Volume 4, Extra: Claire Ridill’s Character Summaries!

Now then, I’m sure you’re all used to this by now considering it’s the fourth volume. Here I’ll introduce you all to the characters in the fourth volume and even tell you a little something extra about a few of them.

I’m sure you know by now but be careful reading any further as there are spoilers ahead.

I’ve done this a few times now so I think I might change it up a little and give you more of my personal thoughts on some of the characters.

[Leon Grances] Name in previous life: [Yuya Amemiya]

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Introducing first is, of course, my otouto-kun.

After deciding to date Alice last Volume, my turn should’ve been next — or so I thought. I really thought it was my time! But instead, it was Sophia-chan!

…oh well. Sophia was sad after finding out about Elyse and she’s cute but also a little dangerous. Even I want to protect her.

Besides, she’s also my cute little sister, so I’m happy that she’s with otouto-kun.

Still, he should also care for his real sister, right? I’m the only one being left out and I get lonely, you know? I think I’m starting to sulk a little.

[Alistair] Name in previous life: [Saya Amemiya]

Next up is, Alice. She has heterochromatic eyes which serve as proof that she is a High Elf.

She never shows self-restraint and has added more new technologies and methodologies to this world in this volume. She created a fabric that’s only invisible to certain people using inscription magic and also was able to use spirit magic in tandem with another person using her sensory sharing.

Her talent as a spirit mage is unrivalled. She can create many advanced technologies using her spirit magic, but if she works together with otouto-kun they could probably make things she previously considered impossible.

But it seems that otouto-kun is more fascinated by inventions like the invisible fabric.

[Claire Ridill Grances]

A small face framed by a lustrous, platinum blonde hair with large jade eyes. A large chested, beautiful onee-chan.

In other words — me.

I want my otouto-kun to spoil me, so I’m always trying my hardest…but I don’t want to tell him this in case he thinks I’m a helpless girl.

But I’d still like to give him a thigh pillow or use an ear pick on him.

By the way, I’m seventeen years old this year. It’s the age where a girl should be married and even have children. That’s why my number of suitors has increased as of late. I really need to get otouto-kun’s attention soon.

I wonder if he’d take notice if I acted a little more forceful — anyway.

[Sophia Sfir]

Sophia is…as cute as ever.

Even though she seems delicate she’s actually a competent fighter. She’s younger than me but her breasts are huge. Her mind and body are still pure but she knows a lot. She’s in a strange place between being naive and having the knowledge of an experienced woman.

This is partly otouto-kun’s fault.

I really wonder if she can handle the kind of knowledge Alice is providing her.

She also copied the knowledge the doctor possessed. This means that she can use her ability to copy the knowledge of an expert in any field. Of course, there are drawbacks. She can’t specifically target the knowledge she wants. She gets everything. But her ability is still ridiculous.

I wonder if any of you have thought about this….

If she can gain knowledge and skills from a doctor by using her ability, what must be happening everytime she uses her ability on Alice to relive her night experiences with otouto-kun?

I don’t think I can hint at it anymore without saying it directly, but expect to learn the answer to that question soon.


Mine and otouto-kun’s father.

Otouto-kun was finally able to learn that Father sincerely loved him. Even though I say he just found out, it was obvious to those watching from the outside.


I’m as envious as ever about how close otouto-kun and her are.

By the way, I’m envious of both otouto-kun and Milli. Though, recently she has been treating me like her own daughter.

I feel like the day I can call Milli ‘mother’ is getting close.


She’s essentially been my mother since I was born and is now working at Muhle Academy as a teacher.

She will be 32 this year.

In this world where you can marry from age twelve, 32 is quite old to still be unmarried. But that’s her choice. She may be in her thirties but she still looks young and is quite beautiful.

Assuming the right man presents himself, I’d expect her to get married soon, but…recently she’s been saying, “I won’t get married until you’ve achieved your happiness, Claire-sama.”

I wish she’d stop putting so much pressure on me. Well, she should be putting that pressure on otouto-kun.


Some of you may have forgotten but she’s actually Michelle’s sister.

She usually works as my assistant, but whenever I have to leave our territory she takes over my responsibilities. She’s good at her job.

It’s pretty well known that she has feelings for otouto-kun. She bakes cookies for him pretty often. I work with her every day but I’ve only tried her cookies on a couple of occasions.


