Chapter 37 – How to Answer Correctly

Gilbert-senpai and I were stunned at his sudden words.

He definitely said the word “using”. But I haven’t told anyone how Senpai and I met, except Monica. Also, Senpai made soundproof barrier whenever we are talking in the cafeteria, so it should not have been made public.

One is Gilbert Kralvane, who is famous for being one of the top students and for various things. The other person, Knox-senpai, is definitely also classified as good-looking even though he is just a third year student. To be sandwiched between these handsome men looks like a dreamy situation at a first glance. Though an ordinary person like me is not that worthy to be sandwiched in this open space in front of the restroom.

Of course, I am clear about which of them is at fault. However, the atmosphere is heavy and cold sweat is dripping down my back. Both of them are staring at each other, but Gilbert-senpai broke the silence before I could think of anything.

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“…What do you mean by ‘using’?”

Knox-senpai grimaced when he heard the question. He didn’t say anything but his accusing blue eyes seems to say, “You know what I’m talking about!”

“It’s exactly what I said. Isn’t that why you made her fall in love and stay with you?”

His voice was loud and obviously very annoyed. It is unexpected that someone with such gentle facial features could make that kind of reaction. Really, it’s a bit scary. Without thinking, I clung to Senpai to take refuge and for some reason, he became very angry. Along with the tense atmosphere, it made my skin numb.


When I sneaked a glance to see his expression, his cold, inhuman golden eyes pierced through Knox-senpai.

“……Who told you that?”

His voice felt different from the one he used earlier. Knox-senpai was surprised at that low voice for a moment and he glared again. I am undeserving, and this situation, which is not sweet at all even though I am interposed between these handsome men, is too good to be true and does not make me pleased at all……

They fiercely glared at each other, as if sparks were flying. I think I should stop them now but the situation is beyond help. But they are obviously talking about me……

“From the start, I thought it was strange. You will not approach her just because you like her.”

“Just spill everything very clearly. What are your grounds?”

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……Yeah, it’s impossible.

Peacefully, yet still with his firm tone, his lines felt like they contained more bloodlust than anger. Since it’s like this, it would be prudent to just wait and listen carefully. Even if his tone or his expression is tinged with anger, Senpai’s arm that was embracing me remained unchanged; it is warm and gentle. I want to know the reasons why he (Knox) thought he (Gil) didn’t like me . . .

“You have too much interactions with her. Both your year level and specializations are different, and the two of you haven’t chosen a *class activity together. More than anything, she is the complete opposite of the women you dated. You, who was not seen without a woman by your side, to suddenly date her . . . it is impossible for me not to doubt you.” (*TL: I assume it’s an elective, or an extracurricular activity.)

“I see. You’ve been watching me.”

Towards Knox-senpai who explained somewhat quickly, he reduced a little bit of his murderous aura and nodded as if in admiration.

It’s exactly as Knox-senpai said. We absolutely have no interaction except for that matter*. Anyhow, I don’t even know his complete name.

Then, does that mean he doesn’t know the matter about the “*constitution”? (Meryl)

So it seems. It looks like he only investigated the women I used to date in the past. (Gilbert)

When I whispered to him, Senpai also nodded in reply and returned his gaze in front of him. In this person’s case, he is conspicuous even without doing an investigation.

In any case, Knox-senpai does not seem to believe that we like each other. Well, his ex-girlfriends and I do not have something in common. But seeing him (Gil) in this state right now, does he (Knox) still think this is a lie or an act?

It must be because they are both men so he (Knox) can sense.

If so, I’m a little curious. He (Knox) doesn’t look like he’s doubting, but instead half-hoping, half-anxious. Correcting my posture, I listened to their conversation again.

“Your opinion is valid but you are wrong. I really like Meryl. The other women were only attracted to the name Kralvane. That’s all.”

“Telling me your current circumstances, there’s no way I’d believe you.”


When Knox-senpai dismissed it with a cold shoulder, it was Gilbert-senpai’s turn to become speechless. However, he only fell silent for a moment and shortly after, he gave me a soft smile and stroked my head. It was as if he was comforting me who felt uneasy for a moment.

“…When you said ‘using’, are you talking about this support magic?”

“Yes, that’s right. You knew about it, right? You are the one who is tricking her!”

Maybe due to his (Gilbert) reduced murderous aura, Knox-senpai rattled on in a resolute tone. I wanted to snap back with, “Cut it out!”, but seeing that his arguments are valid, it was difficult to object.

“Support magic, huh…?”

Senpai let out a small sigh that only I could hear.

