Volume 2, Extra Chapter: Claire Ridill’s Character Summaries!

Well, I should start by introducing myself I am Clare Ridill, who appeared in Volume 2. There are some spoilers ahead for Volume 2, so be careful if you haven’t read the volume yet.

By the way, the reason why I am giving summaries for all of the characters in Volume 2……I wonder if this will become a regular thing?

Now then, I will introduce the characters from Volume 2, but omit the descriptions of characters already introduced in Volume 1. Instead, I will tell you something about them you may not already know.

[Leon Grances]

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First up is the protagonist of the story and my brother. He’s still a child but has been living a very adult life for the past two years. It was also decided that his hair would be changed from blonde to brown.

By the way, there are many people with the opinion that otouto-kun has been manipulated by us recently and he is no longer the protagonist. That is just a misunderstanding.

After all, the title of the series is “My Sisters from Another World Have No Self-Restraint.” The point of the story is for him to be manipulated by us.

…..Well, that is my personal opinion.


Alice, this girl…….She really has no self-restraint. I am also one of the sisters that have no self-restraint, but I like to think I’m not as bad as her……

Of course, we’re not on bad terms. I just think I have a little more self-restraint than her.

She is an expert spirit magician, has the sensory sharing ability, and has heightened senses. She is completely overpowered. Alice is the main reason many battle scenes are never serious.

[Claire Ridill Grances]


I am currently in charge of handling the Grances territory in place of otouto-kun.

I am probably the one that spends the most time doing work…..Unfortunately, even though I’m trying my best, otouto-kun isn’t there to see it.

Rather, this means there is no time for me to mess around with him.

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[Sophia Sfir]


She fell into darkness in the last volume but was able to return to the light in Volume 2. However, she’s being educated by Alice…….I’m afraid she’ll go to some other form of darkness soon.

When I say she’ll go into some other kind of darkness I mean……Well, one of the chapters in the next volume is called “My sister-in-law Sophia has no self-restraint!” That’s about all I can say.


Otouto-kun’s mother. My (future) mother-in-law.

Has she been suppressing her desire to care for Leon so far? Or is she afraid he doesn’t need her to look after him?

She herself has said she’s only fulfilling the duties of a maid, but I’m not sure I believe her.


She is my personal maid but more of a mother to me. I’m grateful to her for raising me, but…..it’s because of her that my character can be so rough.


She’s one year older than otouto-kun.

She has dark eyes and black hair, similar to Michelle, but she is not a reincarnator.

By the way, originally she was supposed to be a minor heroine, but……for certain reasons, she was demoted to a lower position.

She was originally intended to just be a first year student, but it was later decided that she best fit with the second year students. This led to her being split between first year and second year.

—Some people have already noticed, but Tina and Lyanna are very similar characters. There was originally only one, but eventually, they were split into two separate characters and also demoted to lesser roles.


The girl with purple eyes and blue hair. She is two years older than Leon.

She is the daughter of the village chief of Rejykk and was sent to Muhle to become otouto-kun’s mistress.

By the way, to clarify, the reason the village chief’s daughter, Lyanna, was sold to us was that the chief thought otouto-kun wanted a young child as a mistress.

Rejykk had little food and no villager wanted to sell their children to reduce the demand for food. So, the village chief made the painful decision to sell his daughter in order to feed his people.


The village chief of Rejykk.

He honestly didn’t recognize his daughter…..

Aside from that…..

The author also has a rather dark history with one of her parents. Her mother would dress her in a kimono and cover her face in white powder.

That may be why Kyle did something so terrible….


The red haired knight commander. She is five years older than Leon.

After most of the knights died defending the Grances mansion in the first volume, Elsa became the new knight commander.

This young lady was chosen to be the new knight commander……per my instructions.


He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is three years older than Leon.

By the way, he has dirty blonde hair because Carlos had brown hair.

Carlos felt that his brown hair was unfitting for nobility. So, he married a woman with blonde hair, Elyse, in order for his children to have blonde hair.

