Chapter 456 – Visitors

§ Within an hour after our lunch ended, I went to the dungeon. Okay, let me make it clear, the old dungeon of Narses Castle ceased operating as a prison centuries ago, that function having been moved to the Aldat Citadel in Upper Town. The only thing in the Castle even vaguely resembling a jail is a small holding cell ...

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Before anyone thinks it was a misspelling, 'Hekatoncheir' works out as the singular of 'Hekatoncheires' if you go back to the original Greek to derive it. Although it isn't actually attested, apparently. The word is normally only used in the plural. I may have invented the singular form on my own, although surely someone before me has done the same at some point.

My original plan, years ago when I first envisaged it, was a scene in which Benedetta appeared in this manner in the Tabad to deliver Tiana's armor, way back in volume six. Then I decided to restrict Benedetta from being able to go just anywhere, being confined to moving between pre-made magic circles, and so I had to move the scene of her appearing like this all the way to here.

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