Chapter 36 – What I Did Not Know

“If you meet the man who fell for you, even if you didn’t do anything to feel guilty about, isn’t it awkward?”

I remember, it was said by a certain beautiful girl from somewhere. It was certainly not for me. I don’t have any good points that can call for attention! I didn’t think that a day will come when I will agree with those words.

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“Sorry. I guess, you don’t want to talk to me.”

“Ah, no, I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you, but . . .”

Knox-senpai, who is a year older, bowed his head with a wry smile on his gentle, well-featured face. His unusual light green hair swayed smoothly along with his movement.

First, I have to correct him . . . To be honest, this is too awkward. I have nothing to be guilty of, but this is certainly awkward. I didn’t do anything wrong so it is a bit odd.

This delicate atmosphere, plus this conversation between a man and a woman, must have been noticed by the sharp students. Some people are leaving little by little from the pillar where I have been waiting. Wait, don’t go! I’m thankful that you could read the atmosphere, but please don’t mind it right now!

“……Uhm . . .”

Ignoring the cry of my heart, the students left behind a gloomy atmosphere. Following them with his eyes, Knox-senpai’s bitter smile deepened. Repeatedly said “Sorry” in a gentle voice, it made me feel more awkward. Ah, Gilbert-senpai, when are you coming?

“For now, let’s talk. Is it okay to talk it over here?”

“Uhm . . . Just to be clear, this is not a confession or anything. I’d be happy if you will listen to me without being tensed.”

Of course. I’ll be troubled if I’m confessed to in such a place. In the first place, even if I can wander around, we are in the middle of a formal examination right now.

“Can you please do it briefly, if possible? I have an arrangement to meet someone.”

“I know. It will not take much of your time…”

Saying that, Knox-senpai’s eyebrows shot up again. He didn’t say that out of anger, but it rather looks like a serious topic…..

“…I had someone stall him.”


I felt my body temperature drop a notch at his unexpected words. Did Knox-senpai mention “him”? Even though I only said “I have an arrangement to meet someone”?

“The one you are waiting for is Kralvane-senpai, right?”


He continued to explain clearly. How did this person know that he and I were together? I did not notice because the visibility was not good, but perhaps he was at the practice field earlier. And what did he mean by “stall”? Was that word used in a positive way?


I can’t keep up with all the questions in my head. All I can understand is that he has a very serious expression, and what he wanted is not a lighthearted, romantic kind of conversation.

“Even if you don’t have a care for him, I don’t have the intention to hurt him. That person is not capable to do it.”

“Then why stall―…!!”

I was finally able to say it out loud, in a pretty low voice. As if impatient or in a hurry. Not wanting to keep my eyes off him, I glared at him fiercely, pressuring him to answer.

“I wanted to talk to you. I’ll ask you straight to the point.”

However, a powerful arm gripped my right hand firmly, but not to intimidate me. (TL: T^T)

“The one who used those support magic spells on him was you, am I right?”

“……Support magic spells?”

He asked in a stronger, clearer tone. Even so, his question is quite unexpected. Support magic? Is it possible that the magic he is referring to are those pitiful things? Why is this person asking about it?

“I-I certainly did it.”

I weakly replied. I wonder why this person asked with a serious expression, as if it would change anything. He continued to look at me straight in the eyes. I cannot avert my eyes.

“………Just as I thought.”

He eventually muttered his disappointment clearly and for some reason, I was able to detect anger. I can understand his disappointment, but why did he have to get angry? My right wrist was gripped and I was left confused. After a few seconds, there was a sound of a deep, deep sigh.

“Uhm, what is it? Even without those, Gilbert-senpai is a strong man, you know?”

“You’re seriously saying that?”

When I was unable to suppress my curiosity and asked, he replied in anger… No, it was an irritated tone, rather.

What should I reply to him? Apart from rejecting his confession, I did not give him any trouble. I haven’t even seen him ever since that after school. With his unreasonable behavior, I felt infuriated.

“I’m seriously telling you. He is z very strong and an amazing person. Even if I am not with him. Anyway, please release my hand.”


With a lot of effort, I balled my hands into a fist. However, he didn’t notice my unhappiness. Even though I said “Release me!” and intensified my glare, he looked at me with sympathetic eyes for some reason. I wonder what this guy is really telling me. Though honestly, I cannot read his mind at all.

“Anyway, release . . .”

“Foster, did you know that you can only use one support magic spell?”

“………What are you saying?”

Just say it straight to me!! He been saying support magic, support magic, so what about it? What is its significance in this practical exam? Why is he staring at me with a serious expression all this time?

I heard, only once can be used………


I have never heard of it. Support is my only field of specialty. I don’t earn points in my subjects, and in this exam, there is no need to place importance on such things.

However, why does it feel like I’ve never heard that “several can be used at the same time”?

“More cannot be used, Foster. Well, except you.”

With my mind in a haze, Knox-senpai’s clear voice resonated. No, no, there’s no such thing. Even Senpai took those four at the same time, didn’t he? Could it be because the effect was too thin and could be duplicated? Or maybe the support magic that everyone uses is more strong, more effective……

“I saw it for the first time on Kralvane-senpai earlier. Such a solidly reinforced support magic . . .”


Repeating it in self-derision, I said it in denial of the inconceivable.

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Is this person ridiculing others in retaliation? Even though I thought that, I didn’t detect any mischief in the deep blue eyes that was staring straight at me.

……Even so, my support magic has significance. But why is he telling me this seriously? We are not even fighting him . . . is he checking on us? Then, no, I will never tell him. More than anything, I do not know the meaning of his look.

Don’t tell me he still likes me……?

A “Why?” destroyed the atmosphere.


My right hand was released with a momentary pain and my face hit something before I could feel surprise.

Posun. It’s a bit solid and warm, and today I have been in contact with it for so long, so I don’t need to confirm who it is.


The name of the person I was waiting for was said in astonishment.

He wrapped his arms tightly around my shoulders to draw me nearer…… however, just enough as not to suffocate me.

“Aren’t you rejected already? Stop such unsightly behavior.”

He was obviously angry. I was told that he was stalled, but I wonder if he’s all right. Even if I wanted to check, the arm hugging me is pleasantly comfortable and I cannot escape.

…Perhaps I was afraid of Knox-senpai.

Listening to their conversation since I couldn’t watch, he said something beyond my expectations.

“……You are really using her.”

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