Chapter 250 – Alraune

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Chapter 250 – Alraune
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Hags and wraiths are sexual dimorphisms of the same species only on Huade, of course. Tying them together is my own invention.

The alraune as a monster girl is an invention of Japanese pop culture, with no basis in traditional folklore as a monster. The word is actually just the German word for mandrake (mandragora), which is a real world plant. The folklore around the mandrake, inspired by its sometimes human-figure-shaped roots, is indeed colorful, and the reader has probably learned at least some of it from anime and manga, but leave it to Japan to take a folklore plant and traditional medicinal ingredient and transform it first into a monster and, with the logical progression that all things Japanese take, onward into a monster girl. It's that final form of the alraune that I went with, here.

I have absolutely no basis for tying the alraune to the korrigan. They aren't even products of the same culture. The korrigan is a Breton gnome or leprechaun, often feminine, and she is very often associated with water.

I tied these two unrelated legends together because I had nowhere to put the korrigan, and the folklore description for the birth of alraunes/mandrakes is just not something that would fit into Huadean biology. Traditionally, mandrakes sprout up where the semen from a hanged man drips, and I was just not gonna go there.

By the way, there is also no relationship between mandrakes and dandelions. Real mandrakes are in the nightshade family. Dandelions are in the aster family. But most familiar members of the nightshade family are vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers and eggplant. On the other hand, dandelions, as any homeowner with a yard can attest, are damnable nuisances. Dandelions make a much better model for a monster, in this homeowner's opinion.

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