Chapter 39 – Inside the Box

The magic “Dimensional Barrier” is one of those things that were known not just by the magicians but by everyone. Unlike the “Barrier” which can only be unidirectional, it is always in a three-dimensional state, enclosing an object and the like. In other words, it can be a “box” or a “ball”, depending on what you see…

So this so-called [Box Dimensional Barrier] that was especially created is a special magic.

After inspecting around, I gazed again at Gilbert-senpai. After he identified the dimensional barrier, he stood in front of the door, not moving at all. With a frustrated expression, he clenched his fists tightly to the point that it made a sound.

“……What should we do? Looks like we got caught in a trap.”

“…Well, you’re right.”

Anyway, it can’t be helped even if I stay silent. When I spoke in a low voice, Senpai turned towards me and laughed a little. Then, as if reading my mind, he reached out his hands to me and said, “Yeah”.

“Looks like you don’t know what a [Box Dimensional Barrier] is. It can also be called as a [Keyed Boundary].”

“I never heard either of them.”

But, a “box” with a “key” . . . I can somehow grasp the situation. I think it is like a safe with a lock.

“It is a special magic that has needs ‘prerequisite/s’ for it to be cancelled.”

“Oh, I see.”

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My guess seems to be correct. Pointing to me as if saying, “You’ll see the difference if you look closely”, semi-translucent squares were packed tightly together like a pattern. If it’s just an ordinary thing, there should be no pattern. The barrier itself seems to be in a cube shape, and so it is called a “Box Dimensional Barrier”.

“So you know this magic, Senpai? The cancellation method…”

“Knowing it is troublesome.”

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I thought the solution is close when he gave a brief explanation, but Senpai’s perfectly shaped eyebrows creased into a frown again. Waiting for him to say whether or not the “prerequisite” is troublesome, his reply was surprising.

“We were not taught of the ‘prerequisites’.”


In the end, it was like “solving a test without being presented with a problem”. We came here in a hurry. Aren’t we almost in a checkmate from the beginning?

In order to give me a clear answer, Senpai continued to explain the current situation while stroking my head.

“If it was a normal barrier, it could be solved by brute force, but this magic is somehow similar to a [Summoning Technique] wherein the information about the caster is incorporated into the barrier. In addition to fulfilling the ‘prerequisites’, only the caster can nullify the magic.”


I muttered drily. In short, we have no choice but “wait for the caster himself to come here”. I tried to touch it but the semi-translucent thing which blocked our exit pushed my fingers back firmly. The neither soft nor hard strange power seems to eloquently speak, “Physical attacks won’t work, you know?”

“There is . . . nothing that can be done, am I right?”

“Yes. However, this is one of the forbidden magic. It won’t be long until the supervising teachers will notice.”

It seems that this barrier is “only” used during the upperclassmen’s proficiency tests and the like and the teachers must hand out documents first before using it. It’s because things like this could happen. Since the “prerequisites” are not displayed on the barrier itself, it must be used only when the teacher attends and watches it.

“Mostly, this technique is easily abused. In the first place, even sixth year students cannot learn the ‘details’ of this barrier technique. You can only learn this outside the school and you have to study it on your own in order to be able to use it. But if you are a major of Barrier Magic, then it will not be difficult for you.”

That means, the student who called us was . . . the culprit this time is in a year level that can choose their major. Maybe it was someone from the fourth year. So it really seems that the freshman girl who ran away just now was only used.

“When a teacher who is good in analysis comes, we can find the caster… Sorry, Meryl. If I were a bit stronger, I could forcefully destroy even this kind of barrier.”

“No, no! You’re already strong, Senpai! This can’t be undone even if you use brute force, you say?”

“There’s someone who can in our class.”

……The current sixth year class seems to be really a monster’s den. Even if I am with the actively working Senpai who was not a top student today, he was able to somehow easily guess.

In any case, it is confirmed that we are trapped here and cannot escape, and the academy is currently in a serious situation. I don’t think that the teacher who is our last ray of hope will come soon.

“There’s nothing we can do . . . but flirt with each other, ne~”

I said that to intentionally divert his attention and, after a moment of surprise, he immediately flashed me a charming smile and pulled my shoulder towards him.

“That’s a good idea.”


It is indeed true that we don’t have enough sense of danger, but it can’t be helped since there’s nothing else we can do! I’m really glad that Senpai accompanied me. I might have been crying at this time if I was alone. In the circle of his arms, his sturdy, warm body welcomed me. We got caught in an unexpected trap but even in such a situation, he said, “Don’t worry because I’m here,” and it made me calm…


Trying to ascertain the familiar scent of Senpai, I unconsciously wrinkled my nose. It was different from the usual scent of Senpai. Of course, it is not the scent of the sweat or sand but it is the air in this room that I sensed ever since we came in.

The stuffy atmosphere here is somehow unpleasant.

Because it is not necessary to oversee the books, there were no windows, and the small ventilation window near the ceiling is white with dust. Although every facility in the school is supposed to be properly maintained, perhaps this was overlooked because it is a special building.


I smiled at him in return. Of course I cannot reach it and in the first place, I cannot touch it if it is outside of the range of the barrier.

“I kinda don’t like the air in this room. Isn’t it musty?”

Drawing away from Senpai, I approached the wall. Ah, as expected, the whole window is outside the barrier. If we don’t get out of here, we can’t breathe……

“Hey, Meryl?”

Senpai called me, the concern in his voice intensifying.

Huh, what’s this? I tried to turn back but my body won’t move.

My vision . . . is blurring.


Crying out strongly, his voice echoed several times.

Strange, but my powers were leaking. My heartbeat is strangely noisy, and the thin dirty ceiling keeps on turning round and round.


Be careful.

The trap is not limited to the barrier.

The sound of my voice, which became a breath instead, was sucked into the stagnant air.

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