The Event Part IV – Not even The Main Character

After taking a few moments to collect himself, T’Zhanè spoke to the prince, “I would have never thought that my brothers would reach such a level of depravity. Perhaps it is already too late for my kind…”

T’Zhanè sighed heavily, “The era you are in currently is most assuredly not your own. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve been drifting into the past for billions of years. As for your companion, I would say at least a few hundred million years. This one is particularly difficult to see through.”

Sylvester Tricko was shocked, ‘Difficult to see through? Then what am I, glass? Furthermore, what is this about a billion years in the past?’

Though he was able to speak at a mere two weeks old, something unprecedented for god beasts, he was still not omnipotent. How could he possibly know anything of the world a billion years ago? What kind of barbaric lifestyle would he need to endure? In his mind, such a period like that was most likely to predate even the first hovercraft. It was impossible to survive like this. Would he ever see his mother again?

‘Of course, if this was the era of the ancient experts before the Titans were all annihilated then this should be the peak civilization of legends, the antiquity era!’ the flames in Sylvester’s eyes brightened once he thought to here.

T’Zhanè then continued speaking, “I will now send you to the planet where we observed the golden light descend. Before that, you must know that you and your kin are currently hollow souls. Every life has a soul. However, the Hero race3Hero racethe hero race is considered a holy race since they were descendants of the God Race created by the Nova. Specifically, Rah of the Nova race25Nova racethe first race to exist in this universe, said to have played the primary role in its creation. They are the strongest race throughout the history of the universe, with unparalleled Might and wisdom. Every high level race aspires to be like the Nova. The strongest clan of the Nova race are the Draconians, also referred to as the Nova Draco. The Volos are descendants of this clan.. The hero race look like mortal versions of the god race. Heroes physical bodies are really weak but their souls have wondrous potential. The descendants of the Hero Race are mostly known as humankind. There is also the Negus clan, the White elves, the Dark Elves, the Warlock clan, the Beast Man clan, and the Avalon clan. The strongest clan of the Hero Race are the Negus, who later split to become the Battle Saint clan and the Immortal Sage clan. Battle Saint clan, who are famed across the galaxy for creating the Saint Essence Production law system, studied by all humans who cultivate worldly true essence, are progenitors of martial artists who walk the path of the Saints. The Immortal Sage clan are similar in fame for their creation of the Sage Origin Immortal Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi.. system, which gave rise to the Sages across all the races. was once able to steal a heavenly dao element. Due to this, every hero descendant to date has not only owned a host soul, but they also possess a hollow soul for support of the main soul.

“The fusion of these souls creates the Main soul. This means that the moment you exit this river of time, and once you enter that sealed planet, then you’ll be forced into the hero race’s cycle of reincarnation by guardians of fate. This most likely results in you becoming a hollow soul for one of the hero clans on that planet. The elven clan’s law practice is focused around these hollow souls. The human clan also use that law practice, but they focus more on the remnant heritage of the dao element. Since your destinies are tied to that golden beam of light, the three of you are likely to become bound to the same host soul that you are tasked to protect and serve.”

“So then I would become the tool for some brat to use until he dies?” The prince was finally forced to ask T’Zhane the question he had been dreading. Prince Tricko was enraged. This, this was a solution? Why on earth would be his exalted self ever become the servant of some lowly human or elven brat?

Was he suddenly a parent now?

He had to raise his own savior?

Whose to say the brat wouldn’t just refine his soul entirely once he realized the value of doing so?

After all, Prince Tricko found himself to be outstanding. Just the Sky Fall flame alone was enough to arouse envy and treacherous thoughts. This clearly main character level talent! Shouldn’t the story of the next life be his own? How could he give it away to someone else? In his youth, the fellow he’s indentured too may not be a threat. However, once he reached the peak of strength that he was sure to achieve, how could he not covet such power? The prince wasn’t satisfied by this at all.

“Perhaps. Did I not mention your route of return? The only way for you to return to your original time is in this river of time. You must have your host break through to a level where he can comprehend the secrets of the bizarre zone and reinforce your soul with pure bizarre power. Just like the one who you keep next to you, but you would need a far higher concentration of bizarre power.