“Unfortunately, that is also wrong. I only knew Meryl had such skills today. In the first place, I’m not an expert except for attack magic. I don’t know well how amazing it is.”

“But I still find your current situation strange.”

“Well, you do have a point.”

With a little chuckle, Senpai closed and opened his hands. Like that time when I used support magic on him. When I asked him if it hurt somewhere, he chuckled again and said “I’m all right”. He is gentle and warm. I wonder why this person (Knox) worrying about me is censuring him (Gil).

Somehow feeling sad or queasy, my stomach felt heavy.

“It looks like even Meryl herself does not realize it. But if you’re insisting that this is unpleasant, I will never use Meryl’s support magic again in the future.”


“I won’t persuade you to believe me. I’m not concerned whether you’ll believe me or not. But as you said earlier, the ‘reason’ why I approached Meryl at the start was not favorable.”

Knox-senpai’s eyebrows became even more furrowed, creating deep wrinkles between them. He looked very furious to me. However, (Gilbert) Senpai did not look angry anymore.

“I told Meryl the ‘reason’ at the start. Moreover, I also have a position.”


After hearing that, Knox-senpai turned his eyes towards me. His eyes were filled with violent rage and surprise. I felt frightened but I did not avert my eyes and held his gaze. While I smiled bitterly, Gilbert-senpai softly caressed my cheek.

“Right now, I like Meryl as a man. I don’t care about her family or her abilities. I just like her so much. There’s no way I’m ‘using’ her. I won’t allow anyone to do that, not even myself.”

He said it clearly.

The words conveyed by Senpai echoed in the quiet open space. There is sincerity in his golden eyes.

“Do you still have any complaints?”

Even though I am used to seeing him, Senpai, who broke into a grin, looked cool that I almost forgot to blink.

“………I lost. No, I already lost at the start.”

Knox-senpai’s anger eventually vanished and, with a bitter smile that suits his looks, he lowered his head. I was merely worried about her, he added.

“…Excuse me. Do I look like I am being deceived?”

“That’s not true. But if the other person is that Kralvane-senpai, I thought that you were definitely being deceived. It was anything but needless anxiety.”

He emphasized “that” in a very meaningful way but Senpai only scratched his head as he tilted it in confusion. Had Knox-senpai knew that this person is an airhead, he wouldn’t have strange suspicions.

“I’m really sorry for spouting false accusations, Kralvane-senpai.”

“I don’t mind it. It’s impossible for me to give up Meryl.”

“Haha… The profit of the winner, huh? It’s enviable, really.”

The two good-looking fellows who had a tense atmosphere a while ago peacefully laughed. Just by looking at them from the sidelines is a feast for my eyes.

…But still, it feels strange to say that I was the topic of their conversation.



Their dispute has ended, so I properly separated from Gilbert-senpai and faced Knox-senpai. The third year student with a gentle face who is the exact opposite of Senpai. He was also tall, so I lifted my head a little and met his gaze.

He gently smiled, but I detected a hint of sadness in it.

“I think I will still like you for quite some time. I’m really sorry. But I will not trouble you anymore.”


Was the intensity earlier just a dream? Or maybe it was forcibly made? Each word was said gently.

Although it was a fruitless effort, he picked a fight because he was worried about me. He was not a bad person. Had I not met Gilbert-senpai, there’s a possibility that I would have gone out with him.

But I took Gilbert-senpai’s hand. He also told me clearly that he likes me. Knox-senpai does not deserve cheap compassion. If I do that, the meaning of the discussion just before will be lost. Then I could only do one thing.

Knox senpai turned away from us with a bitter smile and a deeply lowered head. Towards him, to the best of my abilities, I conveyed “all my magical powers” to him.

A heart-filled “Lullaby”.


The dark blue eyes that looked back was filled with shock.

“It’s useless, Knox-senpai. Battle is only impossible in the restroom. This area is already a battlefield.”

I’m sure he is unable to see it but I gave him my best smile as I gazed at him. It’s just a little, but I hope he will have a good dream.

A moment before he collapsed, he chuckled a little and closed his eyes.

“…Meryl, don’t make me fall in love with you even more.”

“I don’t get what you mean, Senpai.”

Senpai, who watched attentively until the last, confirmed that he (Knox) had slumped on the ground and hugged me tightly. His embrace is warm and smells nice, and I snuggled closer.

Knox-senpai, thank you very much for your feelings. I am sorry that I can not reciprocate them. Your unrequited love ends here.

I am very happy now. May you also find your own happiness.

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