Chapter 35 – Between Fights

If I, who has less vocabulary, would describe Senpai right now, I might use cheesy words such as “invincible” or “strong”.

“Se-Senpai, let me down! I’m heavy!!”

The practice field, which was shrouded by dust, was turned into ruins. As usual, the explosive sounds and bellows/screams echoed from here and there, but I think that it is noticeably big “here”.

“It’s dangerous so hold on to me. We’ll jump.”

“Jump…… Wait―Aren’t we ‘flying?!”

His blue silver hair that was swaying in the wind shined as the sun reflected on it. Gilbert-senpai’s body jumped high above the ground as if he was riding a blowing storm of attacks. He was “jumping” but judging by the height, it is not a jump from a bird’s perspective.

…Besides, there’s also me, whom he kept on holding in his embrace.

“It’s okay. It’s not frightening.”

When I cowered because of the indescribable feeling of levitating, a soothing, gentle voice whispered in my ears. There was Senpai’s smiling face near me, with the blue sky behind him… Why is this man so majestic?

It felt like time slowed down. Slowly, slowly, the clouds started to turn behind Senpai……


“Whoa! Meryl, it’s dangerous to not to close your mouth.”

It seems he unintentionally spun in fascination. I clung to his neck after I was pulled towards an unexpected direction. Although he had jumped to more than twice his height, he decided to land calmly and restored his staff in the process.

“I-It’s impossible…!”

That line, which accurately described my thoughts, was muttered by someone who was confronted by Senpai. What in the world should be said to this mighty, unbeatable man?

As soon as we separated from Gardner-senpai, we were attacked again by another group of students. The group was composed mainly of a mix of boys and girls from the secondary course, but Senpai was not surprised in particular, and he quickly and neatly brushed aside their barrage of attacks.

I guess he was recognized as “the dangerous fellow” in this area. All the students who appeared from nowhere started to aim at us. As Senpai said, it is “a group that conspired to bring down the strong opponent”.

Aside from those who are good at attacking, those who are in-charge with defense also protected their logistics support, acting like a combat unit who are in the middle of coordination and confrontation. Their barrage of attacks were not shoddy, showing that they have abilities despite their composed appearance. Looking closely, there are a number of students who were rear guards.

Then that means, they did something when we were floating earlier?!

“Senpai is so amazing that somehow, I cannot keep up anymore…”

“What are you saying? If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have made it this far.”

While I was standing stock still, dumbfounded, I heard a gentle voice from overhead. On the contrary, all I did was cling to him and become a baggage. He can be grateful towards the enemy, but Senpai has no reason to praise me at all.

Ah, not good. The effect will wear off soon.

Suddenly, I sensed the magic disappearing in his body from his uniform that I am grasping.

…The other thing I did was casting feeble support magic. I put together magic techniques in the hopes of reducing his burden as much as possible but . . . in the end, it was only up to the level of a poor student. Perhaps it was only really a mere consolation to the point that it looks dubious.

“…Thank you, Meryl.”

However, Senpai smiles happily every single time. The kindness of this person hurt my heart this time.

“I wish I was able to help a little more, though.”

“It’s enough. Well, I’m already happy just by sticking close like this together for the whole day.”

Saying that, he pulled me closer, stroked my hair and coddled me to the fullest. Of course, I felt happy hearing that, but somehow . . . I still felt that I am pathetic. Since this person has been showing his great strength just a while ago, it’s excessive.

“Hey, don’t ignore us!! Don’t flirt during the exam!! Just because you are a senior, don’t think you will be tolerated!!”

“Damn it!! May all popular men become bald!!”

…I also felt apologetic every time our enemies become mad.

“If it’s you, Senpai, you’ll still look attractive even if you became bald.”

“…For your information, my father and grandfather are not bald.”

What’s more, I was able to make Senpai show me his most embarrassing facial expression, not through magic attack but through my words, so everyone, I am sorry.

