the hallway.

Walking into the room, Abercorn Trilleck was the first to speak, a hint of urgency in his voice, “Ancestor, we must make haste to the Cave of Myriad Wonder’s auction house. The event will begin soon.”

Grandpa Geb merely winked at Jodye Trill, before glancing at the ape on his shoulder. Immediately after, the ape vanished, and the room was shrouded in shadow. Now, the only thing the nine people in the room could see and hear was each other.

“Kneel, Joseph of clan Goldwolf, and Sek of clan Si.” Grandpa Geb released an overwhelming oppressive aura that immediately sent Jodye Trill and the lad clad in black to their knees.

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“Ah..” Ke Si, who seemed startled at the shift in events, let out a small sound while taking half a step towards that lad clad in black, before similarly being brought to his knees by the oppressive aura. Ke Si kowtowed three times before speaking to Grandpa Geb, “Grandmaster, please forgive this humble one’s insubordination. Sek Si is the pride of my family. My older brother bade me to protect her interests. She is above our clan’s fate.”

“Your…fate? Tell me do you see this as a punishment? You are a disgrace to your ancestors,” Grandpa Geb waved his hand, and Ke Si was sent hurtling backward, tumbling along the ground until Lord Osiris appeared behind him and caught him.

“I will not force this decision on anyone. Sek Si, are you willing to submit to the will of your ancestors? Serving and protecting my young descendant Joseph in eternal Dao companionship?” Grandpa Geb had his arms crossed as he casually asked a life-altering question. However, his voice had unshakable authority within it. Sek Si felt like the whole world was bearing down on their shoulders.

“May I ask a question?” Sek Si’s voice was melodious and hypnotic, giving Jodye Trill goosebumps uncontrollably.

He could not help but be shocked by this. Was this Sek Si was a female or male? Even if it was a little girl, how could a child’s voice be so enthralling? Jodye was no longer sure, but he hoped like hell it was a female. He didn’t know what to think about himself if his body’s first time reacting this way was o a male.

“Ask, why not ask?” Smiled Grandpa Geb.

“Is he even worthy? Will you still continue to help me take my revenge if I refuse?” asked Sek Si softly. She apparently had some reservations about this arrangement.

“I am helping you take your revenge as we speak.” Grandpa Geb still had that pleasant and warm smile on his face, and his tone seemed to reflect a pearl of deep wisdom. Sek Si was startled by his response, totally not understanding.

However, Jodye Trill understood his Grandpa Geb’s unspoken meaning. Merely, he didn’t honestly feel like he needed a shadow. Especially not a cross-dresser with the lip.

“Grandpa Geb,” Jodye Trill suddenly looked at Grandpa Geb. “It seems he doesn’t want it. Can I rise now?”

Grandpa Geb looked puzzled for a moment, and then amused, before resuming his smile, “Little Jodye, you have no idea how advantageous it would be for you two to stay together. Trust this old man, just this once.”

“Grandmaster what do you mean by this?” asked Sek Si in confusion.

“I mean precisely what I said, little raven,” said Grandpa Geb simply, “if there’s anyone who can help you, it will be this young pup, Joseph.”

“Well…” Sek Si seemed quite reluctant still, “Be that as it may, I still have some conditions…”

“You see gramps? If the person himself does not wish to participate, then I can’t be bothered. I do not want a subordinate who is unwilling,” said Jodye Trill, as if it were common knowledge. Sek Si frowned behind the cloth covering her mouth. This brat was insulting her with every word.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Geb pondered for a few breaths. Even though these brats were quibbling, there was a certain logic in the boy’s words, causing Grandpa Geb pause, before he sighed lightly.

“Perhaps we will choose another then. Ke Si you may take your niece and…”

“No, please grandmaster, I am willing! I am willing!” Sek Si, for the reason that couldn’t be understood by Sek Si herself currently, instantly begin to panic when young master Joseph Goldwolf immediately rejected the proposal before even hearing her conditions! “I only live for this debt of blood! To repay it I will face anything!”

“It is no longer me you must convince,” said Grandpa Geb helplessly, releasing the pressure binding the two children. Inwardly, he was pleased with his grandson’s temperament. Jodye Trill wore an expressionless face as his eyes met the child dressed as an assassin.

“I only have one request from you, young master Joseph,” Sek Si walked up to Jodye and bowed low in respect.

“It’s young master Jodye,” said Jodye Trill indifferently.

Jodye? Was he intentionally making things difficult for her? Would he just change it back like a petty child later? Sek Si gnashed her teeth disdainfully before grunting out a response, “May I please see your Sky Wolf, young master Jodye?”

“Which one?” asked Jodye Trill without a change in expression.

However, inwardly he was thrilled to hear the word “niece” from before.

This casual statement of Jodye’s caused all the adults in the room to wear dumbfounded expressions. Shocked! They were shocked. Did he ask which one? Didn’t this imply he had multiple Sky Wolf Combat Souls? The only ones who were able to remain composed were Lord Osiris, Lady Isis, Abercorn Trilleck, and Grandpa Geb. Even Ke Si was a little shocked, a reverent look appearing in his eyes. How foolish he felt for his earlier interference. This boy had long since shown his potential! Of course, possibility meant nothing if one died too early…

“Um…maybe…both…or I mean all…I think?” Sek Si was flustered, not knowing how to respond. She seemed to have never heard of one man having more than one S class Combat soul. Little did she know that the boy in front of her had three!

Holding onto the origin gem, Jodye felt immense power filling him just as quickly as it drained away. With a thought, Jodye Trill summoned the [Cosmos Revolving Grimoire] in a burst of purple light. His aura became dark and mysterious, “Summon Guardian!”

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