Book I – Legend, Chapter 5 – Haters

Remembering the previous occurrence, the butler had previously had the exact same misconception he was currently having, ‘Can this child possibly sense my presence? Impossible, right? Did he know, somehow, that he was safe due to me being here?’

Though this thought was highly illogical, it was all that made sense out of this situation in Ke Si’s mind.

As Ke took his final step forward, silver bells gently chimed behind Jodye.

Ke Si’s face remained stoic as he spoke softly, “This humble one greets the third young lord. Young lord, the evening is fast approaching. The sun has begun to set, and the first lady has been searching for you.”

Upon hearing the word of his mother, Jodye seemed to finally snap back from his thoughts. He glanced up at the sky indifferently, ‘Indeed, it is getting dark. Soon it will be night time. It seems I already sat here for at least several hours.’

Evidently, his precious mother was worried after him being gone so long. Privately Jodye wondered if he would inherit any of her good looks one day. How easy would women fall into his lap if that was the case?

Of course, once Jodye considered it even his father did pretty good for himself in the romance department. He had more than just one wife, after all.

“Thank you, Ke Si. As I have been made aware, your duty can be considered complete. I will return to my mother’s side briefly.” Jodye Trill was still calmly staring at the clouds and didn’t seem to be in any rush at all. However, he spoke very eloquently in his adorable little voice.

This made the butler Ke Si marvel at this youngster for a little longer. How unbridled! He had honestly never seen a child like this. Ke Si was the head butler of the household and was responsible for the upkeep of the entire estate. He had his hands in every matter of the House, as well as the lord’s Trilleck Family faction, to a greater or lesser degree. Because the lord viewed him so highly, he was respected almost as much as Jodye’s father himself.

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Ke Si watched little Joseph with appreciation in his eyes. This child was able to walk without the help of anyone else as a mere infant! Though at first he was incredibly unstable, and could only move small distances before wearing himself out. Still, that was absolute madness compared to other children! The entire city had their eyes wide open when the news spread.

Ke Si had fought off many assassins, and the Frozen Night division led by lady Isis had fought even more of them! A four-month-old baby taking his first step? Big news, big flavor. A true scholar was born! All the rival Houses shook, and the enemies in the dark were unhappy! Besides, the House Lord had a bad habit of making things a stunt, so the matter became even more prominent.

The Lord had a statue of himself placed in the Southern Imperial District. The statue was of Lord Osiris holding the Frozen Night Master in one arm. At the same time, the figure of the lord was holding his infant son in the other arm while laying on the back of a giant wolf.

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“Have you heard of the third young master of House Trilleck? When Joseph Trilleck was barely three months old, he could already walk!”

“Impossible. The child’s little body shouldn’t have even had the muscles required to perform such actions yet.”

“My mother is a maid for the house. The young lord frequently visits the gardens, and I once saw him myself. He was so cute and little! It was truly astounding.”

“The walking is one thing, but you heard of this? On top of that, when he wasn’t even a year old, he learned to speak! You can even converse with him, he responds with understanding!”

“I’ve heard about this! They say his words were clear, and he wasn’t shy to speak with others. Quite the contrary he would often communicate with the maids! My mother is the first lady’s servant, and she claims to dote on him as if he were her own child. It even seemed that they could now converse in a totally natural, and unrestrained way!”

“My word…what a smart child. Born to be a Great Scholar I guess. It’s almost a given he has the sage body.”

Just these two things had already set Jodye apart from any other child Ke Si had ever met, or even heard of, previously. There was sure to be something special about this kid. How exciting would it be to watch him grow older and stronger?

An hour later, Jodye Trill was in the dining hall with his mother, Lady Isis. This was the dining hall exclusive to the head of the House and his central family. There were four other gorgeous women at the long and marvelous oval-shaped dining table, that looked to be made of a beautiful black stone that sparkled when the light hit it correctly. One of the women was pregnant, while two of the other women were each holding a child in their arms. One was a boy, and one was a girl. The girl was obviously Jodye’s second sister, Kamila Trilleck. This infant was apparently Jodye’s fourth brother, Jumoke Trilleck, who was born around a month ago.

Merely, Jumoke’s birth was not nearly as big a deal as Jodye’s own birth.

The little girl, Kamila Trilleck’s skin, was sandy in color and she had long jet black hair, that looked like silk as it ran all the way down her little frame. Her two dimples made the little girl’s cute laughter that much more adorable and contagious.

