Chapter 519 – Wilderness Guide

§ According to Senhion’s knowledge, the Sunset Mountains, that run along the far western edge of the Baris Continent, form the longest cordillera on the planet. That’s why they stand in popular knowledge as the ‘other great mountain range’. But they more resemble the Appalachians or the Urals, despite stretching thousands upon thousands of miles from north to south. They ...

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Had a fun time today. Power company lost my autopay information and couldn't debit me, so they cut my power off for non-payment. They claim they sent a notice in the mail, but neither my wife or I ever got one.

Well, at least it didn't take long to get the power back on. But I'm still wondering, they have my email to send me other notices. Why, in the 21st century, did they not also send a notice to my email?

I did a calculation of Lhan's height from last chapter into English units. 4 foot 11. 150 cm, in other words. It's actually slightly taller than I planned. So, I may go back and reduce it. I was shooting for 4'9" to 4'10".

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