Book I – Legend, Chapter 2 – Clean this up for Daddy

— West Ward, Eastern Badlands

On a vast and beautiful continent, while half of the continent looked like a vibrant and pleasant land full of lush scenery and hidden treasures, there was another half that was widely barren and desolate. The Southern and Western Wards of this continent were renowned for being the most violent and bloodthirsty regions on the planet. The voodoo practitioners of the West Ward especially were famed for their debauchery and wicked curse arts. In the eastern corner of the West Ward was a massive region of wastelands.

The Eastern Badlands region was a desolate and mostly barren land, that was full of death and crime. However, the deeper one went into these lands, the taller and thicker the trees became. It was to the extent that the trees blocked the view of many of the mountains within. Unfortunately, the aura of death and maliciousness clouded every corner of these lands. The sound of the creepy wind constantly whistling felt eerie to the extreme. There was continuous howling coming from the gigantic beasts in the distance, causing increased heart palpitations.

From afar, this place looked to be a graveyard for rocks and withered grass, and so vast that the forest behind was hardly visible. The periphery of the Eastern Badlands was overrun with dying brown grass and small trees, many of which were barely ten feet tall, while some were still several dozens of meters tall. It was a genuinely unnatural appeal. Rocks of varied sizes littered the land, the boundaries of which stretched back as far as the eye could see.

Deep inside the forested region of the Eastern Badlands, five warriors were wearing black hooded cloaks that covered their faces. There was also a devilishly handsome young man who was tall with fierce hazel eyes and white clothes. Two ferocious looking, massive, and violent, vicious beasts battled amid these people. These people were all wearing high-quality clothing made of fabulous fabrics, though they were mostly covered in black robes.

There was a fierce fight going on, but their clothes appeared to not be damaged or stained in the slightest. The young man even had jewels on his hands, wrists, and neck. His muscular torso was bare, with a few fresh scars from the fierce fight he was in.

On the left was a seven-meter tall giant ape, that looked like a purple orangutan. This ape had lightning symbol patterns on its fur and a small silver horn on its head that occasionally sparkled with electricity. On the right, there was a six-meter tall wolf with blue fur and a silver patch on its back. The wolf’s fangs looked to be made of crystal ice. The two fierce beasts were engaged in an earth-shaking struggle, but the giant ape was more focused on trying to smash one of the humans firing magic spells and attacks.

The men in black garb took turns attacking the ape.

“Greater Earth Piercing Spike!” Four rock walls surrounded the ape, and a stout man pierced out with a mighty rock spear.

“Golden Sea Frenzy!” A tall and slim man with blonde hair visible from within his hood blew into a magical looking conch. Sapphire waves of water full of sparkling golden brick pieces rushed out of the conch like a raging sea, blasting into the ape!

The ape collided with the stout man’s spear with an arm that looked like a purple thunderbolt!


The stout was sent flying dozens of meters back, crashing through the forest. The purple furred ape roared and slammed heavily on its own chest as shockwaves of thunder force shattered the waves and rock walls.

“Dreaded Plague!” a slender warrior slashed out a great saber light that transformed into a dreadful purple beam full of gray star lights. The ape sensed that something was dangerous about the incoming attack and tried to dodge, but its shoulder was pierced straight through leaving it injured.

The wolf’s fangs radiated freezing cold energy as it savagely bit into the ape’s shoulder, which begins to slowly freeze. The ape let out a pained roar, and its body exploded with thunderbolt force shocking the wolf into retreat but also cause its frozen flesh to burst apart!

The warriors kept casting elemental spells at the ape, their movements forming a magical formation. Every time one of the men in black landed an attack, the wolf followed up with a bite or swipe of its paws.


Getting angry, the ape let out a mighty roar, releasing a terrifying shock wave of its powerful thunder energy, pushing the warriors and the wolf back dozens of meters. It stomped with its left leg, then propelled forward at an insane speed! The ape condensed thunderbolt force in its right leg and kicked the warrior who harmed it through a giant tree, resulting in a thunderous boom and briefly revealing the feminine curve of the warrior’s body.

“Argh! Mercer cover me!” After taking an electrically charged kick from the ape to her abdomen, the female warrior used her light voice to scream at her nearest companion. The ape’s fists condensed marvelous thunderbolt force before hammering down on the woman! It was aiming to crush the female warrior into meat paste.

“Slaughter, dodge!” Shouted the warrior called Mercer as he rushed over like a rocket in a burst of flame, knowing he could never make it in time. However, before having a chance to panic, he saw something that made him relax. A silhouette swiftly appeared under the crushing fist and picked up the female warrior before flashing away agilely with the help of the wind. Mercer smirked, his mission instantly changing from rescue to attack!

