Chapter 138: Fang Zhijin (Part 3)

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Mo Ye’s cold answer made Fang Zhijin’s eye suddenly reddened, and the maidservant’s face next to her also turned red, looking as if she wanted to beat up Mo Ye desperately.

“Let’s go.” Mo Ye embraced Qi Huan and went downstairs. When he walked past the counter, he glanced at the wine shopkeeper with a cold expression on his face, and then walked away.

Seeing Mo Ye’s eyes, the wine shopkeeper trembled slightly without any reason. The boss seemed very dissatisfied with him…

The wine shopkeeper sighed. He didn’t know what his boss was thinking, he didn’t even bother about Miss Fang. However, it was strange that he suddenly opened a restaurant in Jinxiu City, but no one came to find fault. Although some people spoke badly about the restaurant, its business was getting better and better.

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When he arrived in a new place, he neither worshiped the “mountain god” nor the “land”. How did he sustain the business?

“Why don’t you help her, the little girl is so pitiful.” When Qi Huan said, her tone was obviously a little sour. Alas, looking at Miss Fang’s pitiful look, she couldn’t help wanting to comfort her. Fortunately, the man didn’t look at her a few more times, otherwise she would wash his eyes well when they returned home at night.

“If I write, their family will die tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, you are worried about her!” Qi Huan stared at Mo Ye, she was making trouble for nothing, hmph, come beat me if you dare.

Qi Huan’s tone made Mo Ye laugh, “I only write for you.”

“Oh.” Although she still felt a bit sore, she barely let it pass in the end. Qi Huan took Mo Ye and walked forward slowly, their hands clasped together casted a long shadow under the rays of the setting sun.

“Miss, why do we have to look for him, can’t we ask someone else?” Tracy complained annoyingly, watching her lady staring in the direction the man was leaving.

Fang Zhijin sighed, “Only his words can satisfy that person, and the time we have left does not allow us to find other people.” Although the Fang Family was a wealthy family, only she understood the principle of prosperity and decline.

She had forgotten that no matter how great their family was, it was only based on making brocade. Now it was rumored that the royal family wanted to wear their family’s brocade.

Just such a sentence reached the ears of the present emperor. The emperor gave the Fang Family two months to present a pair of embroidery. If it couldn’t satisfy him, it would mean that the Fang Family had insulted the royal statement, and they would be punished for deceiving the emperor.

“Miss, what should we do now?”

“Send someone to inquire about his residence, we will visit them again tomorrow.” She would never give up easily.

After that day, Qi Huan often saw Fang Zhijin appearing at her door, but she did not enthusiastically invite her in. She thought Fang Zhijin would give up after failing to see them a few times. As a result, not only did she come every day, but she also stayed longer and longer.

“Hey, you don’t want to call her in?” Seeing that Fang Zhijin was still standing outside although it was thundering and raining, Qi Huan couldn’t help poking Mo Ye who was drinking tea.

The two of them were sitting in the flower pavilion in the front courtyard, and they could see the scene outside as soon as they raised their eyes. Of course, what Qi Huan meant was that their gaze could penetrate the two layers of walls to see the scene outside.

Although the rain fell on the ground outside the flower pavilion was puffed up, it didn’t splash inside.

“Why should I call her in, are you going to write her an inscription?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows and looked at Qi Huan with a smile. Qi Huan’s handwriting was the “best”.

“There must be a way. She comes here every day, so I don’t dare to go out.” The sad look in Fang Zhijin’s eyes made Qi Huan feel as if she had done some heinous thing while in fact, she hadn’t done anything.

“Qiao Qiao, go and invite her in.” Mo Ye opened his mouth when he saw a purple girl walking out of the lobby not far away. Watching Qiao Qiao holding an umbrella, she bounced to open the door. Mo Ye also brought Qi Huan back to the hall.

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When Fang Zhijin and her maidservant were brought in, she was already soaked with water, looking like a mess. Her beautiful embroidered dress was also soaked in rain, which revealed her exquisite figure.

It was a pity that the only man in this room had no interest in her figure.

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