Chapter 19: Be Careful of the Black Cat!

Xiao Bei felt stifled. Instantly, the endless darkness in the surroundings conjugated into one with him as the centre and started squeezing, causing him to breathe agitatedly as if gasping for air.
Droplets of sweat started to form on his body, as he knew that he was also in danger. This was what was written in the diary.

“I heard a faint signal, like those sounds produced by the radio. It should be known that in this sort of desolate place, hearing those sounds was frightening. The faint sound constantly echoed in the cave and my heart was about to jump out from my chest. I tightly clenched onto my weapon and slowly searched for the source of the sound.

It was because I knew that a person’s mind is frail and is often unable to handle the word ‘sudden’. In order to eradicate the fear in the heart, one must find and know where that source of fear came from.

Pūtōng! From my back came the sound of an object falling onto the ground.

Guess what I saw?

God, it was actually a dried corpse! Of course, a dried corpse wasn’t scary. The scary part was that this dried corpse was someone from the group and I had spent half a month in this expedition together.

Yes, this person’s facial expression did not dissipate, as if it was frozen in the film. What kind of expression did he show? I think that for the rest of my life I would not be able to forget it.
Appalled, tensed, horrified, all these words came together as one. This caused people to feel that they were drowning within the endless whirlpool of fear.

Shortly afterward, several corpses were thrown into the cave and all of them were dried up.
The sound I had been hearing was growing increasingly louder and later it turned into another kind of sound. I walked out; wanting to see what was it.

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Okay, the story should end soon and I think I’m going to die. That sound wasn’t something produced in here! I felt something was behind my back so I immediately turned.
Those black masses that could hide the sky and cover the earth were like rolling waves that were rushing towards me. When the distance between that black masses and me shortened, I could clearly see that it was a swarm of bats!

The sound that I heard next, which gave off an irregular vibration, was caused by them flapping their wings. I almost fainted. Once they neared an organism, the sound they produced would turn into a particular signal which would affect a person’s brainwave. Both my legs were already unable to move.

I believed those dried corpses were their handiwork. Just when I was despairing and awaiting my death, the whole underground tomb suddenly trembled violently. I was also not clear about what was happening.

Plenty of rubble collapsed at my corner. My vision went black as I was instantly buried beneath. The suffocating feeling and the weight on my back caused me to lose consciousness completely.

When I woke up again, I noticed that those bats had already disappeared. I rested my body for a while and found that I could still move it. This was really a lucky break out of misfortune.
It was difficult to breathe. I slowly pushed aside the rubble around me with my hands. I was worried that if my actions were too large, I would then have to consume more oxygen, which would greatly affect the remaining oxygen supply in this enclosed area. The surrounding was eerily quiet. I suddenly wondered, wouldn’t it be great if there were someone to accompany me. However, this was not the reality. I did not know how long I had laid down in a prone position and the energy in my body was already on the verge of exhaustion, but I had finally managed to climb out from death.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps.

I, who was now kneeling down, crouched and I pulled out the dagger that was hanging on my waist. If something was not right, I could immediately respond. I believed that this is human’s survival instincts, to be able to unleash unlimited potential and might for a short period.
Sticking onto the wall was the torch we had previously left here. A shadow slowly enlarged at the opposite wall. It was coming closer!

Nevertheless, just when that person’s shadow was about to reach me, he suddenly stopped. He seemed to be looking for something.

Originally, I was waiting for the right timing because a qualified hunter must know how to be patient. However, due to some unknown reason, I could not bear to wait for even a minute. I instantly jumped out and accurately rested my dagger on that person’s throat.

Because my body was trembling, I make a cut on that person’s neck. Fresh blood oozed out. Lifting my head, I found that that person was the now dead leader’s people who previously had always been following by his side. I recognized him. He unexpectedly did not die.

I suppressed the surprise in my heart and asked for his purpose for coming down here. I think that he coming down here was definitely not a coincidence!

At first, he refused to admit until I stabbed the now red dagger into his palm before he was willing to reveal the truth. It turned out that the reason for them to come here was to find a coffin, no, to be more precise, a person who had already long been dead. On that corpse’s body, there was an earth-shaking secret. It was a pity that he was only following by the leader’s side to aid him. That person only knew that corpse was cursed and if that curse was slightly improved, it would cause a world-shaking change. Perhaps, the other members also knew of this and this was already the limit of what he knew. On seeing that he had already spilled out everything he knew, I changed the topic and asked if there were any more survivors outside.

From what he told me, outside there were still three survivors but two were wounded as they accidentally stumbled into one of the tomb’s secret chamber and were saved by the bell. Regarding him, he was lying among the corpse and was lucky to survive. He came here to dive underwater and obtain those cans previously thrown in there.

I looked at that person’s body which was stained with dirty blood for a moment and understood that that person currently did not lie. Hence, I released him. I told him to follow me to find that secret chamber. From my many years of experience, I believed that secret chamber might have some clue as to why the team had come to this tomb.

There were now no longer any trace of bats outside the cave. Perhaps they had dispersed to rest or buried under the rubble. There was also the possibility that they were sucking other people’s blood at some corner. The two of us quickly walked out of the altar and under that person’s lead, we found that secret chamber.

The door of this secret chamber was hidden. I gave two attempts to push the door and noticed that something was pressing against it from the inside. Hence, the two of us pushed the door together. When that person was pushing the door, I pulled out my dagger and cut that person’s throat without the slightest hesitation.

Scarlet blood splattered out, dyeing the nearby walls red. The shock that person was feeling was contained in his eyes and had yet to dissipate. I coldly looked at him as his pupils gradually enlarged. From his coat’s pocket, I perceived the jade that person had accidentally exposed partially. This jade was the one brought out secretly. I would not mistake it.”

Reading up to here, Xiao Bei already knew what fatty had seen outside. It must be those bats written in this diary. Xiao Bei turned his head and briefly looked at fatty who was still smoking before closing the diary.

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At the end of the diary, there were only a few short sentences before it ended. That team’s ultimate goal turned out to be immortality! This would undoubtedly shake the world as this piece of information seemed as if it was from a fantasy!

“In the end, I still returned to the cave. Regarding the remaining three survivors, two died and the last one snatched away the jade when I was heavily injured. He jumped into the depression and never surfaced, his life and death was unknown. It looked like everything followed the will of God and now everything had come to an end.”

However, this information in the diary did not cause Xiao Bei to bite his tongue. What shocked Xiao Bei were the words written on the back page of the diary. Due to exerting his strength too much, it had caused the little words to become bold and crooked. Those few words greatly shocked his eyes and astonished his heart.

That was——”The ancient jade has surfaced, be careful of the black cat!”

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