Book I – Legend, Chapter 3 – Joseph

——Pangaea West Ward, Eastern Badlands, Trilleck Villa

Hidden in the center of Eastern Badlands was a gorgeous private resort land, closed off from the outside world. It covered a 30-mile radius with elegant buildings made from some sort of marvelous stone at the center. It was like seeing a magnificent city in the middle of the barren woods. Deep inside that most massive luxurious and elegant mansion, exquisite paintings and priceless collections lined the halls leading to a room decorated wonderfully.

Directly opposite the door to this room, a large group of people was gathered.

The young lord was pacing back and forth restlessly in front of the doors. His face was filled with anxiety and worry. He looked to be in his late twenties so he could still be considered young, and he gave off a majestic feeling. Although he wasn’t far from that first bit of wrinkle between his brows brought on by the stress of life, one could still see the handsome youth that he was.

The lord was now wearing a golden robe made of mysterious fabric with a silver lining, and all white clothes underneath. This flashy design only added to his handsome appearance. He was surrounded by an air similar to that of a host. He had diamond ear gauges in the shape of large crystal wolf fangs in each of his ears, and a gold chain around his neck with a small wolf head pendant attached.

He had several rings on his hands with different colored gems and strange patterns. His face was resolute, though his eyebrows were knitted together, almost as if he was trying to solve all the world’s troubles.

Ten feet outside of the room there was a group of more than 20 people, ranging from young to old. They were all lined up nervously. There were a few dignified looking elders in the group who appeared to be well over 50 or 60 years old already, with white hair all over their wrinkled faces. In spite of their age, their eyes could still make people shiver and quake in fear due to the golden lights that flickered within. Each of their eyes had a different intensity of glow and number of views, it was truly mystical.

They gave off a fierce and imposing aura. Judging by the golden glow from their eyes, people wouldn’t take them to be frail at all. Regardless of their elderly status, they seemed like robust and healthy middle-aged men with the strength of lions and bears. They all had some sort of artifact with distinctive patterns, each one different. One looked like a cane while another looked like a puppet, there were several variations. The rest of the men were all around 30 to 40 years old, with slightly less imposing auras.

Most of the people in this group had normal eyes that revealed nothing, and upright postures similar to that of well-decorated soldiers. There were a few within the latter crowd whose eyes also emitted a slight glow. It was evident with a single glance that this was not a group of ordinary people.

From behind the door in front of them, the sounds of a woman crying in pain could be heard.

“Keep pushing, my lady, keep on. The baby is almost out. You’re almost there.” An elderly voice spoke and in a calm and gentle voice behind the door. Anyone hearing the sound would be able to tell that this was an older woman working as a midwife.

Outside of the room, the young man in gold was still pacing anxiously.

“Can someone remind me how long it takes to have a baby?” Asked the young man to no one in particular, “We’ve been here since yesterday morning. Could Isis be in danger? Could there be foul play? Damn it, I never trusted that wet nurse! What are you doing? Answer me Ke Si!”

“My lord, you surely worry much too much. Our lady Isis will surely deliver a healthy child. There is no need to fret, my liege.” Ke Si, an elderly man with white dreads down his back, spoke confidently but his eyes stayed glued to the door in front of them. There was a trace of worry in his eyes as he tapped the cane type artifact in his hands.

The young lord let out a sigh, “It is best if I am too worried…” he sighed again repeatedly, his anxiety had not been decreased by Ke Si’s words what so ever. Why was Ke Si so bad at consoling people? The Lord sighed again.

After those in attendance grew exhausted from watching the lord pace back and forth for a couple of hours, an excited old voice and some clambering sounds could be heard from within the room.

“Lord! My lord! Lady Isis has given birth!!” Upon opening the door and seeing the slightly deranged glint flash in the Lord’s eyes, the elderly woman quickly added, “The boy is well, as is my lady, my lord, please don’t worry.” The emotion in her voice caused a wave of excitement throughout the mansion. The birth of a boy in this scenario was indeed exciting news. Lady Isis was the lord’s legal wife, after all!

This was a legal heir!

One must know that this was a society where polygamy was not very rare, and all-powerful men would have many women. It was, in fact, considered more unusual to find an extraordinary man with only one woman or no women at all. As Lord of the estate, it was necessary he has a powerful heir. However, the young man indeed had a soft spot for this woman. It was just unfortunate that they were wrapped up in that complicated matter…

Nonetheless, upon hearing her words, the lord immediately calmed down his anxious heart. The anxiety in his heart was quickly replaced with joy and excitement.