“The chaos power in his soul seems to be innate and underdeveloped, so his bizarre power merely exists. It was never active. He is probably from a particle world. A pity…He is likely the best candidate for comprehending bizarre power.” Thunder clapped T’Zhane while pointing at the orbiting ghost toddler. There was a mysterious glint in his eyes as he spoke these words, hinting at something unknown.

“Freeze me for a second,” interrupted Sylvester Tricko, causing T’Zhane a moment of pause. The prince willed the Sky Fall Flame43Sky Fall Flamethe nirvanic flame of Sylvester Tricko, inherited from his mother who is an Infinity Black Phoenix. This nirvana flame has perfect yin and yang harmony and is fused with Sylvester's soul. to wrap around the golden infant soul like a hand and snatch him out of orbit. He then pointed at the infant soul before continuing, “So you’re saying that this little guy is bright gold because he has this so-called bizarro chaos power? If it is so mighty then why is he so useless?”

“This is indeed the case. However, it should be said that if you don’t want to damage the host’s soul, you would have to wait for his comprehensions to reach into the infinity zone,” replied T’Zhane casually.

“THE INFINITY ZONE?!” bellowed Sylvester Tricko. Finally a term he was familiar with! The Infinity Zone was one of the sources of ultimate power in the universe. Experts that could tap into that power were all responsible for changing the course of history. Such a thing was challenging to imagine.

“Sigh…only then could he completely remove the seal on your soul without damaging his own.” T’Zhanè stroked his chin and said. Prince Tricko had more questions, but before he could ask the Titan cut him off, “I cannot help you once you enter the cycle of samsara. We have drifted a bit…perhaps you’ll have a few years ahead of your kin. We shall leave now.”

With that, the Titan pulled out an odd orb and sucked Prince Tricko and his little buddy in orbit into it. Inside the sphere, everything was white like being in a vast but utterly empty nothingness. Time passed quickly. At some point, the prince was withdrawn from the orb. As he floated there in the void, he saw a very familiar blue life star. Although he did not get banished from this planet, he was born here.

“What are the odds…” said the prince while frowning. “This planet should be the Anubis Great World…however, why is it so…different?”

The planet in his memories was glorious and exotic, with pure energy conduits surrounding both the earth and it’s three satellite stars. However, the planet before him was totally regular. There was just nothing impressive about it. Could this even be considered a great world?

“Souls are naturally pulled to their point of origin. At any rate…it is here that we separate.” Said T’Zhanè casually. He behaved as if he had already seen through everything in the cosmos.

“But before that…I’ll give you my legacy. It does not suit you but…” T’Zhanè turned his gaze to the little ghost baby in orbit, “I do not hold any wild hopes of you rescuing my people. What is to come, will be unavoidable. Perhaps…if you do return to your own time you will be able to help my race prosper a new.”

As T’Zhanè finished speaking, the orb was thrown over to the ghost baby before it fused with his hollowed soul then disappeared. When the prince looked back up, the ancient Titan was gone.

Sylvester Tricko stared at the planet in front of him as he felt some nostalgia. Suddenly the void shook about two meters in front of him and opened an oval portal of darkness about the height of an average adult male. Three skeletons with red lights for eyes wearing black robes drifted out of the entrance and quickly stood on the void right before him.

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“I suppose…it is time.” After these words left Prince Tricko’s mouth the Sky Fall flame suddenly erupted. After spending so much time with this flame, he knew it had magical abilities he had never imagined previously. He looked indifferently at the now platinum toddler in orbit around him.

‘Hollow souls…T’Zhanè seemed to be hinting that I should cultivate you. Hmph. You’re not even conscious. I’d rather deal with being human myself…’

The three skeletons quickly fell victim to the ferocious sky fall flame. As a nirvana flame, it was the bane of all souls by nature. No soul could resist the natural laws of nirvana. The abundant, pure, soul power that flowed into Sylvester’s soul form at this time bypassed himself went directly into the little golden baby in orbit. The baby suddenly glowed bright white and grew to about the size of a six-year-old. The prince deducted that by now the kid was perhaps aware to some extent. Merely, he was utterly ignorant.

“Another burden. Could it be I am destined to not be the main character in the story of our return? Hmph. We will find this host soul that dares to summon my little brother and decide what to do next after that. Yes.

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The prince then jumped directly into that dark portal with the golden toddler floating in orbit behind him.

Sky Fall Legend

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