Chapter 138: Fang Zhijin (Part 4)

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“Qiao Qiao, take them to freshen up first, and bring them the two of the clothes your shifu bought for you.”

“Yes, shifu.” Qiao Qiao blinked her big black eyes and agreed with a smile. Since starting to practice “The Monster Pathway”, Qiao Qiao had quickly learned how to control her monster pupils. Although she could easily lose control when she was emotional, at least she was no longer called her monster.

“You are so generous.” Qi Huan twisted her nose and snorted when Mo Ye asked Qiao Qiao to give away the clothes she bought.

“Do you wear it?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows. She had disliked top-grade celestial robes, so how would she wear mortal clothes!

“No.” No matter how good the brocade in the mortal world was, it couldn’t compare to those deity clothes. She bought those things just to satisfy a woman’s shopping psychology, which meant she only bought them because they looked pretty, she didn’t want to wear them.

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After Fang Zhijin and her maidservant followed Qiao Qiao to freshen up, they changed into the two clothes that Qiao Qiao brought. When Fang Zhijin got the clothes, she couldn’t help blushing.

The… the clothes were too revealing.

Seeing Fang Zhijin holding the clothes for a long time without intending to change into them, Qiao Qiao leaned over and took a look, then her face changed and she took back the clothes abruptly.

“I’m so sorry, I took the wrong clothes.” This was a gift to her shifu from the Master. She took it by mistake. If Fang Zhijin put it on, the Master would surely kick her out.

Qiao Qiao didn’t notice a piece of white cloth falling out of the dress while holding the dress.

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The white cloth fell under Fang Zhijin’s feet, but Qiao Qiao ran away before she could call her. Fang Zhijin leaned over and picked up the piece of cloth on the ground. She was completely stunned, taking a quick glance at it.

What was this thing, what was it made of, why had she never seen anything like it before, and this weaver was more than a thousand times more advanced than her.

In the past, she dared to swear that no one in the world could compare to her brocade technique, but after seeing this piece of fabric, she suddenly discovered that there was actually someone else better than her in the world.

“Miss, what’s wrong?” Tracy walked over curiously, wearing a clean dress.

Fang Zhijin looked around and found that her wet clothes were still hanging on the back of the chair. She hurried over and took them, ignoring the dampness, putting her clothes back on, and then pulled Tracy, and said, “Come, let’s go home now.”

“Miss, what are you doing?” Tracy didn’t understand why her Miss was trembling all over, even her lips were trembling unconsciously. She seemed to have been hit by something, why was she so excited?

When Qiao Qiao came back with the new clothes, the door was left open, but the guests inside had disappeared. Qiao Qiao walked around the house strangely, muttering to herself, “Strange, where are they?”

Now that the guests were gone, Qiao Qiao had to take the clothes back again. Then she ran over to tell Qi Huan about it.

Qi Huan also felt a little strange to hear that they had suddenly left, but Mo Ye didn’t bother at all. If it weren’t for Qi Huan, he wouldn’t invite the two of them in at all. To him, it was not a big deal that they left.

After Fang Zhijin left Qi Huan’s residence, she pulled Tracy away into a dash, ignoring the pouring rain in the sky. When she returned to the Fang Family’s mansion, she suddenly felt dizzy, and passed out.

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