As a result, Sophia was born with brilliant, blonde hair. It appears he wasn’t as lucky with Eric. Eric’s hair is blonde, but there is a clear brown hue to it.

At first, he planned on becoming a knight, but more recently he has been focused on improving the Sfir family name. He won’t appear in Volume 3 but expect to see him again in Volume 4.

By the way, he left Sophia in otouto-kun’s care not because he didn’t want her, but because he felt he couldn’t heal her mental scars.

Although they haven’t had much interaction yet, Sophia and Eric are close siblings.

[Crane Gramp]

He is 19 years older than otouto-kun.

A very capable Marquis. At least, more so than Patrick or Carlos.

He may not have come off that way in the negotiations with otouto-kun, but that’s mainly due to the strangely advanced technologies coming out of the Grances territory.

This may be the case, but he is without a doubt a genuine lolicon. Moreover, he’s not interested in small breasts. He’s a part of the group that is interested in lolis with big breasts.

Run away, Sophia! Run away now!

I was able to cancel our engagement because I was Leon’s older sister, but if he goes after Sophia I’m not sure we’d be able to stop him.


The butler of the Gramp family. Honestly, he doesn’t talk much.


I bet you’re thinking, “Who is this?” Well, he has yet to appear in any of the written works.

He is something like a bandit boss. He won’t appear in Volume 3, but if you keep his name in the back of your mind, you may pick up on something in later volumes.

[Patrick Rodwell]

He is the prodigal son of a viscount family. He is four years older than otouto-kun.

He has blonde hair and blue eyes; the typical appearance of nobility. His personality — needless to say, it’s terrible. Hitting a girl is the lowest thing you can do.

Basically, he is a dog with a loud bark but not much bite….He really only came to dislike Leon over a misunderstanding in the first place.

I wonder what has become of him……You’ll find out in the future.


Patrick’s personal knight.

Patrick is a nobleman so it’s obvious he’d have his own guard — but his personal knight was completely defeated by otouto-kun.


Patrick’s steward.

This person only appeared to explain Patrick’s black magic.


And that is the end of the character summaries.

I will now take some time to explain the world a bit.

First off, how the children age in this world.

Due to the relatively harsh environment, children mature faster. I can’t give any concrete figures, but some children would be regarded as adults around the age of twelve.

In other words, a twelve-year-old in this world is similar to a fifteen or sixteen-year-old in Japan.

However, this increased growth is only during the early years. Afterward, the growth slows down and a twenty-year-old in this world would appear younger than one from Japan.

By the way, the reason for this increased growth is because the children need to adapt to the harsh world they live in. Once a person reaches adulthood the growth slows down now that they are accustomed to the world.

Doesn’t the idea of a forever young Sophia make everyone happy?

Next are the types of magic.

Spirit magic, black magic, white magic, and inscription magic.

Generally, the magic of this world works by a magic user gathering the surrounding mana in the atmosphere and converting that into magical power.

The only exception to this is inscription magic. This magic can be used with only the trace amounts of magical power that exists in every human’s body.

Although the effect may be less powerful, even an ordinary person may be able to use inscription magic.

Next is black magic.

It is a type of magic that can cause various different effects by directly converting magical power. Compared to spirit magic, the versatility is low, but the power is incredible…..

It would be a mistake to compare this magic and Alice and otouto-kun’s magic.

Now for white magic.

This is purely a concept as of now and there are no users in the story yet. I’m not sure any users will appear in the future, but I imagine this type of magic would be very strong.

Finally, spirit magic.

The type of magic Alice and otouto-kun use. The user converts mana into magical power like normal. However, instead of directly converting this magical power into a spell, the user offers the magical power to a spirit and makes a request of them.

Directly converting the magical power into a spell is easier, but spirit magic is much more versatile.

By the way, with spirit magic, it is possible to extend the duration of the spell. This is something that black magic can’t do. However, because the spirits can be quite capricious, the time limit for most spells seems to only be a few seconds.

I think that’s everything.

Let’s meet again in the third volume!

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