Book I – Legend, Chapter 33 – Isis enraged!

The grimoire magically flipped open to the second and third pages. Illustrated on the second page was the silhouette of a divine looking winged wolf with dazzling platinum fur. On its coat was a power symbol that appeared to be made of serenity runes. Two celestial ribbons orbited around the wolf, and a green and black flame accompanied the wolf in howling upwards. On the third page was a beautifully designed grand heavy-sword, radiating a life-like might. The shadow of a peerless expert existed behind the sword, but it faded in and out of existence.

[Guardian 1: Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf47Cosmos Devouring Sky WolfCombat soul of Jodye Trill. True soul of Sylvester Sylknarius Tricko, heir to the great Sephiroth of Anubis Great World. Consciousness and true form unlocked., Compatibility rating: 54%][Current Form: Infant][No Skills Unlocked][Summon Time: Two minutes]

The first page released a dazzling light and a cute yet strong howl reverberated in the group’s ears, while green and black flames exploded on top of Jodye Trill’s head, transforming into a howling sky wolf puppy. The wolf pup had metallic black fur and sat up on its hind legs with perfect posture.

The wolf pup was aloof and did not make eye contact with anyone. He seemed indifferent to the world, as he released a mysterious wave of pressure, and observed the surroundings. There were small rebirth and serenity symbols on both it’s left and right side, and one little black angel wing on its right shoulder.

Upon contact with that wave of pressure, Ke Si and Sek Si immediately fell to their knees in respect. This action seemed involuntary as if it came straight from their souls. Sek Si was startled. Not even the grand master’s sky wolf made her heart and soul stir like this.

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“Amazing! Even at the Sophomore rank others shouldn’t be able to see your combat soul. What an interesting artifact,” commented House Lord Osiris Trilleck.

“This can only be achieved with a legendary Grimoire. To think we’d have one in our house, the heavens truly smile at us,” said Fontaine Trilleck from next to House Lord Osiris.

“How can it be so heaven-defying!? Can it attack, or aid in battle?” asked a short but stocky man in black robes with low cut grey hair, hazel eyes, and a thick beard. He had a rough and gravelly voice, as he spoke with disbelief all over his tone. This was Greater Earth Max Dirt, an Honored Elder of House Trilleck and member of the Five Element Wolf pack. His official title was Greater Earth, while Max Dirt was his actual name.

Grandpa Geb’s hazel eyes shined as he observed this infant form sky wolf. He seemed impressed, yet perplexed, “Is it a variant species?”

A voice in his head responded, “Responding to host: all sky wolves are technically variant species of Infinity Jackals. This species, in particular, resembles the World Devouring Sky Jackal42World Devouring Sky JackalOne of the most powerful True Pharaoh Beast in the Divine Universe45Divine UniverseUniverse created by the True Pharaohs Eternal War and Infinite Peace.d , born with the power to devour entire worlds.. However, as the World Devouring Sky Jackal bloodline is exceedingly pure and rare, there are no recorded variants with this bloodline. Also, this little origin god beast appears to have more than one bloodline limit. Unfortunately, the barrier of the artifact prevents any further probing.”

“Hmm?” Grandpa Geb raises a brow in surprise. After all, his current level could be considered quite profound. Was the source artifact of this kid that powerful that it could even block a perception at his level? He glanced at the sky wolf pup and noticed, to his shock, it was staring him right in the eyes. The mischievous little thing even appeared be sneering at him, as if aware of his attempt to probe.

Grandpa Geb was speechless.

“Get off of me!” It was at this moment that Jodye Trill tried to swat Sylvester off his head. Unfortunately, he only hit the air, as Sylvester suddenly defied gravity by casually floating upwards with a mere twitch of his wing. Jodye ignored Sly and tried to regain his previous composure, “Anyway, this is my Cosmos Devouring Sky Wolf. Next…”

However, just when Jodye was about to summon Xavier, Sylvester asked him not to telepathically. This caused Jodye to pause and glance at the single-winged wolf pup, who chose this moment to land once again on Jodye’s head, instead this time the puppy stretched out and yawned. This caused Jodye’s eye to twitch slightly. Regaining his composure, Jodye Trill spoke to Sek Si, “Well, are you unsatisfied with this?”

“No, young master please, I am humbled,” responded Sek Si softly. Jodye was almost unable to resist blushing when hearing her enchantingly gentle voice speak to him so meekly. How could this little girl possess such appeal? Was he the only one affected in this way? Wasn’t this what a crush felt like?

Jodye Trill hurriedly replied, “Ahem. Alright, alright, less of this. Gramps, shall we continue?”

“Hm?” Grandpa Geb was deep in conversation with the voice in his mind. Of course, no one knew this. To the crowd, he just seemed to be lost in thought, “Ah! Of course.”

