Volume 3, Chapter 4-6: Liz’s Dream

Liz’s problem had been solved, but, as a result of that, I could no longer live a peaceful school life.

…well, if I had to say whether or not my life was peaceful, I’d say it was. A better word to describe it may be busy. Since returning from the capital, I’ve been focused on setting up a distribution line for the products leaving Muhle and trying to figure out how to create a highway system between the capital and here.

Actually, that’s also become more difficult. The Crown Prince told me, “While you’re at it, you might as well redo the highway system throughout the entire country.”

In the end, the story that spread through the kingdom was about the Crown Prince hiring the Earl of Grances to revolutionize the highway system in the country.

Normally, I’d be pretty annoyed if the prince was given all the credit for coming up with this idea, but…I think I’m okay with it.

This is mainly due to the fact that the prince has promised that the kingdom will cover all expenses needed to complete this project.

They’re providing a large number of funds to complete a project I wanted to do anyway. Besides, I’m pretty sure if a single earl were to try to complete this project, they’d go bankrupt.

In any case, the Grances family accepted the somewhat unreasonable request of Crown Prince Alberto and accepted Princess Liselotte into the family as an adopted daughter.

It seems that this new partnership has caused rumours about our two families to flow through the kingdom.

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To be honest, the Crown Prince seems like a very capable person, so I’d like to continue working with him. Because I still don’t know enough about this country, Claire has been responsible for discussing any future plans.

Anyway, the days flew by as we continued our work. Until six months had passed and it was now March.

The city of Muhle held a festival that was in celebration of the student’s graduation.

Up until last year, a party would just be held in the school for graduation. However, considering the number of students we now have and the fact that they’ve come from all over the kingdom, it was decided that it should be held in the city.

Well, the festival I attended in Rizelheim also had an impact on my decision. So, I asked for Liz’s input on the festival.

By the way, since there are no watches in this world, you just have to use your own judgement to determine the time. However, I have noticed that the days feel longer in this world. I’d say one hour in this world is equal to two hours on Earth.

Anyway, I was looking around at all of the street stalls as I walked through the city with Milli.

“It’s been a while since we’ve gone out together like this, Milli.”

“That’s because you’re always busy. Isn’t that right, Leon?”

“Yeah, I’d like to relax a little more. Wait, weren’t you just as busy teaching at the school?”

“That’s true. I spent most of my day at the school, but next year the number of teachers will increase and I can go back to being your caretaker.”

“Caretaker…? Didn’t I say I’d take care of you now?”

“I prefer it the other way round.”

“Well if that’s what you want I won’t complain.”

We continued walking around, checking out the occasional stall. After some time, someone suddenly called out my name.

“Oh, is that Leon-sama?”

Turning back to see who was talking, I saw Lyanna wearing all Alice brand clothing standing there. I looked around to see who she was with but there was nobody else there.

“Did you come here alone?”

“I came with Aisha but we got separated.”

….Aisha, huh. I’m sure she’s heard about what happened with Crown Prince Alberto and how my identity was revealed. She treated me like a child when we first met. I wonder how she’d react now.

“What about you, Leon-sama? Are you here alone?”

“No, I’m with….”

When I looked back to introduce Milli, she was nowhere to be found. Did she leave thinking I wanted to spend time alone with Lyanna?

We’re not even in that type of relationship.


“No, I just wanted to kill some time while I waited for the event to start in the square.”

“Oh, the one with Liz-sama. It seems like that’s become a hot topic in town.”

“That’s because Alice has been hard at work making this a big event.”

Because the majority of the population is illiterate, we couldn’t promote this festival using flyers or anything like that. However, at many shops in town, we’ve had people spreading the news about it by word of mouth.

It would be impossible for someone to have visited Muhle and not know about the festival.

As I was lost in thought, Lyanna’s face was suddenly close to me.


“Umm, Leon-sama? Y-You are alone, right?”

“Yeah, I’m free until that event starts.”

“If so, do you want…. Would you like to walk around with me?”

Lyanna began to blush and her voice faded away as she finished her question.

Lyanna is eighteen this year. When I first met her, she was a rough country girl. Now, she’s turned into a beautiful noblewoman that gets embarrassed asking someone to walk around with her.

I shouldn’t overthink the situation…. Lyanna has pushed herself to ask me this so I should give her a proper response. Besides, I think it would be fun to walk around and visit the stalls with her.

“Ah~ Lyanna Senpai, I finally found you.”

I could hear a familiar voice coming from behind us. I turned around to see Aisha happily running towards Lyanna.

“A-Aisha? — Where did you go? I looked everywhere for you.”

“What are you talking about? You suddenly took off running and left me alone. I had a hard time finding you.”

“T-T-That’s not what happened!”

Lyanna began panicking.

Did she see me and come chasing after me? That seems to be the case. Although I smiled unintentionally, I turned away, pretending not to notice, and tried to leave.

But Aisha spotted me.

“Oh, is that Leo-kun — no, Leon-sama?”

“I’m fine with you calling me Leo.”

“I can’t do that. You’re the one responsible for all of this.”

Aisha motioned to all of the buildings surrounding us.

“Anyway, why are you two together…. Oh, am I in the way?”

“ — It’s nothing like that! Isn’t that right, Leon-sama!?”


