Chapter 444 – Mireia’s Task

§ For the record, Amana did apologize for trying to ground me. It seems she’s been raising Inda’s daughter and son, an incredibly rare pair of fairy twins, and the words had come out by reflex. They’re in their thirties, but that’s still children by fairy standards.  When we parted for the evening, she promised to bring them to the ...

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We won't meet all twelve gods, but we may meet at least one more. I'm waffling on whether the last one is really needed, right now.

In the Greek Mythos, Rhea, Demeter and Persephone are Grandmother, mother and daughter, and all have a part in the complex fertility beliefs the ancient Greeks held. The Ostish official religion and folk religions may or may not resemble the Greek beliefs, but the part about Rhea being the child of Oranos and Gaia is straight up from Greece.

Obviously, this conversation will continue next chapter, but the last full week of June is next week, so the next chapter will be posted in ten days, on June 27th. So I'll just leave this cliff here and go take my break.

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