A graduate of Muhle Academy. She’s been appearing less than Tina more recently.

She seems to be well liked amongst the students in school. I’ve even heard that a few students have confessed to her. But Lyanna is interested in otouto-kun, so she’s turned them all down.

She should appear more in the fifth volume.


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She’s the captain of the Grances Knights and primarily acts as otouto-kun’s personal bodyguard.

She seemed to be jinxed for a time. Every time she went out with otouto-kun they’d get attacked, but this time she didn’t raise any flags so they avoided any conflicts.


Sophia’s mother. She was married to Carlos who is responsible for killing our parents. She was an accomplice.

She’s kind of like a phoenix.

In the original plot of Volume 1, Carlos and Elyse were supposed to die, but this was ultimately changed and Regis took her place.

After that, there were many times where the author planned to kill off Elyse, but the plans were changed at the last minute until it was decided that Elyse would survive.

But Elyse was needed for quite a few reasons.

And if she didn’t survive, Sophia and she wouldn’t have been able to reconcile, but there was a different version of events where Elyse didn’t survive —

“Sophia, I’m sorry.”

Sophia clung to Elyse’s lifeless body, tears pouring down her face. I couldn’t bear to watch Sophia like this as these words left my mouth unconsciously.

“…it’s not your fault, Leon onii-chan. I know you did everything you could. It’s just…why didn’t I read her feelings? …Leon…what did…what did Mother think about me?”


I think that Elyse truly loved Sophia from the bottom of her heart. But that’s the problem. I think that. There’s nothing I can say or show Sophia that would let her know that’s the truth.

I didn’t believe Milli when she told me Father loved me and I know Sophia would feel the same, and her chance at knowing the truth is now gone. She’d just have to live with that doubt in her heart, constantly weighing on her mind.

I felt helpless and was only able to hug Sophia in a poor attempt to comfort her.

At a later date. Sophia began cleaning out her mother’s room when she stumbled upon a crown of decaying flowers. It was something she had made for her mother many years ago.

Sophia knew that Elyse loved her.

— There were many reasons for this change, but the author didn’t want otouto-kun failing again even if it meant Sophia would grow from the experience.

Anyway, Elyse should’ve died six times by now, but just like a phoenix, she continues to survive.


The current head of the Sfir family and Sophia’s older brother.

He was present a lot this volume but didn’t really do much. He gave a small speech when Alice and otouto-kun were going to use their spirit magic but he didn’t do much else.

There are plenty of other male aristocrats like the Marquis of Gramp, Marquis of Full-Flat, Trevor, and even Patrick. They’re all characters with strong and unique personalities.

Maybe because Eric is the only noble that isn’t evil or just plain creepy that makes him seem so plain.


A doctor that has been serving the Sfir family for generations.

In the story…he knew nothing about the truth of his son’s death nor did he know anything about Carlos and Elyse’s plot to attack the Grances family until Elyse revealed the truth to him.

This volume was focused on the relationship between Sophia and Elyse.

Seth’s attempted revenge was just a side story so it wasn’t really necessary to reveal much of his past.

[Crane Gramp]

He’s opening schools in order to train his favourite type of girl and increase the size of his harem. It’s basically what otouto-kun is doing…even if he doesn’t realize it himself.

Or maybe that’s just how I feel. I wonder if other people feel that way about him.

By the way, there seem to be a number of big-breasted lolis in the Marquis of Gramp’s territory. I wonder if he’s been purposefully gathering them there…. It’s a scary thought.


She was just introduced in this volume and didn’t have many lines, but she’s a young girl that’s, of course, a candidate to become otouto-kun’s sister.

She’s an introvert that really lacks the ability to be honest. She’s a bit of a strange girl too.

But I’ll say this, she should be more involved in Volume 5.


The steward of the Gramp family. He didn’t appear much in this volume, but…I wonder how he feels about the Marquis of Gramp.

He’s Crane’s steward so I wonder if he feels the same about big-breasted lolis as Crane or if he’s interested in lolis at all. Well, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. He’s only interested in mature women.

I feel like he’ll lead a difficult life for as long as he works for Crane.


The Marquis of Gramp’s sister-in-law. Yes, that’s right, his sister-in-law, not his daughter. It’s an important fact so I’m saying it twice. She’s only ten years old. The perfect embodiment of a big-breasted loli.


