Book I – Legend, Chapter 1 – The main Character Awakens

Jodye Trill rubbed his eyes as he woke up in a dark room. Wait a second. Room? No, never mind this wasn’t a room. Less of that, not even his eyes were open. In fact, did he have eyes? Why did he seem to doubt that? He couldn’t even feel his face. Feel? He couldn’t feel anything, in fact. This was…nothing?

‘Am I dead?’ This was Jodye’s first thought. ‘No, that’s not right. Or rather, I had already lost my body but somehow not my life. Logic dictates that if I were now dead, I wouldn’t be able to think clearly or remember who I am, right? Am I still just a soul? Well, this ain’t much different from being dead. Damn it, I am dead.’ Jodye was utterly distraught, and he couldn’t help but think in circles, as he couldn’t be sure of anything. The last memory he had was being blasted into dust by a particle beam from an exaggeratedly complex, and highly advanced weapon technology. One that Jodye felt shouldn’t even exist on the market. After all, the military had yet to finish weaponizing it.

‘Wait, for the military? Was I a soldier? That feels not quite right…why can’t I remember…it feels so long ago somehow…’

Suddenly there was this insanely obnoxious, and powerfully loud voice booming in his mind, selfishly blocking out his own thoughts.


‘Okay there, big guy. First off, I’m digging the form of address. Revered! Yes. This is nice. Okay now, to the second matter of concern. Um…loud much? Sheesh, lighten up. Now,’ Jodye Trill paused his thoughts for dramatic effect, ‘Tell me, what is a karmic wheel? Can we not share it? You sound mad manly, and I don’t swing that way bro. Also, why are you apologizing? This isn’t a great sales pitch yo.’

This time, after the voice of ETERNAL BOOM faded away, Jodye’s mind consciousness was directly flooded with a sea of information. Just when he thought he would lose his mind, he felt as if a burst of power washed over him. He suddenly was able to think much more clearly.

Sudden enlightenment!

Jodye Trill was once a special operations agent for the U.S. military. However, the higher-ups soon discovered that he was capable of miraculous things. He could get shot in the head, but be okay the next day. He could get burned in a fire, but wake up in the morning without so much as a blemish.

This was, of course, outrageous and not normal. Life got complicated for Jodye once word got out. The country he was from referred to people like him, those with unexplained natural abilities, as Meta-Humans. After being forcefully transferred to the secret unit for undercover ‘meta-human’ training, he endured daily torture due to the nature of his ability. They experimented on him frequently, pushing the limits of what he could recover from.

In spite of this, no one was able to pinpoint where the limits of his ability lied, nor were they able to weaponize it. They wanted to ascertain the battle properties of his mutation, which was honestly more of an exceptional physique then an ability. Every time Jodye recovered his body would become more than a bit stronger.

As a result, they just converted Jodye into a high-level spy and assassin.
Special Agent: Trill Jodye!

Jodye also had to undergo high profile stealth missions. He even dressed as a ninja often, just for s**** and giggles. In reality, such tough training and loads of high-level operative work had made him just like an actual ninja. He could easily separate and sort through this sea of knowledge he had been transmitted.

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After briefly pondering where he was, he realized everything was so dark and empty. Lonely and desolate. So quiet he almost wished the voice of maximum volume returned for another round of conversation! Well, almost was ultimately only almost. Nonetheless, Jodye began to eagerly study the information in his mind. What else was there to do now that the voice of eternal boom and doom was gone?

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Jodye Trill finally adjusted his thoughts. He had, apparently, received the memories of an ancient Titan. This was something insane that usually only happened in movies. These memories seem to include just the first 300 years of a man named Jupiter Titan’s cultivation practice and fighting experience. However, he felt vexed as he was definitely not an ancient Titan.

Before now, he didn’t even know they were real beings.

In fact, he still wasn’t so sure about that. However, one subject, in particular, sparked Jodye’s interest.

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Spiritual awareness.

