Chapter 333 – Retreat

Looking for Authors for Exclusive positions! Paid. DM the Admin on Discord if you're interested. LINK . I will confess I allowed a ‘pfft’ to escape my lips. Ryuu shot a lethal glare in my direction, but he couldn’t leave his attention off the threat for more than a moment. It immediately returned to the flame in Kanon’s hand, and ...

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Chapter 333 – Retreat
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I'll just say that the health situation is improving, and I dearly wish that insurance and health care were not so confoundingly bad in my country. I don't understand where certain politicians get the delusional idea that we have 'the best health care in the world'. As best as I can tell, we only have the longest waiting lists and highest bills, at least insofar as the developed world is concerned.

That being said, the pace of one chapter per week will continue for now. I refuse to go on hiatus, but I am not able to devote any more time than this to my writing at the moment. I apologize that this means you have to wait a week for Tiana's answer, but that's how it worked out.

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