“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,” Thunder resounded as the giant ape kept launching attacks at the two retreating warriors. The young man in white dashed over with a speed that surpassed even the giant ape. The young man in white slid across the ground, tripping the rampaging giant purple furred ape, who apparently never expected its leg to get caught. The ape fell comically, tumbling through a couple of trees.

The big blue wolf wouldn’t miss such a chance, appearing in the air above the fallen ape as the big blue wolf dove in and aggressively bit the back of the ape’s neck, leaving a deep gash. The ape roared in pain and anger, grabbing and tossing the wolf away. However, the wolf simply rolled and continued attacking.

“Awoooo!” Each attack of the wolf sent a miniature tornado full of sharp wind force cutting into the ape’s flesh. With the wind came a piercing cold, slowing the purple-furred ape’s recovery and response time. Every time the giant ape put its focus on one of the human targets, the wolf swiped out with its paws, lacerating it with an ice-cold wind force.

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The ape responded by spitting electric loogies. These loogies expanded to be a meter thick and a meter long. They shot out like thunderbolts, accurately striking the wolf. This continued three times back to back before the big blue wolf had to back down. The devilishly handsome man landed next to the wolf at that moment. The wolf face pendant on the man’s neck was releasing an eerie purplish glow.

“You okay buddy?” asked the young man.

The wolf whimpered as electricity was building up in its body, hindering its movement. The one called ‘Mercer’ by the female warrior had fire red hair that just barely visible under his hood. Mercer landed on top of a high branch, and a light flashed from the ring on his hand, equipping him with a large and majestic ebony bow, with beautiful hieroglyphics inscribed all over its massive frame.

Pulling the bow taut, Mercer kept condensing burning energies in his left hand, before releasing them. He was shooting massive arrows made out of flames at the ape-beast, who kept dodging. On the other side, the blonde haired elder fired an ice ball, as the big blue wolf lashed out with claws and teeth! However, the ape leaped into the air with a mighty flip, and the ice ball collided with the wolf. Finally, after successfully jumping out of the pincer attack the lightning covered ape took a fire arrow through its other shoulder.

“ARRAOOO!!” the beast roared in a fury.

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“This damn Thu’rangoutang isn’t normal. It has monstrous defensive and regenerative capabilities, but its strength is far to low! To think though, he was able to avoid a fatal injury from midair…” the red-haired elder Mercer spoke in a loud and aggressive voice, deep with wisdom. He was vexed as he released a terrifying momentum of force, which blew away his hood as his hair danced without the wind, “My lord, this is no desolate beast.”

“IGNITION!” The red-haired elder Mercer let out an intimidating roar as a black steel chain appeared and coiled itself around Elder Mercer’s body like an evil metal dragon. In the next moment, he had grown two meters, as his clothes shredded at the torso, revealing orange-red fur covering his upper body. The airflow around him blurred a testimony to the high level of heat he was releasing.

His aura exploded, resembling a mass of flames covering his body. In the sky above the elder, there was a phenomenon manifesting itself from the heaven and earth origin energy, that took the form of 18 black light spheres the size of a fist, full of symbols that looked mystical and ethereal. Next, to the fist-sized light spheres were 900 smaller fire light spheres, all the size of marbles.

Elder Mercer pulled the string on his bow again. Borrowing the force momentum from the spheres of light, fire rotated condensing into two new fire arrows. These fire arrows were three times the size of the last one, and dripping with magma. Elder Mercer released the bowstring, sending the massive twin fire arrows flying towards the Thu’rangoutang, with terribly acute accuracy.

After getting pierced through each leg by the double fire arrow, the Thu’rangoutang let out a mighty roar full of its rage! It’s thunderous aura exploded and extinguished the shaft made from flames. Just as the big blue wolf was coming to take another bite or swipe at the ape, the Thu’rangoutang spun around and caught the blue wolf in the air by its neck. The mighty ape began discharging lightning from its palm. The colossal wolf didn’t whimper a bit but used it’s remaining strength to snarl and struggle, biting at the wrist that was choking itself.

The ape emitted another deadly purple electric charge from its hand, severely injuring and momentarily paralyzing the big blue wolf. When the wolf’s limbs went limp, the ape began to wantonly slam the wolf all over the ground. The wolf’s form began to shift in-between real and illusory with every slam. This caused the young man in white to cough out blood, several times, as the ground started to quake from the impact.

The young man in white and the wolf were connected by their souls, so he bore some of the damage for his companion. The red-haired elder Mercer attacked with another fire arrow three times as large as the first. At this moment, a pink light flashed in the cloaks of the five elders at almost the exact same instant.

“What has happened?” Shouted the young man in white anxiously. He had lost his robe way earlier in the battle.