Kamila’s bright green eyes were smiling as soon as she looked up and saw Jodye Trill, then she immediately hopped off her mother and dashed over to Jodye. She begins hugging him tightly then pulling his hand excitedly,

“Third brother, I missed you, come sit next to Milly.”

Jodye hugged this big sister of his back, for what was the thirtieth time in his life, but didn’t budge from his mother’s side. Lady Isis held his other hand and sashayed forward slowly, before sitting the head seat of the dining table and putting Jodye in her lap.

Lady Isis giggled and gently rubbed her sons head full of long curly hair. She spoiled him by feeding him a bit of magic pudding cake, after seeing that he was staring at it almost to the point of drooling. Lady Isis spoke sweetly in a voice that sounded like tiny bells ringing, “Little Joe, say hello to your aunts and siblings.”

The little lord’s eyes turned sluggish. Jodye was slowly, but surely, growing ever so tired of these formalities. ‘The life of a noble, argh! Why’d I ever wish for it? Oh wait, that’s right, poverty! How could I have forgotten.’

Feeling backed into a corner, Jodye reluctantly turned from his spoon of magic pudding cake to look at these bunch of spoiled women. They wore beautiful dresses that accented all the sexy contours of their bodies. Their makeup looked flawless and gave them an ethereal feeling.

Max flavor!

Jodye Trill was aware that this was the appearance of these ladies when not even trying to doll themselves up too much. In his old world, only make-up could achieve such transcendent beauty. His father was indeed a man of taste, it seemed.

The luxurious dinner attire of these women reminded him of the women on a show called Celebrity Wives in his previous life. Jodye stood upon his mother’s lap and crossed his arms in salute as he bowed slightly. This was the proper etiquette that his mother was shoving down his throat recently.

“Hello, second aunt, third mother, fourth aunt, fifth mother, the second sister, and fourth brother.”

According to the local customs, Jodye should be calling each of his father’s wives as the mother. Merely, his mother had long since threatened him away from referring to anyone but his third mother and fifth mother in this way. He was explicitly commanded to refer to the others as ‘aunt.’

Once she was aware of her son’s advanced competence, the first lady Isis put every effort into refining him into a proper gentleman and scholar. Some days, she would spend hours going over etiquette with him. On the other hand, Jodye was secretly ecstatic to actually have a mother of his own. He would basically not refuse any of her intentions. On top of that, he had always had an open-minded personality. These teachings would only be of benefit to him in the future. There was also this whole filial piety thing. He never had a chance to practice such a thing in his previous lifetime.

After all, no matter what lady Isis was now his mother. He experienced coming out of her secret lake first hand, and it was very stressful. He remembered the headache clearly, following by the blinding light of reality’s first kiss. Even though he was having a hard time getting used to his new life, not to mention his new infant body, he had never had his guard up around this woman who had created him. He couldn’t raise it even if he wanted too. It was a natural reaction and completely involuntary, as she alone pulled him closer and closer to this world.

Although the way he entered this world was complicated and mysterious, he couldn’t deny that he was now the third young lord of House Trilleck, Joseph Trilleck. Son of Osiris and Isis Trilleck, potential heir to the household. It had been this way for a year already. No dream is this long…

As his past memories had no major significance in this new life in a new world, he decided to bury them deep in his heart. His previous experience was mired in tragedy and misfortune. He was too weak to change anything, and this no matter what heights he had achieved! He was a wealthy mogul, a philanthropist even, yet what had he earned? Death by disintegration!

In this new life, on this planet, Jodye Trill was determined to soar into the heavens!

It was time to give this strange new land a new legend, or bring down the sky while trying!

While Jodye was having evil thoughts of grandeur, the wives of his father were all smiling at him warmly. Fortunately, Jodye wouldn’t be fooled by this. He was very familiar with the little tricks, hidden looks, and sometimes irrational temperament of the female gender. From past experiences, he knew these women had some level of envy in their gazes. He could even sense it as well. Well, all except a beautiful woman wearing violet, whose face showed no emotion what so ever. Her delicate features actually made the little boy’s small heart race whenever he looked at her. Merely, Jodye got the feeling that this woman was at extreme odds with his mother and himself. Of this he was confident; thus he didn’t place her in his eyes at all.

“Damn haters. They’re everywhere,” mumbled little Jodye Trill under his breath.

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