Volume 4, Chapter 30: Everyone’s Thoughts

It was now the night of the same day we had arrived at the Sfir mansion. I was relaxing in the room I had been given when there was a light rap on my door. Based on that knock, I doubt it’s anyone that came with me.

I got up out of the chair and walked to the door.

“Who’s there…. Seth?”

I was surprised to see him. I wasn’t expecting someone from the Grances family, but I thought it would be Eric.

“I wished to speak with you, Leon. Is that all right with you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

I stepped out of the doorway and invited him in. I told him to take a seat at the table in the room.

“Would you like something to drink?”

“No need to bother yourself. I don’t expect to be here for long.”

Even though he said this, I asked Milli in the next room over to prepare us some tea.

“I’m sorry to impose myself on you like this.”

“No, it’s no trouble…but what did you want to talk about?”

“It’s about what you’d expect. Elyse-sama.”

“Don’t tell me…. Has her condition got even worse?”

“Her condition is the same. This is about something else.”

“…what is it?”

I still wasn’t sure what he meant so I asked him to explain further.

“I’m going to be frank. Do you, Leon, really wish to cure Elyse-sama?”

“…why do you ask?”

I feigned ignorance, but…he must know about what happened with Elyse and Carlos. How would he know? It was kept secret from pretty much everyone but the people that were there.

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“Actually, when Elyse-sama first fell ill, I heard about it from her directly.”

“I see….”

Eric said that Elyse had been isolated ever since that day. When she became ill, Seth must’ve been looking after her every day.

If so, Seth knows about everything.

“Why are you asking me this?”

After a moment of silence, Seth said,

“Actually, I’ve spoken with Elyse-sama.”

“Spoken to her…about what?”

“I desperately tried to find a way to keep her alive, but…Elyse-sama told me that she doesn’t think she deserves to live.”

“So…she wants to die?”

“Honestly, she seems lost. She doesn’t know how else she can take responsibility for the terrible things she’s done.”

“So that’s why….”

Elyse killed a lot of people for her own selfish desires. Even though she tried to accomplish this goal in such a horrendous way, it still ended in failure. She lost any sense of purpose. She was then locked away in her room. I can understand why she’d seem lost.

“So you wish to change her mind?”

“After hearing about what she did to you, I wasn’t sure if this was the right decision anymore.”

“Ah, so that’s why you asked if I really wanted to heal her.”

“That’s right. Can you tell me your honest opinion?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. I really do want to cure her.”

“You’re…telling the truth? She killed people important to her. Don’t you want to see her suffer?”

“…I’m not saying I don’t hold a grudge against her. I may have those feelings, but Sophia wants to reconcile with her.”

Seth will probably tell Elyse what I’ve said here, so I thought it would be best to just be honest.

“So you’re forcing yourself to accept this for Sophia ojou-sama?”

“It’s not exactly like that. I just think seeing Sophia happy is more important to me than seeing Elyse suffer.”

“Don’t you wish to get revenge on her?”

“I can’t say I don’t feel that way, but…I know how painful it is to lose your family. I don’t want Sophia to feel that pain.”

“…the pain felt from losing a family member is a terrible thing.”

Seth muttered something to himself. That’s when I remembered what Eric told me.”

“Eric told me…. You lost your son.”

“Then you know that he served as a Sfir knight and was killed in a battle. I know exactly what you mean.”

“I’m sorry for making you think about him.”

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“It’s no problem. I was the one that came to talk to you. Thank you for speaking with me.”

“Will you be able to save Elyse?”

“Yes, I believe so. It will really come down to if Elyse wishes to live, and I think what you’ve said will give her the courage to do so.”

“Then this was worth it.”

“Thank you. I should get back to making the medicine.”

“Right. Do you best.”

“Leave it to me.”

Seth left after saying this.

Milli entered my room not long after.

“…did you need something?”

“Eh? No, you asked me to bring you tea….”

Milli was acting like a maid. That’s when I remembered I asked her for tea earlier.

“Ah, sorry, Seth has already left.”

“I see…. Then, I’ll return the tea.”

“– no need to waste it. I’ll take it.”

Alice poked her head out from behind Milli.

“Did you speak with Sophia?”

“Yeah, I figured you’d want to know what happened.”

“All right. Then, Milli, you can leave the tea.”

“Of course.”

Milli arranged the tea on the table. As she walked towards the door, she placed a hand on Alice’s shoulder and said, “Alice, take your time.”

Alice watched her as she left before taking a seat.

“Well, Sophia was pretty emotional at first, but I got her to calm down.”

“Good job, Alice.”

“Yeah, she actually calmed down to listen to me. Sophia-chan has grown up a lot.”

“…I know what you mean.”

“So how did it go with Elyse?”

“Pretty much as I expected. She was keeping Sophia away because she didn’t know about the medicine.”

“Ah…is that why? She didn’t think Sophia would be said anyway when she died?”

“Who knows….”

“Then, once the medicine is finished, she and Sophia can have a happy ending once they reconcile.”

“That should be the case….”

They still have a lot of problems so I doubt they’ll make up straight away.

But this isn’t like my previous life. There is a medicine that will cure Elyse. They’ll have plenty of time together —

— but the next morning.

“Leon, it’s terrible! The liver has been stolen!”

Eric burst into my room with this terrible news.

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