Gil’s roommate, Elliot’s POV . . . ?

“…Ah~ so I really did not make it in time, huh?”

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Gilbert raised his face when he heard a familiar voice. The one who pushed his way through the slumped sixth year students has a short light brown hair and kind reddish brown eyes, someone who he sees everyday.

“Elliot, you came?”

“Yeah, I heard that our boys chased after you. I came to help but I was a bit late.”

While correcting the posture of a classmate who totally fell to the sleeping technique, the sixth year roommate smiled bitterly. It seems that those who really needed support was “the other party”. At the words of betrayal of his friend, Gilbert frowned a little.

“…I don’t want you to become my enemy, though.”

“Me too. It’s impossible to win against you even with this number of people.”

He directed a sympathetic gaze towards the fifth year students who were slumped in the same way like the others. Perhaps they were not informed by the sixth year students and just followed them.

While being confused at Elliot’s explanation of the obvious, Gilbert, who has overpowered them, looked and had an indescribable complicated expression.

“It was probably because they have forgotten how strong the group of prodigies are. Even though half of the class have teamed up during our first practical exercise when we were in fourth year, nobody was able  to stop you even though you were alone.”

“How nostalgic. I was classified as strong that time.”

“No, you’re strong enough even now.”

Although they checked the pulses of the sleeping students, their current status can only be said to be as expected. Although they are dirty, they have no serious injuries, and the sleeping technique worked safely. It seems that the fifth grade students are stupefied.

Even if his roommate is completely surrounded by a number of people, he is capable of dealing with them calmly. This guy always struggles with his airheaded nature, but takes action when something is needed to be done. Although he is just his dormitory roommate, it can’t be helped but be proud of him.

Smiling wryly while having feelings of admiration, Elliot stood up after laying down his classmates, when he suddenly saw something unfamiliar.

There is someone in Gilbert’s arms…?


Well, it is a given that he didn’t noticed until now since that person was hugged tightly by a tall guy. Thin legs under that short skirt, obviously it is a female student . . .

“Uhm . . . you are Senpai’s acquaintance, right?”

Finally, she spoke as soon as her face showed from the gap of the arm. Dark blue hair and bright, big green eyes. An adorable girl who looked like a small animal, a characteristic that I heard from somewhere before.

“If I am not mistaken, you’re Meryl-san?”

“Ye-Yes. I’m Meryl Foster, a second year.”

A small girl lowers his head, revealing surprise and impatience… Since she is being hugged, she smacked her head on Gilbert’s chest. He rubbed her cheeks without unraveling his arms. Ah, let’s leave it like that.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I am Elliot Gardner, his dormitory roommate. Sorry for being troubled by Gil always……”

Trouble seems to be in a progressive form.

Meryl continued to squirm even while Elliot is doing his self-introduction. He heard her muffled scream, “Please release me!”, but Gilbert is still laughing happily.

…Are these two really doing well? Their combination is making him really uneasy.

“Gil, just release her.”

“Why? Isn’t this safer?”

“Meryl-san, you should dump this annoying man already.”


Gilbert, who reacted like silly at Elliot’s short horrible words, became pale. Unravelling his arms in a panic and releasing the girl in it, his expression is like that of a scolded baby.

“Amazing, Gardner-senpai!”

“Well, we’ve known each other for a long time. So whenever he becomes annoying, just tell him, ‘Let’s break up.’”

“……Meryl, am I annoying? You want to break up with me?!”

This time, the golden eyes were filled with fright. His appearance that is popular with women became different when he acted like this. This man who was against the students of advanced course a while ago is now about to cry in front of this small girl who is at least one head shorter than him.

…That’s typical of Gil, though.

Meryl also hurriedly said, “We will not break up!”, and eventually they got along well. Maybe this will be a part of their everyday life. Though it may be nothing other than a poison in the eye.


While looking at the amicable sight, he followed the signs of magical powers as a habit… The next moment, Elliot’s smile stiffened.