“See!? We just happened to bump into each other. We should be going now, Aisha. Leon-sama, we’ll be leaving.”

“Ah, right.”

I thought for a moment the three of us would continue walking around, but Lyanna pushed passed me and dragged Aisha away by her arm.

Then, for a while, I got to enjoy some time alone. I enjoyed the sites and watched as people walked around with their friends and families. I was getting ready to head to the town square when I heard someone else call out to me.

“Your festival seems to be quite the success.”

“That’s because everybody is doing their best to make it a success — wait, why are you here!?”

Crown Prince Alberto was standing before me.

What is he doing here!? We didn’t send a letter asking him to attend or even let him know the festival was happening.

“W-What are you doing here, Crown Prince Alberto?”

“I wanted to see the festival.”

— He somehow got information about the festival. Anyway, I don’t want to deal with him right now. I need to make my escape.

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“W-Well, since you travelled so far, I hope you can fully enjoy our festival. I’d like to recommend a nearby café; it’s loved by all of the locals. Now, if you may excuse me, I have some important matters to attend to.”

I turned to walk away as fast as possible.

“– wait.”

But I was stopped.

“W-What do you need?”

“Isn’t there a concert being held in the town square soon?”

How does he also know about that!? I screamed out in my mind but tried to keep a calm expression.

“I-I-I-I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“Liz’s concert. I’ve heard you’re going to use her spirit magic to carry her voice out to everyone in attendance.”

“O-Oh, that concert! I’m pretty sure that’s the day after tomorrow!”

“Even though the festival is today?”

…it’s no good. I don’t think I can avoid this.

“Oh, that’s true, isn’t it? So I’m sure you’ll be going to see it. There are special seats set aside for VIPs such as yourself. Just give them this card at the event and they’ll show you to your seat. I really need to be leaving now.”

I tried to hand him the card and make my escape, but Alberto grabbed my arm instead.

“Leon, you wouldn’t possibly consider skipping my cute little sister’s concert, would you?”

“…of course not.”

Like this, I was forced to attend the concert with Crown Prince Alberto.

We arrived at the large plaza in the centre of Muhle. A special stage had been built just for Liz’s event.

“Will Liz be singing on that stage? It’s awfully close to the crowd. Are you sure she’ll be safe?”

“We have guards positioned around the stage and Alice and Sophia will be accompanying Liz.”

“Sophia…that girl.”

Alberto looked insulted after just hearing Sophia’s name.

I’m sure he’s still traumatized by being so easily defeated by her. I think her ability is recovering, but her fighting ability has been developing even faster.

Well, that’s why it’s fitting for her to be a guard.

With those two with her, there’s no human on this planet that could harm Liz. If I don’t want to be executed that better be the case.

“Oh, it’s otouto-kun and… Crown Prince Alberto!?”

Claire, who I’m sure came to attend Liz’s concert, was surprised to see Alberto with me.

“Wait a minute. Otouto-kun, what is Alberto doing here?”

Claire brought her face close to mine and said this.

“I’d like to know the same thing.”

I whispered back to her.

“…don’t you understand how serious this is? He’ll kill you once he sees Liz!”

“I know that. I’ve been trying to get away from him since we first met.”

“Alright. Here’s what we’ll do: I’ll escape first and you can find a way to escape after.”


Claire turned to Alberto and said, “I have to ensure that the stage is completely safe but, please, enjoy the concert,” before making her escape.

She’s so sneaky!

I considered following after her, but before I could move, the crowd erupted in a grand applause.

Three people walked onto the stage — I’m too late.

All three of them were wearing beautifully designed dresses.

“Everyone! Thank you for coming to my concert! I hope you’re all having a great time at the festival!”

Liz waved out to the crowd. The dress she was wearing mirrored that of those worn by idols in Japan. It emphasized her already large chest and had a mini skirt that was shorter than the skirt of the school uniform. It exposed a lot of skin.

Her skirt is also inscribed with the same laser effect that the school uniforms have so there shouldn’t be any issue with the crowd seeing up her skirt. However, due to the inscription on my own uniform, I’m able to see underneath it.

…it’s a very bold outfit.

“And we’ll be accompanying her~! I’m Alice~”

“And I’m Sophia~!”

Alice and Sophia were wearing gothic-style dresses that somewhat resembled the school uniform. When they introduced themselves, they posed back-to-back and strummed on their respective lutes.

At the same time, throughout the square, you could hear the sound of the lute playing as if it was right next to you.

“Well then, everyone, let’s go –!”

Liz jumped in the air and began singing while being accompanied by the other two. The sound of her voice was being amplified perfectly by the spirit magic. The quality of it could even be compared to a concert held in modern day Japan.

However –


In response to his sister’s revealing appearance…Alberto was left speechless. Well, he’s trying to communicate by only saying, “Wha.”

“– Oi, Leon. What exactly is this?”

“As you can see, it’s Liz’s show.”

“What kind of show requires my cute little sister to wear such revealing clothes!?”

“Crown Prince Alberto, Liz has been looking forward to this concert for some time now. If you don’t keep your voice down you may ruin it for her.”


Alberto panicked and quickly covered his mouth. I took this opportunity in his moment of panic to escape.

Then, in my mind, I congratulated Liz for finally living out her dream. I escaped from Alberto into the crowd and cheered her on.

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