Chapter 520 – Scouting Run

§ “Ugh,” I grumbled, and Sen chuckled inside my head. My thoughts were more hers than mine, though. After hearing all the details about what had been happening in the camp from Dilorè and the Servants, my mind was too cluttered with her ideas, stuff that had nothing to do with the life of a teenage slave girl. But during ...

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I'm thinking about revising my official conversion of English inch to Ostish inch slightly downward. I probably won't change any measurements in the text, but I'm thinking about reducing Tiana from an English 5'4" to 5'2". This would work to reduce Lhan slightly as well. I do describe Tiana as being on the short side, and 5'4" (164 cm) is more average size for a woman than 'on the short side'. (Actually, worldwide, 5'2" is just about exactly average female height, but it's on the short side in America).

By the way, Americans use 'English', not Imperial. Officially, we call it US Customary now, but it's English. We've never used Imperial. Doesn't matter for inches and feet, since the English changed the Imperial inch to equal the US inch after WWII, but it makes a huge difference in things like pints, quarts, gallons and tons. We don't use, and have never used, Imperial, which wasn't created until half a century after we declared independence from England.

Okay. End of rant.

In case anyone is beginning to wonder, Lhan will indeed stay POV for most of the next several chapters, but not forever.

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