Instantly, pressure bore down on the two children once more, forcing Sek Si to her knees. Jodye Trill, on the other hand, experienced no changes. Geb’s eyes widened in shock before he noticed an ethereal barrier centered around the grimoire floating directly in front of the boy. He was genuinely astounded by this book.

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“Cough, cough. Ahem. Joseph, could you dispel your grimoire there?” Asked Grandpa Geb, scratching his nose.

“Huh? Oh yeah sure. I can only summon for a short period anyway,” With a thought, the grimoire closed shut, and instantly, the pressure started to affect Jodye Trill. However this time, he was only forced down to one knee. Sylvester was forced to land on the ground beside him. Following this, the two children repeated the oath Grandpa Geb taught them,

“With this oath, may we tie our fates!” exclaimed both children.

Following this Jodye Trill pinched his skin, drawing a drop of blood. Sylvester released a howl and serenity and rebirth runes condensed in the air and flew into that drop of blood, making it glow in violet and crimson light. Jodye was shocked by this, but he didn’t doubt Sylvester at all.

Geb, Abercorn, Osiris, Isis, and Ke Si all had their eyes almost pop out their sockets. It was evident to them that the combat soul had done this of its own volition.

“A heavenly grimoire indeed…” whispered Lady Isis privately.

The last part of the ceremony was for the master to form a blood contract with the servant. However, as soon as this drop of blood glowed on Jodye’s finger, the scent that entered Sek Si’s nose made her eyes glaze over and become heated in passion. This look startled Jodye Trill, as he had been looked at like this by many women in his former life. Merely, this was a strange look to see from a child.

Jodye had an ominous premonition as those eyes locked on too his blood. Sek Si slowly approached him, with the feverish look in her eyes, as she stared at the drop of blood. Caught off guard, Jodye Trill no longer thought it wise to let his blood come in contact with this girl, and he immediately put his finger in his mouth, sucking the blood off.

Jodye Trill assumed that this trick would work on any five-years-old, even one from a different world. It’s not like she would go crazy and wrestle with him for the blood right? Sadly, this action ultimately backfired on him. Sek Si rushed to pounce him, placing her little lips on his as she used her tongue to part Jodye Trill’s lips and capture his tongue that still had the blood on it.

She started sucking on his tongue slowly and deeply. The child’s eyes became enthralled like she had tasted candy for the first time, and her actions became even more feverous. Jodye didn’t know whether to be delighted or distraught. Although he was also a child himself, this was only on the outside. He closed his eyes helplessly as mysterious hieroglyphics and curse marks begin spreading from their mouths to all over their bodies.

While most of the crowd of elders were speechless at this turn of events, Jodye Trill’s arms flailed around for a moment before dropping to his sides, hanging loosely. He felt as if his soul was being sucked out through his mouth, and then tied around hers before returning to his body.

This, in fact, was similar to the reality of what happened. This contract bound Sek Si’s soul to Jodye’s indefinitely. Her soul would always carry his brand, and her bloodline was now connected to his own.

“What’s going on? A moment ago Sek Si seemed almost..possessed,” Ke Si was much frightened, inwardly praying to the heavens that his niece was okay.

“It would appear to me, that apart from her bloodline, the combat soul she’s fused with has some resonance with the boy’s Sky Wolf,” Abercorn Trilleck assessed while preparing to glance at First Lady Isis for the briefest of moments. However, he was immediately startled. The current First Lady Isis looked ready to kill. How could she be calm watching her dear five-year-old son be corrupted by this smutty Si clan girl? She dared bond herself to their noble blood? She dared molest her child?! This was worthy of torture and death. Something in Isis head that she wasn’t wholly aware of snapped, and so did she!

She dashed forward before anyone could react!

However, there was one person here who was fast enough to react late. A shadow swiftly appeared in front of lady Isis two meters away. A young man with a bald head, brown eyes and a tall, muscular build moved like the wind and held lady Isis’ arms at her waist desperately. This man was Disaster Myth Kwamé Swift, an Honored Elder of House Trilleck and member of the Five Element Wolf pack. His official title was Disaster Myth, while Kwamé Swift was his true name. Kwamé’s arms were surrounded in mysterious scarlet-golden energy that was near invisible but made the space within itself scrambled like a Picasso painting.

Kwamé Swift pleaded with her, “Wait, wait, wait, my lady, please, please, please, they are mere children, do not react so harshly!”

“Remove yourself Kwamé, or I will remove you on my own!” screamed lady Isis, showing absolutely no fear as an invisible pressure begin to build around her. The chaotic distortion around Kwamé’s arms slowly became docile. After this, his arms slowly froze, the purple frost building at a visible rate. Kwamé instantly paled at this!

Was the lady truly so strong? He couldn’t even resist!