“My lord, we must end this now!” Said the only female voice, Slaughter, one of the black cloaked warriors. The five warriors in black all released their strength and slowly rose off the ground into the air, causing the air in the surrounding space to turn chaotic as phenomena of the heavens and earth were formed.

“The lady is already in labor with the young lord!” Said Elder Mercer, his flaming red hair dancing in the wind as he released arrow after arrow.

“Ke Si, the defense now!” Yelled the man in white, before immediately sitting down with crossed legs. He quickly closed his eyes in concentration. A tiny bell chimed as a handsome old man with long white hair dreaded down to his bum appeared. He was dressed like an elegant butler immediately and seem to emerge from the shadows. There were tiny silver bells tied to the end of his locks.

“ Young Lord,” The butler didn’t speak more than this but responded by tapping the cane in his hand on the ground three times. Instantly, an earthen barrier wall enclosed the old man and young lord in white within.

The young Lord then touched the wolf pendant around his neck. The purple glow faded, and the necklace started to glow once more in an eerie gray light. Outside of the earth barrier, the silver-backed blue wolf was back on its feet. It was jumping from left to right avoiding the electric charged fists and spittle of the Thu’rangoutang. The ape was now rampaging with only its fists and mouth because it had three fire arrows burning through its left leg. This significantly limited its movement speed. It was at this moment that the wolf pounced on the giant ape’s back, its eyes emitting the same eerie grey glow as the wolf pendant.

The young lord’s aura then exploded out of the earth barrier, and his body slowly lifted into the air with his arms stretched out horizontally. The blue wolf let out a howl as it’s body slowly faded away. As the wolf’s body disappeared, the young man’s appearance shifted. His muscles swelled, cloth shredded, and blue fur appeared on his torso and neck.

The young lord grew to the height of 3 meters, his muscles rippling. His hazel eyes turned icy blue, as a terrifying tornado made up of ice-cold winds formed with him at the center. His hands blurred into a series of hand signs, and curse seals begin to develop around his arms. The young lord suddenly brought the base of both his palms together and pushed forward to blast the tornado into the Thu’rangoutang.

The Thu’rangoutang was caught off guard and had no time to dodge the incoming attack! It was pierced through the heart as if pierced by a sword made of wind. At the same time, various powerful attacks from the five elders all hit their mark.

As the giant ape collapsed to the ground with a thud, blood colored the ground crimson. The ape had seven large holes in its body. The colossal ape’s appearance suddenly distorted, as it became a dark grey and white creature, that looked like a little like a humanoid beast with spirals for eyes.

Trickster30Trickstermonster clan beast with third rank lifeblood. when a level 9 vicious beast with god beast lifeblood reaches level 10 they evolve into low-level demi-god beasts possessing superior intelligence without their own complete demi-god physique. Due to their frail forms, they use their lifeblood powers to condense a cocoon or origin qi that takes on the form of other beasts. Tricksters fight to obtain the ‘life force’ required to condense a monster core by condensing enough god beast lifeblood. Condensing the monster core allows the trickster to upgrade its physique to that of one closer to a god beast and cultivate different lifeblood inheritances. Vicious beasts with a hint of origin god beast bloodline in them merely become higher level tricksters upon evolution, with a more complete true form. Tricksters are only born through the evolution of a vicious beast. Injuries received by tricksters in their true forms risk reducing their level since they must burn their lifeblood essence to recover and transform again. Level 1 Trickster = 1,000 BP Level 2 Trickster = 1,250 BP Level 3 Trickster = 1,600 BP Level 4 Trickster = 2 AP Level 5 Trickster = 4.5 AP Level 6 Trickster = 9 AP Level 7 Trickster = 14 AP Level 8 Trickster = 21 AP Level 9 Trickster = 30 AP ! Damn it, I knew something was fishy.” Said the red-haired elder Mercer. Immense rage flashed across the young man’s eyes, as he condensed force in his hands and sent both palms forward and a huge palm imprint made of red wind energy manifested and slammed the foe into meat paste. “No desolate beast would be so strong at this level.

“Level 6 Trickster…? Nearing the seventh level…” The young lord was frowning heavily, in spite of his victory. According to his understanding, such a powerful beast should never have shown up in this area. Also, why would a Trickster masquerade as a desolate? Unless…

“My lord, the young miss…” Said the female warrior, Slaughter. Her posture was that of a soldier, but her voice was sweet and refreshing.

The young man in white then slowly looked at Slaughter and winked, causing her to look away.

“Clean this up for daddy.” Then with a flash of blue light, the young man vanished like smoke in the wind, as his voice lingered in the air, “I’ll go first. Meet me at the Villa Mansion.”

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