Chapter 21 – The Girl’s Remorse

“You can search for other people but, Meryl, if you don’t do it quickly, lunch break will be over.”


A familiar voice of a girl suddenly declared in my ears.


I faced the other person opposite me. It was my best friend who was flaxen haired and was wearing big eyeglasses. Yes, it’s Monica. “Today’s” Monica.


In a moment, the area became noisy. There are lots of voices talking and the sound of utensils. Ah, yes. We are having our lunch break now and this place is the academy’s cafeteria.

“I’m reminding you that the lunch break will be over soon.”

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Looking at the clock indicated at me, it shows that the time for our break will be over soon. Nevertheless, the daily special before me was almost untouched

    *    *

What am I doing?

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Returning to the classroom, the afternoon class started a few minutes earlier. In the end, I could hardly eat lunch. But my stomach did not get smaller at all. The teacher’s words from the lectern just flowed from my right ear to my left ear.

…….From that day after school, today is the fifth day. Five days have passed without eating lunch with Senpai.

If I choose between more or less, of course it is less. Is it “short” in terms of the number of days? Compared to my academic life so far, it is correct to say “it is only five days”.

But then, why am I still disturbed?

From then on, I haven’t encountered Senpai.

On the first day I kept waiting in the classroom, and I began searching the cafeteria the next day. However in the end, I haven’t seen Senpai even once. If we ever met, I’ll just say I was enjoying the sight of the surroundings.

It was as if it is making us realize that “we have some kind of connection”. I cannot meet him, who has a distant position, unless he comes to pick me up. A very thin connection.

……Why are you searching?

Those were the words that I have heard many times from Monica. My best friend encourages me everyday with “This is the right way to pass the time” and “It is better if you do not see each other anymore”. As she said, I felt delighted that I am no longer involved in troubles and there is no need to feel sad.

Senpai and I, an aristocrat and a commoner, have nothing to do with each other. The top student of the sixth year and an inferior elementary course student. There’s no point. There’s no reason. It is natural that we don’t meet.

And yet, I searched for him. Yes, I am aware I’m doing it for five days.

I want to see Senpai.

……Oh, the class is over.

Pulling me away from going around in circles in my mind, a sound of a bell signaling the end of classes rang. Though I mechanically said thank you, I didn’t listen in class. At this rate, I may fall behind.

When I raised my head, I met Monica’s gaze. The color of worry on those eyes behind the glasses gets darker day by day.

……I know, Monica. I am very stupid right now. A big fool.

But still, sorry. Senpai’s gentle smile is not likely to leave my head yet.

*    *    *

“Kralvane? He already went home.”

“I see. Thank you.”

A few minutes later, in the classroom of the sixth year floors away, I deeply lowered my head. Although not so much time have passed since the lesson is over, I haven’t seen Senpai again today. “Again today”.

While Monica opposed, I still searched for him and today was the third day after school. Even if I intrude in his classroom, I still can’t meet him.

……This means, he is avoiding me, right?

He certainly is a fast person. His stride was also completely different from mine as much as the length of the legs. But it’s strange to not to be able to see each other until now.

……I wonder if it’s like that.

“What am I doing? Even though it was I who said to stop.”

I look like a fool talking to my self. Chasing after him although it was I who requested… I can’t blame Eliza, can I?

“……I see. I’m a troublesome girl.”

At the same time I remembered the blonde woman, I was seething with self-hatred. Oh, yeah. Maybe we’re the same kind with that woman who had caused me trouble. In the 17th year of my life, I wasn’t pleased with the new discovery I made…….


I breathed a deep, deep sigh. Really, I wonder what I am doing both day and night.

I’m stupid.

The red sun that dyes the school building reminds me of him that day. The golden eyes narrowed gently, the silver hair flowing smoothly and the warm, big hand that supported me. I remembered it vividly to the point that it became painful. Even the fast beating of my heart at that moment.

I shouldn’t have talked about stupid things.

Then, we might have stayed together a little more. If it would have turned out like this, I don’t mind about “persuasion” or anything.

…Monica told me it was the right decision.

I’m glad I just received a light scratch. Instead, the day that I have to express my gratitude to Senpai, who was seriously avoiding me, has come. It made me smile cheerfully.

“But it is not fun at all…”

It’s because the “love” which had not even started has ended.

How long does it take to walk from the sixth grade classroom?

I made a mistake in taking a path home, and saying “Whatever”, I just wandered aimlessly…… While the fading twilight spread over the very large school building, I came out of the back yard before I knew it. Incidentally, this is in the opposite direction from the dormitory.

Once again I breathed out, and turning towards the right direction… I turned my legs towards the corridor connected to the entrance. If I’m too late, it may unnecessarily make Monica worry. I do not want to bother my best friend who is worried about me anymore.

Mm, I’ll go home now.

Turning my back against the setting sun that makes me more miserable, I broke into a run in big strides. It was as if I was forcing to have an uplifted mood of a story’s main character……

While I thought that the day was over, I stiffened when something suddenly jumped into my sight.

“…………What’s that?”

I said in a silly voice, as if the despondent feeling a while ago was a lie. I was slightly surprised myself… but it can’t be helped since that thing that appeared in front of me has more to it than meets the eye.

On the lower wall of the corridor, a person was standing as if leaning back. Wearing the same academy student’s uniform as me, probably a male silhouette…

A . . . paper . . . bag . . . was placed on his head.

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Author’s notes: A paper bag is in the head. It is nothing but a suspicious person……though. (laughs)
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