“Another son she said, a son!” The young lord begins to laugh joyfully in a boisterous manner. He was so emotional at the moment that he was feeling somewhat speechless, so with a flash, disappeared from where he was standing.

The elderly woman felt a slight wind as he blew past her and into the room so fast that it felt as if he was inside, to begin with. His speed was something normal humans could never hope to accomplish, no one had such strength and agility.

In an instant, after he first moved, he was already kneeling at the bedside. His tone was full of concern as he said “Icy, my love, are you well? Do you feel any discomfort?” Though he was excited, he still made sure he spoke to her gently and passionately.

The woman on the bed looked to be around 22 years old. Her appearance was outright startling. She had a face that could ruin a man, even in her pale and exhausted state. Her satiny brown skin had a bit of perspiration that gave her a bit of an angelic glow. Her eyes were like deep blue sapphires with soft golden lights flowing within, beautiful and captivating. Once one looked into her eyes, they would find it difficult to extract their souls again.

The tired look in the woman’s eyes vanished the instant she laid eyes on the man by her side. Her eyes reflected many complex emotions, but eventually, she smiled as she said “Osiris, my love. I am…mhm, it’s fine. Less of that, tell me where my heartbeat is? When will you please return him to me?”

“Ah, yes of course! To return the beat to my own heart, yes.” The young lord Osiris was smiling from ear to ear as he turned around to ask the midwife for the child.

However, at that moment the midwife’s attentive gaze on the bundled up child was not quite right. Her brow was furrowed as she muttered to herself.

The young lord’s face turned solemn for half an instant, but he quickly returned to his smile as he looked to his wife and said, “Rest for a moment, my lady. I will bring your heart when I return.”

The young Lord then stood up and blurred, as he appeared across the room next to the midwife in a flash.

At this time the door opened again as all the people outside the room begin to pile in, smiling ear to ear, and begin flattering and congratulating the beautiful woman on the bed. The woman smiled and nodded with grace. Inwardly, she was extremely anxious. This Household was in such a precarious situation, how could she raise a child in such a place? Not to mention that the monster was still lurking in the dark…

Meanwhile, the midwife was cradling and rocking the bundle and talking to herself.

“Curious little b***** aren’t you! Please be okay, why don’t you cry, ah,” the midwife sighed, secretly nervous. After patting the child’s read end a few times, she could swear that he had glared at her! “Why on earth is this child so…calm?”

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“What’s the matter nurse, tell me? Could it be that there’s an issue with the child?” Said the young lord Osiris in a small mosquito voice. He was a little apprehensive. He knew that occasionally newborns would enter this world disabled in some way. Not to mention the parties that wanted to see this union of himself and his lady Isis broken were not small in number. His tone was heavy and voice full of bass, startling the elderly midwife, who had previously slipped into a daze staring at the little guy’s bright blue eyes.

“The little lord is healthy, my lord, there is no reason to doubt this. Merely, in all my years of experience, every single fresh born infant will cry, whereas this little lord has never made a single sound since his birth. I know this is very odd, my lord, but you must forgive this one’s inexperience. I simply cannot fathom it…” The midwife told the young lord Osiris. She was of low status and thus she began to fear her fate if there was indeed a problem with the child.

They would surely take out their anger on her when the time came. This was far too common in noble houses, where trickery and foul play were often prevalent.

The young lord in gold wrinkled his brow in thought, as he reaches out and gently grabbed the bundle of an infant from the midwife. Osiris found that his little guy was actually quite entertaining to watch.

One moment he would be looking at the magic furnace.

The next moment he would be looking over at the portraits, where people in the frames were actually waving at him. The boy’s face looked incredulous at that moment, and Osiris couldn’t help but marvel, “What a curious little fella…”

This new son was the epitome of cute when he behaved like this, as his eyes were bright like stars, deep blue in color, and looked like a priceless jewel without any impurities within.

“Great Pharaoh, a little brown infant with sapphire eyes!” Osiris was rather shocked. It was not unheard of for negus to have blue eyes, but it could be still be considered rare. More than likely it related to a unique bloodline. In the entire country, perhaps only his wife also had these features. Just from looking, the lord was certain that there indeed appeared to be nothing wrong with the child.

What the lord Osiris didn’t notice was that deep in the infant’s eyes there was an infallible charisma. However, there was also a hint of extreme confusion. A layer of pale white light enveloped Osiris’ hand as he moved it down in a line in front of the infant, and to the infant, it seemed as if his hand was being used as an X-ray.