When the other members of the pack saw Kwamé beginning to freeze, they suddenly woke up and moved forward in unison. The short but stocky elder, Greater Earth Max Dirt, was suddenly surrounded by khaki colored energy, and his hair changed to a brownish red hue. Elder Dirt clapped both of his hands together then slammed them on the ground while muttering incantation runes that sunk into the earth. A crack opened in the land below Kwamé Swift’s feet, swallowing him inside.

“Good, Max! My lady, halt!” Hell’s Daughter Charlotte Slaughter’s long black hair danced as pale gold aura exploded outward, her steps instantly closing in on lady Isis. Elder Slaughter slashed out with a sword made of origin energy. This attack used only 20% of Elder Slaughter’s strength and was not meant to actually harm the First Lady. It was merely to make her retreat. Unfortunately, to Charlotte Slaughter’s shock, the sword went straight through Isis Trilleck. The lady’s image faded away like she was never even there!

“Illusion! Watch ou…” Charlotte Slaughter’s words were destined to never finish. A soft hand gently pressed her neck, like being touched by a cloud, giving her more than just goosebumps.

“So pretty, but you clearly have lost interest in living,” Isis Trilleck’s bell-like voice was incredibly cold, and made Elder Slaughter feel helpless. Isis calmly stepped from behind Charlotte Slaughter gently caressing her neck like a lover. Starting from the neck, Charlotte Slaughter was rapidly encased in a paper-thin layer of purple-silver ice until she was utterly motionless.

“Charlotte! Lady Isis you go too far!” Fire First Mercer dashed forward and leaped into the air. His form transformed into that of a terrifying wolfman whose torso was covered in a black steel chain. The wolfman looked like a monster with red scales that oozed with purple magma. A menacing looking bow suddenly appeared in his hands, and he rapidly plucked the drawstring, sending out 12 arrows of purple magma.

At the same time, Heavenly Rain Fontaine blew into a mystical conch, and a vast oceanic wave blasted out and released a scary howl as it threatened to swallow Isis from behind. Isis observed this pincer attack and sneered. These two honestly had great teamwork.

Too bad, it was useless against the current her.

Mercer and Fontaine were forced to watch as the beautiful woman they were attacked suddenly looked frail and timid. Subconsciously they both held back a bit of their strength at the last moment.

To the two elders’ combined shock, the magma arrows pierced through an ice clone, that was then swallowed by the wave. At this moment, they individually heard a soft but very condescending whisper next to their ears, “Fools.”

Looking up, the two siblings saw a wave of ice slashes raining down from what seemed like the heavens themselves. Instantly, they both did their best to condense a magic barrier for protection.

Meanwhile, though Kwamé Swift was frozen in front of Lady Isis, it remained that he was conscious. Kwamé was, at this moment, utterly stunned. After freezing Kwamé Swift, Lady Isis had merely stared at the approaching opponents, unperturbed. On her glabella, a crimson oval-shaped gemstone had appeared.

“Source aura!” the frozen Kwamé was shocked to discover that this was the lady’s source artifact. In the other elders’ minds, they were all fighting an intense battle with Isis Trilleck to subdue her and rescue their pack brother.

Unfortunately, the reality was that they were all in a daze, staring into the seven-colored hypnotic eyes of the huge serpent coiled around Isis Trilleck’s body. This snake had beautiful scales that shifted through seven different colors like a rainbow. It seemed to have whatever length it desired, as it kept changing sizes. This snake would never look the same from one second to next, making it seem illusory and mysterious. There was a mighty silver horn, covered in runes, on the serpent’s forehead.

This apparently was a flood dragon!

This was Isis’ Seven-Colored Celestial Serpent combat soul, which had manifested around Lady Isis’ shoulders and coiled down her curvaceous body. Her combat soul was able to use Dream Magic. As it had synchronized with her, it had developed an independent consciousness over time. Meanwhile, Isis also came to possess the bloodline traits of the Seven-Colored Celestial Serpent.

This had made synchronizing their attacks even more perfect.

Kwamé Swift watched as his pack brothers and sister all acted insane where they stood while looking into the eyes of that beautiful serpent coiled around the man-eating body of the First Lady. He truly felt inferior. The phenomena of heaven and earth begin to form above everyone’s heads.

“This is getting out of hand,” spoke Grandpa Geb impatiently, glancing at his son, “Do control this dear daughter-in-law of mine.”

Lord Osiris silently appeared behind his wife like a whisper in the wind. He quickly put his arm around the lady Isis’ waist, making her head whip his way. Seeing Osiris’ handsome face, Isis momentarily paused. How could she not be startled when she saw her husband’s face so close to her? However, at that instant, a strange and soft pink glow emanated from his eyes. Lady Isis initially looked enraged and terrified, before immediately turning docile and pleasant, with a glaze in her eyes.

Her aura, the Seven-Colored Celestial Serpent, and all the remnant magic totally vanished.

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