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Chapter 590 – A Funeral

§ We stood together, Rod with his arm around my shoulders, while others, including Mireia, stood in a rank behind us. Mir wanted to be next to us to comfort us, but this was a public context where that would cause a scandal. But with her concubinage now official, nobody could object to her standing in the noble ranks, so ...

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A couple fun items mentioned here. The 'Fairy Flag' is a thing IRL, at least sort of. There is a castle in Scotland that has an ancient cloth scrap that's purported to be the remnant of one. My description is based upon one of several reconstructions of what it is supposed to look like.

And the 'Raven Flag' of Pendor is another bit of fun, based upon its long association with vampires. Ravens are one of the animals associated with the occult, after all. But another association is with Odin, and for that reason, some viking kings used a 'raven banner', modern reconstructions of which often crop up in modern nordic heraldry.

So this chapter is what it says on the tin, I guess. I can't clearly say why it's even included, except that somehow I felt it would be weird to just offhandedly throw in a one-liner saying 'we had a funeral' and then plow forward with other stuff.

I'll decide later, during the publication rewrite, whether to retain it.

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