When the midwife felt the heat from that hand, she got dizzy and felt uneasy in her heart. As a mortal woman, such power secretly terrified her. She only hoped the little lord would be okay. Death was all that awaited her if there was any other outcome. Even though she was not responsible, what could she do if they chose to pass the blame?

At that moment the man withdrew his hand, his heart at ease. The light glow on his hand faded and disappeared. A valiant smile reappeared on his handsome face. “This child is in perfect shape! I can’t find even a small problem.” The man laughed heartily. The midwife let out a breath of relief and resumed smiling as Osiris continued, “Why I can even sense real origin force in his little flesh. A sage body! It seems the heavens favor this child.”

The midwife then laughed gleefully as she said, “It is our good fortune that the little lord is so unique. Such a fine temperament at birth, it’s unheard of! It’s as if he was born noble. It is a sign he will do great things. Legendary things!”

“Of course, it is likely so. We can only hope.” Lord Osiris crossed his arms in salute. He ignored her vague words as his mood was ecstatic, and just directly paid her handsomely for her service. He dismissed her with and heart-stopping smile, “On behalf of my household I award you, Mother Maya, with 500 gold crystal coins. We, House Trilleck, thank you.”

Following him, the entire room then saluted as well as they shouted: “The house thanks you!”

Mother Maya almost began to tear up due to receiving such favor. 500 gold crystal coins were enough for her next four generations to live without working! The young man then carried the infant over to his lady Isis on the bed.

“Come, look and see our child my wife. Is he not dashing? Is he not handsome?”

Lady Isis embraced the boy tenderly then kissed his face as her eyes teared up. “Mhm, handsome, the most handsome,” Said the lady Isis as she kissed the baby’s face again and again. The first time she had gotten pregnant became an ordeal of trickery and falsehoods. To see this baby boy born of her own flesh and love, the pure joy in her eyes could not be hidden as she spoke deliberately, “Osiris, do not forget what you have promised me! The baby is a boy so his name will be Joseph as divined by my father..”

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Smiling at her, her husband Osiris Trilleck then stood tall and faced the room, “Most excellent. Let the heavens hear me, this child’s name will from this day be Joseph!”

Lightning flashed, and thunder clapped in the skies nine consecutive times, causing the crowd to reveal looks of awe.

“The heaven’s acknowledged him!”

“Only the most outstanding sage kings in history made the heavens acknowledge their name!”

“To my knowledge, there should be a thunderclap for each heavenly layer that acknowledges the name.”

“Are you kidding? Wasn’t that nine thunderclaps? Could he be accepted by the entire heavenly ennead?”

“Be silent! That’s like claiming the little lord is equal to the heaven’s themselves! You’re overthinking it.”

Even lord Osiris found himself in awe of heaven’s response to his very traditional action. His name had also been acknowledged by the divine ennead, but only when he reached the mage rank, and just across two layers. This little ball of flesh was merely a freak. “Haha, little Jodye Trilleck! Tomorrow I will throw a feast in honor of my son! You are all welcome to attend.”







Before one could blink, a bit more then a year had passed. In the center of a massive estate grounds hundreds of kilometers away, deep within a magnificent and glorious city, sitting on top of a grassy hill that overlooked a little stream of milky white water – sat a little boy. This little boy wasn’t even two feet tall and had bright blue eyes, more profound than the ocean. His eyes seemed to shine in the light like jewels.

The boy’s eyes were staring blankly at the fish jumping in and out of the water stream. His white clothes were luxurious and handsome, he looked like a little prince. Unfortunately, this little prince’s face was screwed as if the boy was immersed deep in thought, which seemed rather strange on a one-year-old baby.

This little baby boy was definitely Joseph Trilleck, but in his mind, he was completely unsettled with this identity. He couldn’t think of himself as anyone else but millionaire playboy and ex-soldier Trill Jodye! The baby boy Joseph, or rather Jodye, supported his back with his arms, as he looked up at the sky.

However, in the mind of the baby boy, there was a strange scene playing over and over. The scene showed a peculiar man in an unusual building, with a unique looking glowing weapon pointed at two beautiful women. In front of these women was a handsome young man of about 20 years old. The young man was holding two guns in his hands.

At the time of this young man’s death, his heart aches when seeing the beautiful young girl at his side fade into nothingness. The lovely mature lady that helped raise him calling herself his wife before saying she would save his soul. After he faded away into nothing, he remembered the inheritance he received from the eternal voice of boom in what Jodye could only assume was the afterlife. Not to mention that fateful encounter with the wolf boy next to the floating sword and the dragon.

“I know my life has never been very normal… but this is plain crazy.” Murmured the child under his breath. “Just what in the hell have I gotten myself mixed up in…”

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