*    *    *

After some time, we finally got out of the fifth practice field after we . . . mainly Gilbert-senpai, have defeated a number of students. Of course, there were people who ran away and not all of them were disqualified, but they are still a lot for a student to deal with. As expected, he must be tired, for he rolled his neck and rotated his shoulders.

I want to treat him kindly at times like this but . . .

I reached for his head… but I can’t reach it well even if I stand on tiptoe because of our height difference.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Meryl?”

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Senpai, who noticed my intention, crouched a little, so I gently stroked his head. It was what he always did to me. I liked it. I hope that even just a little of my appreciation would reach him.

“…Thanks for the hard work, Gil.”

“If this is my reward, I’ll always do my best as much as I can.”

Closing his eyes and entrusting his head to me, he had a slightly different look from the Senpai whom I can trust in the practice field. I can tell from his quiet sigh that he is tired after all. He really worked hard. To be able to survive safely, I couldn’t thank him enough.

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My finger smoothly slid down his blue silver hair without being entangled. Unlike my fine, soft hair, his is a beautiful hair with a core. (TL: T^T)

……Perhaps Senpai will not really become bald.

“Are you thinking of something rude?”

“No. I’m thinking that your hair is beautiful.”

“I like Meryl’s hair better.”

Even so, we left the practice field while holding a simple conversation.

The practical exam is still going on. We still haven’t decided were to go specifically, but now I wanted to let Senpai rest a little.

*    *    *

“So, was it here? Well, it is okay to go here during our leisure time.”

“……I-I’m sorry. I can’t think of anything else.”

We walked a bit after that and eventually, we went to a public washroom closest to the practice field. It is a restroom as well. (TL: T^T)

During this practical exam, surveillance magic is stretched almost all over the school but only the restroom is out of the range. Rather, it is troublesome to monitor it. However, magic is completely useless in this area, and it can also function as a place for a little break or for planning strategy.

“Well then Meryl, we will meet there in front of the pillars.”


After seeing Senpai enter the male restroom, I also went inside the female restroom. Well, to describe it, although the cubicles are vacant, students are gathered in front of the sink and the mirror. Not to retouch their makeup, but instead everyone is standing around with a serious face and talking about the traps.

As expected of the nation’s prestigious academy. I can anticipate that this is probably what others will say when they see the wide sink area. I do not need that much space to wash my hands.

Meanwhile after taking care of my business and exchanging information with the girls in front of the sink, I headed to our meeting place. And if there’s anything, I was told that there are students with bad personality who seem to be lurking in the school, so I must be careful. I became afraid again of this practical exam.

Well, Senpai . . . Looks like he’s not yet here.

There are plenty of students who are also meeting there in front of the pillar that was a little far from the restroom. I still haven’t seen Senpai. Unlike me, he is tall so I will notice him as soon as he comes.

I kept my back on the stone wall and idly looked around. Everyone has a serious expression and their light purple uniform were slightly dirty. Are they serious? Are they determined to fight?

I guess they have been in the field until recently. *Seeing that I am alone, I started to head into the male restroom. Yeah, but Senpai is there, though.

* Original text: [私が一人なのを何度も確かめながら、男子お手洗いに入って行く。]

Also, I saw those girls who were crying. I wonder if they were also injured, since there were reddish brown stains in their bodies. If I wasn’t partnered with Senpai, maybe I became like one of those girls, and such thoughts made my body tremble. It’s because I hardly did anything during the battles. Although our team was decided by the teacher-in-charge, I somehow felt guilty.

I hope I can help him more from now on…

The practice field a while ago is probably the best battlefield. Senpai must be satisfied already, I think. To be useful to him, what on earth should I do…


While I was worrying, I saw a person heading straight towards me.

It was a tall man…… but it was not Gilbert-senpai.

“You are . . .”

He has a dark blue eyes that was slightly sagging and light green hair that was up to the tip of his shoulder. Even though his face looks gentle, he approached me with his eyebrows raised and wearing a grim expression.


“It’s been a while, Foster. Can I speak with you for a moment?”

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