Using your spirit to sense your surroundings, as opposed to your physical senses. It typically required a specific ‘soul cultivation realm’ to have been reached. Unless your soul was strong enough, and was not restricted by a mortal form, then it was also possible. Based on his last memory, there was a strong possibility that this was his current circumstance.

After ruminating over the ancient Titan’s method to use such a magnificent ability, Jodye Trill, for some reason felt he had already done this once before. Before he came to a realization! This feeling was similar to his awaked survival instinct that was gained from military experience.

“And Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye. said that I’d never gain anything of value at the military, tsk.” Following this thought, without delay, he cast out his spiritual awareness and felt like he had opened his eyes for the first time in countless years.

Unfortunately, his first sight shocked him to the core.

They were in the middle of what looked like a giant underground cavern. In the surroundings, there were strange lights that looked like millions of eyes in the atmosphere all around, even partially inside the cave walls and floor. Jodye looked down at his glowing platinum body, and he almost passed out. After his shock, Jodye realized that he looked corporeal while illusory in a strange contrast. His body had the size of an eight-year-old child, and this baffled him.

Not even two meters front of him was a dashing golden colored youth, with a similar form, who looked to be about 11 years of age, wearing white clothes and floating in the air while staring down at a yellow river. Next to him was a floating sword that was pure golden and massive. It had mystic runes on the hilt and blade, and a glowing red gem at the base of the handle. The youth seemed to sense something, quickly turning his head around.

When he saw the eight-year-old staring back at him, he felt incredulous.

“So you’re not quite as useless as I thought. Hm? Dragon Chant?” Said the youth in white. There was a mysterious melody in the air, it was simultaneously beautiful and terrifying. Just at that moment, there was a rumbling sound, as the ground started quaking.

The youth in white then spoke again, as the world continued to quake, “It seems I won’t have time to answer any of your questions, for you surely have too many. Listen, you trust me, yes? Do not doubt that feeling, we are already companions. Briefly, when we encounter what’s next, do not resist me. I will not harm you. Probably. Well, at any rate, this is all I can think about doing. When we fuse together yield to me!”

As the youth was speaking, his form began to change into that of a rather majestic looking giant platinum wolf with runic line patterns on his fur, and two enormous wings on his back.

The water of the yellow river then exploded outwards, and from the depths emerged a colossal creature with frightfully menacing sharp teeth. It had a scaled head that resembled a dinosaur, like a T-Rex. On his massive muzzle were two long whiskers that flowed magically like they were made of smoke.

This creature had a tail that only God knew how many miles long it was, and an immense body with four arms, eight claws, and four majestic wings, two that looked like pterodactyl wings and two that looked like angelic wings with platinum feathers. On its forehead were two huge silver runic horns that sparkled with light and electric energies. It burst out the water, straight upwards. Then it slowly coiled it’s long body back down as it floated in the sky.

Unless Jodye was crazy, he would definitely realize this monstrous creature was a dragon! It looked like a cross between the western and eastern dragons he had seen in films! He heard the wolf’s howl, which somehow sounded apprehensive, then the wolf uttered a single word that somehow felt like two and one simultaneously.

“Draco Volos.”

The dragon then let out an earth-shattering and mighty roar, before swallowing the three entities into its belly. Inside of the dragon, it didn’t look like the inside of a creature at all. It seemed more like a mystical multicolored passageway that led to heaven, or some nice place like that. This was opposed to oblivion, which Jodye expected in his heart. Who knew the trip to hell would be so thrilling? In front of him, the white wolf howled towards the heavens, and suddenly there was a violent explosion.

Green and black flames danced and intertwined with each other as they engulfed everything in sight. Jodye remembered the words of the youth in white from before and found he did, in fact, have a strange amount of faith in him. This was in spite of being utterly unfamiliar with the youth. This feeling seemingly came straight from the depths of his soul. As if they had already experienced years together or something.

Suddenly, Jodye felt another surge of power wash over himself. At the same time, he felt it as the mark Sansa put on his chest disappeared. He had actually forgotten about it before now. Suddenly, his own form changed as an ancient aura similar to the dragon slowly diffused from him. He heard the mysterious dragon chant in his mind before all went back to black.

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