Book I – Legend, Chapter 34 – Original Dao

Meanwhile, Sek Si released Jodye Trill’s tongue and collapsed weakly in his arms. Sek Si’s face was a burning crimson, as if it was about pop like a water balloon, as she tried to focus her thoughts and her vision.

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What on earth had just occurred?

She just gave away her life’s first kiss for free. She had just experienced thoughts and feelings that were so utterly foreign to everything she knew that she couldn’t immediately recover. Her little immature face instantly became even redder as she thought about it. Jodye was frowning as the curse marks begin to fade, disappearing into both of their skin.

Jodye never expected that Sek Si would assault his tongue before he could swallow the blood! He was unprepared for this turn of events. Plus, that feeling was far too magical. It went beyond something sensual, but also stood separated from the pleasure two adults would feel when being intimate. There was no arousal or passion. It was like their souls had somehow experienced the deepest level of astral intercourse.

Jodye could feel a mysterious connection with the girl in his arms now. It was as if they were two halves of a whole or like she was his twin sister. He could sense her state of mind as well as the condition of her body. It even felt like their hearts beat to the same rhythm. Jodye remembered feeling utterly powerless once Sek Si’s lips touched his own. For most children, maybe this could be a normal reaction. However, Jodye Trill was in no way like most children; he had the mentality of an adult. Thus, he had no way of explaining this phenomenon.

“This girl has the traits of a blood-sucking Greater Demon36Greater DemonGreater Demons are born and cultivate in the same way as humans. Merely, Greater Demons are born at the Demon Core Realm, comparable to the Prism Mage Rank. They then advance to the Demon Sea Realm, the Immortal Demon Realm, the Demon King Realm, the Demon God Realm, etc.. These are creatures that specialize in the utilization of Glamour force. It should be her combat soul’s primary force genesis,” Sylvester Tricko sent a soul thought to Jodye upon sensing the doubts of the latter, “Coincidentally, your father just used this same force on your mother.”

“What!?” Thought Jodye Trill, whipping his head around. Upon seeing the dazed look in his mother’s eyes, he suddenly recalled a rather unpleasant memory from his past life.


“Jonathan~~~, where are you, baby?” An incomparably attractive woman was wearing transparent lingerie as she slowly sashayed through an old apartment. She was calling out her lovers name like a cat in heat. She was highly appealing with an exceptional face topped only by her figure, which was mature with a voluptuous shape. She had several piercings on her ears and tribal looking tattoos down her left leg wrapping around her waist.

Many of the markings and tattoos on her related to voodoo and the occult. She had tri-colored eyes, that seemed to be a blend of purple-red and yellowish gold. Those eyes of hers were piercing even in the darkest environment, and they accented the hypnotic effect given off by the shape of her sexy body.

This woman was a born temptress. A succubus demon in its most alluring form. Her name was Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye. Trill, Jodye’s guardian from his past life. She couldn’t be said to have raised him, but she definitely kept him safe and secure. Up until the darker days of his childhood, anyway. Currently, Sansa sashayed past a nine-year-old Jodye Trill without even so much as looking his way. In her eyes was that same glazed over, dazed, and dreamy look.

Jodye shook his head to stop himself from delving too deep into those painful memories, in spite of having figured something out. He looked again at his mother and suddenly felt like she was a stranger. Anger filled his heart, but before he could think any further Grandpa Geb’s boisterous laughter distracted his attention.

“Good, Good, Good! Haha,” Grandpa Geb said ‘Good’ a total of three times before continuing, “This old man is gratified. From this day forth the two of you are bound together by the laws of fate. To betray each other is to betray your own destiny!”

Sek Si wore a solemn face, while Jodye Trill barely appeared to be listening, his face frowning. He was still slightly irritated and confused.

“The auction will be starting soon, ancestor. We cannot delay any further,” reminded Abercorn Trilleck.

House Lord Osiris told Abercorn Trilleck about this process in the past. Though Osiris Trilleck’s ceremony with Ke Si wasn’t quite so embarrassing, as there was no tongue locking, it wasn’t very far off. It could even be argued that it was worse since they were two little boys in an embarrassing position. Jodye may feel upset now, but he was only a youth. In Abercorn’s opinion, he would quickly get over it.

“What shall we do about the children?” asked Elder Slaughter, concerned about her Joseph, this little guy, “Sek Si has the shadow arts, we do not need to worry for her. However, I fear young lord Joseph’s realm is simply far too low for that place. Shall we have Ke Si send him back?”

“No need. Since that is the case let us depart now,” said Grandpa Geb without hesitations, before turning to Jodye again, a gratified smile in his eyes, “Well met, my young descendant. There are great things ahead of you, truly great things. Little Joseph, I am going to leave the formations in this room active, but I will also transfer control over to you. It will likely be a long while before we are able to meet again. Although it is far from enough, this is the least of what I can do for you. Sek Si should be familiar with the facilities, she will arrange your meals. Stay in this place and train until your parents return to fetch you.”

As Grandpa Geb finished talking, he put his index finger to his glabella and extracted a silvery white string of light that became a tiny silver light sphere the size of a marble. He then flicked the marble-sized light sphere, and it shot right into Jodye’s glabella before the boy could react at all. Jodye’s head buzzed intensely as all the information about the cultivation platform’s array formation flooded his mind. He learned the method of activation and all about the uniqueness of this formation!

The magic formation on the cultivation platform was called the “Ascended Heaven Formation.” The establishment had two essential functions. The first function drew the spiritual energies of the heavens and the earth in the surroundings into the platform made of high-grade origin stone. The second function used magic force in tandem with the natural properties of the origin stone to transform spiritual energy into pure origin energy of the high grade.

While Jodye Trill may not have been able to fully appreciate the uniqueness and efficiency of this function, due in large part to his grandfather’s undervaluing of it, he still recognized that this was a supremely lavish piece of equipment for someone of his rank.

“Yes,” replied Jodye Trill, as if compliance wasn’t his only option. At any rate, he was eager to study the Bright Star: Battle Book. Sylvester Tricko had been bugging him about connecting to his meridians, and beginning his path to gaining an Original Dao. This pestering went on every night and day. Apparently, that’s what he referred to the hero race’s Sage cultivation practice as, the Dao of the Origin or Original Dao.

According to Sylvester, the compelling experts of this universe were known as Dao Cultivators. These experts all studied a variety of different dao to the acme to perfect their own dao, which would then serve as the foundation of their endless immortal journey. The “Dao of the Sage” and the “Dao of the Saint” were merely two Dao among a myriad of others in the universe. Jodye found this easy enough to believe, though he was still a bit lost on what the Dao actually was.

The room once again returned to normal, as the shadows retreated back into the silhouette of a large man, standing with his back turned, towering behind Grandpa Geb. Jodye was shocked because he hadn’t noticed this man until now.


Suddenly, the temperature in the room plummeted, and crisp resounding slap was heard. Lord Osiris was seen crashing into the opposite wall, which automatically mended itself as the lord climbed out of the hole his body had made upon impact.

“Allow me to make myself clear,” Lady Isis spoke in a voice that was chilling to the core, as her hair floated without the wind.

Jodye Trill felt like just listening to her speak was slowing down all his bodily functions. Lady Isis seemed to notice her son’s condition as the cold force retreated back into her body rapidly. “The next person who stands in between my son and I will be responsible for the failure of this plan,” Lady Isis was livid as she spoke to the crowd, before turning to look at Osiris Trilleck.

“And you, you spineless coward. If you ever do that to me again, then I will put my life on the line to kill you where you stand.”

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Osiris Trilleck was utterly speechless when his wife snapped at him like this.

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