The small girl that fits in the arms of his roommate. The wavelength of the magical power that concerned him matched hers. He knew there was magic applied on Gilbert ever since he checked on him but . . .

That means… those, everything was this girl’s……?

“Oy, Elliot?”

He came back to his senses when his roommate called him. His shoulders unconsciously trembling, he saw the puzzled expression of the couple and the idle fifth year students.

…It seems he was completely lost in his thoughts.

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“A-Ah… Sorry. I was thinking for a moment.”

“Are you okay? You are not good with fighting, so why not join us?”

“It seems there’s no gap that I can enter. I will decline.”

Meryl’s shoulders were drawn firmly by Gilbert. It was not a figure of speech or anything, but there is really no gap between the two.

Elliot left with a bitter smile and said, “I will escape before I’m going to be hit.”

Wondering for some reason, the remaining students did not call him behind his back.

* * *

Gil found another person with an outstanding talent…

With the ruined practice field at his back, Elliot continued walking without looking at his direction. There are noises everywhere as usual, but it seems that those did not reach his ears right now.

Elliot Gardner is different from his roommate… In other words, he was his complete opposite, as he has an exceptional capability of analyzing the magical powers of the support. During battles, the responsibility of analyzing the opponent’s strengths and how they fight falls to the ones who are at the rearmost.

What he saw on Gilbert’s body was four support magic. Thanks to those, even his simple fighting strength was considerably raised. Well, even that group which included sixth year students will not be able to win by much. That was not a head-on fight, but an underhanded one.

She reduced the amount of magical powers used and strengthened the body’s defense. Was that a thin barrier?

While recalling the appearance of Gilbert earlier, he tried to figure out the magic he knew thus far.

And the other one was . . . maybe an air resistance or load reduction. Or maybe impact reduction? With just that, it will be easy to move.

He smiled bitterly as he thought of it. As an ordinary human being, he can say that it is a foul play.

That’s right, because . . .

“Magic techniques cannot be overlapped originally, yet she applied four at the same time.”

Saying it gave him a little bit of goose bumps.

The so-called support magic is originally something that “one cannot put on top of the other”. One at a time per person. Repeat when the effect expires, or apply another.

And yet, four magic was certainly having an effect on the Gilbert’s body. Moreover, it placed no burden on his body.

If I analyze it, she must have designated the parts.

Support magic is generally a technique that “targets the person”… in other words, the “whole body”. However, in their case, perhaps “designating the part of the body” for each magic was probably made.

Reduction of usage must be for the head . . . brain, I think. If the command system is organized, then instructions are easier to issue and the usage of magical powers is less than necessary. The body defense is probably around the abdomen. She must have emphasized protection of the internal organs, including the heart as the main point. And the load reduction is in the limbs. It will make it quite easy to move, and the impact reduction is . . . on the soles of the feet. With that, he will not be hurt whenever he runs or jumps.

Right now, he is almost like a living, iron wall. He has as much safety as wearing an armor yet his body is light when he moves. What is it then if it isn’t foul play?

“…It was my first time to see such a feat.”

Although support magic is not released that much, it is a kind of magic that is very troublesome to use. If the effect is too weak, it makes no sense, and if it is too strong, it will hurt the target. Perfect power adjustment is necessary.

“Designating the body parts” is a delicate operation, like inserting a knitting wool through the hole of a dwarf’s needle. Such thing was done when she was surrounded by her upperclassmen, so it is more than impressive. Even he himself, who is familiar with support magic, will find it impossible at first.

“…Protect her properly, Gil. It will be dangerous once other people realize her value.”

What stands out is attacks and defenses, but if the support is excellent, the war situation can be changed any time. If he becomes hostile, he will definitely be the first one to crush her.

Elliot left the battlefield while thinking about the two who did not have a sense of crisis.

…While still smiling, he massaged his stiff cheeks.

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