She looks really young but is, in fact, older than otouto-kun.

When the author was planning out this volume, a reader asked if there would be any lolibabas in the series. Sara isn’t exactly a lolibaba but she does look much younger than she actually is.


He was intended to mislead you into thinking he was a bad guy.

He’s actually a thoughtful guy, but he was actually quite a nuisance to otouto-kun. Sarah is his childhood friend. They’re the same age, but Daniel looks older and has a scary face while Sarah still looks quite young. It can’t be helped if people think he’s a no good lolicon.

Though he’s really not a bad person, I’m not sure calling him a good guy is quite right either.


An adventurer that’s a bit of a meddlesome onee-san.

Max is her childhood friend and they’re both from the dead village of Sachs.

Her father is Garrett, the ‘bandit’ encountered by Leon in the latter half of Volume 2. That’s right. This event was hinted at nearly 250,000 characters ago.


Melissa’s childhood friend.

It wasn’t mentioned in the volume but his father is one of the men working with Garrett when otouto-kun encountered him.


Remy and Rick’s older brother. I don’t believe his name was ever revealed. At first, all of them were meant to be orphans from the village that came together in their new lives, but…the author decided they’d all be blood-related.


She could make a quality sister, but…for now, she’s not a candidate.

This has nothing to do with her character, but…she probably won’t appear in Volume 5. This is due to there being no visit to the Marquis of Gramp’s territory in that volume. So we may not see her for a while.

By the way, Remy owes a debt to a corrupt merchant after being tricked by him. The Marquis of Gramp gave her and her family the restaurant as a sort of apology for what happened to their village. I wonder how much debt she still owes?


A reckless little boy.

Luckily for him, the noble he decided to attack was otouto-kun. If it were any other noble, he would’ve been punished accordingly. If it were someone like Patrick he may have even been put to death.

His parents died due to the famine affecting his village. He had been living in a small village in the woods up until recently. This is why he’s not afraid of standing up to the nobility.


A son of the Rodwell family that was disowned years ago by them.

I’ll never be able to forgive him for everything he’s done…. Just like Daniel, he was intended to throw the reader off. Seth was the actual criminal, but the author wanted to make the readers believe Patrick may be the mastermind.

[Liselotte von Rizelheim]

The royal princess who’s thirteenth in line to the throne. She’s becoming a fine sister. So her name may become Liselotte Grances. However, since she’ll still be the princess, I suppose she’d keep the Rizelheim name.

She’s basically a famous idol of this world, but really she’s just a normal, ditzy girl. Today, like most days, she’s using her magic to help transport frozen goods. She’s always working hard.

She should be in a few scenes next volume.


Another sister but she really didn’t have any lines this volume. She’s been building up her own brand throughout the kingdom in the hopes of increasing business to Wells’ Clothing Shop.


Akane has been building up her business in the kingdom.

Originally, her main business was transporting the goods Liz would freeze, but she’s been expanding in other avenues as well. Her business has become quite big in the city of Muhle.

Honestly, I don’t want one business to have a monopoly, but…she’s useful to use in many ways.

Recently, she’s been trying to come up with a way to transport frozen goods without using Liz.

[Marquis Owen Full-Flat]

A virile middle-aged man. He’s Crane Gramp’s rival. They’re always fighting over whether flat is justice or if big-breasted lolis are justice.

And…well, that’s pretty much it.

Well, I can say he came to the Marquis of Gramp’s territory to tour his school, and he seems to have developed a new fetish after witnessing Sophia’s gap moe. I wonder what kind of school he’ll create.


The Marquis of Full-Flat’s sister-in-law. Once again, this is an important fact. The Marquis is three times her age, but she’s not his girlfriend. She’s his sister-in-law.

After seeing Sophia for the first time, she said this to Owen, “I want to be more like Sophia-chan, Owen onii-chan! Please, teach me everything I need to know!”

All right. This concludes the character summaries.

Next time, there will be more kingdom building and I’ll get closer to otouto-kun. I will definitely get closer to otouto-kun!

It’s about time, right? It’s been a long time now. I’d like to say more, but I’ll just say this: look forward to Volume 5.

We’ll meet again in the next character summaries.

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