Chapter 127: She resembles her owner.

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“Ah, that was so close.”

I was glad that I saved Ouka at the very last moment. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a tough guy who looks like a last boss to resurrect. Karen’s prediction ended up hitting the mark. I kept gazing at Souki while I floated in the air before Ouka finally opened her eyes. I asked her if she were alright.

“Are you alright, Ouka?”
“Y-Yes! I’m fine.”

She answered with a clearly confused voice and nodded. It looks like she was unharmed. After confirming that fact, I turned to gaze at Souki again.

“So, that’s the evil apparition?”

A pitch dark skinned ogre with a large built. He was distinctly different from the small fries I was slaying outside the barrier. The aura of the last boss was overflowing from him. I casually gazed at Souki while having such thoughts in mind. Coincidentally, he kept gazing at me too and not revealing any sign of moving.

“Hu… man…”

With a dry voice, he uttered that word when he noticed that I was a human. He shouldn’t have any ego by this time, so it’s probably his instincts that didn’t forget his hatred towards humans. Souki remained to gaze at me with a serious look on his face until he suddenly changed his expression to that of wrath.

“… Die!!”

At that moment, he bent down his knees and leaped towards me with an amazing speed. He must have robust legs to able to jump that high with that giant built. I took my stance preparing to dodge his attack, but to my surprise, he wasn’t aiming at me and passed by flying without making any move.

Huh? Why did he pass by me?

I observed him flying high in the night sky while wondering what he was planning to do.

Just how high is he planning to reach?

When he reached a certain altitude, he pulled his arm back with his fist clenched and struck the air with all his might. It looked like he is punching the air in vain, however, a short while after, I heard a dull voice resulting from his strike. The spot he punched distorted in the shape of waves, and finally, I realized what he was doing. He had just punched the a translucent square obstacle that was surrounding this area.

“Was this the barrier?”
“No way!?”

That was the only conclusion I could come up with from the explanation I heard from Ouka before. Judging from her current astonished expression, I assume that my conclusion is correct. It’s the barrier that seals a part of his power; of course, he would want to destroy it before anything else. The barrier became visible after the first strike and Souki landed another punch at it with his left hand. This time, several cracks started appearing in the struck spot and eventually stretched and enlarged in the entire barrier.

“… Seriously?”

Souki didn’t stop there and landed another hit on the same spot while this time, clearly pouring all his strength in the punch. Aah, this is bad. I guessed the direness of the situation and teleported in front of Souki while still carrying Ouka in my arms.

“Stop it.”
“Oo, A!”

The instant I teleported in front of him, I kicked him away from the barrier. Souki wasn’t expecting me to appear out of the blue before him and let out a short howl as he fell down on the ground. That was dangerous. The barrier was about to break with that last punch. I landed down and let Ouka down on the ground.

“Thank you for saving me, Yato-sama.”
“You’re lucky that I made it in time.”

I told Ouka who was bowing down to me to not worry about it and turned back to look at Souki. I can’t see him inside all dust caused by the shock, but he’s probably alive. When the dust finally cleared away, I saw him standing and glaring at me. He looked as if he were about to explode from the intense rage and hatred. The expression he was making was indeed befitting for that of an ogre.

“Human… Human…”

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He’s been uttering that single word for a while now as his anger pilled up. He must really hate humans. Honestly, I don’t see a reason for him to hate me, but I guess I’m going to have to settle things with him at this rate. Alright then, let’s get done with all this. I quietly stepped forward while casually bearing Souki’s raging glare.

“Ouka, I’m sorry but, don’t try to get involved. It would be unpleasant if you get hurt by a stray bullet, after all.”

As I said those words, I teleported behind Souki. I heard Ouka’s screaming voice from the distance, but I didn’t give it a mind.

“Mr. Ogre, this way please.”

Hearing my provocative voice coming from behind him, Souki tried to look around, though it was already late. The moment he turned his face, I struck a direct kick at it.


As he received my kick, he was sent flying to the forest with his neck twisted in the opposite direction. The sound of trees breaking on his way resounded for a while before the area turned quiet again.

“HUMAN… UnFORgivABle…!”

His breathing became rough and he received a considerable damage. He probably remembered his past with that one kick since he came rushing towards me with a pile of sheer wrath.


His incredible speed didn’t match his giant built. Souki swung his heavy arm and aimed at me with all his power. I can awfully sense his extreme hatred for humans, but I’m not so gentle to let him punch me out of sympathy. I dodged his fist at the last possible instant and landed my blazing fist at his open abdomen.


Right when my fire fist landed on his abdomen, it created a blasting explosion resulting in sending him flying to the forest again. This time he flew farther than the first time and the sound of trees breaking lasted even longer.
Apparently, even if he is an evil apparition, he only has this much power. Everything started feeling too weak for me after my battle against Scala. I mean, there is no way to compare Souki’s strength with that of a【Goddess of Destruction】.

I waited for Souki to come back again. When I noticed that it took him a little too long to appear, a giant tree came flying at me from within the forest. How dangerous. I avoided the flying tree and while fixing my gaze at Souki who came back carrying another tree with both of his hands. It looked like he understood that fighting me fair and square wouldn’t be in his favor, so he moved to throw things at me now.

“HuMaN… dIE!”

What an idiot.

There’s no way he could hit me by throwing trees. Souki threw the tree he was carrying at me with all his energy. I dodged the shot readily without even using teleportation, but despite that, Souki still insisted on continuing his meaningless approach.

Around the time when I got fed up with his throws, he lifted another tree and threw it overhead at the sky. The three flew directly to the spot that was cracking. Luckily, I guessed his plan beforehand and kicked away the tree after teleporting near the fractured spot. This should do the job. Avoiding the pressing danger, I looked down at Souki, but realized that he wasn’t anywhere. Right when I started wondering where he went, a giant shadow appeared above my head.

“Yato-sama! Above you!!”

Ouka’s screaming voice reached my ears and I slowly raised my head to look up, but, it was already too late. Souki, who predicted that the tree would get stopped before reaching the barrier, leaped over there while my attention was attracted by the tree and already landed his final punch at the weak spot. The cracks in the barrier spread everywhere before it collapsed with a cracking sound. Aah, he did it. Now that the barrier collapsed, Souki can use his abilities in this place.

“HuMaN… dIE… UnFORgivABle.”

With those words as a trigger, an army of ogres appeared and surrounded me. Their types were variant, from those small and armed Ogres which I’ve already seen to some new types I had never seen.

Oh, they showed up in a crowd.

Nevertheless, did he forget that I obliterated a larger amount of ogres in a few seconds? Besides, even if I don’t do anything, they will all get annihilated anyway. I mean…


(ED: It’s hard to stop me from doing this at this late in the game. *Evil Laugh*)

Rouga is already here. Following her barking from the distance, all the ogres in the rear crumbled down. They all got their throat chewed off as blood was spouting out of their neck and eventually turned into light particle and vanished.

“Nice timing, Rouga.”



“You’re blood stained, Rouga.”
“I smell iron.”
“That’s because you’re biting off their neck.”
“… Chief.”
“Pat my head.”
“E-Erm. I’ll do once you take a bath”
“Comfort me now!”

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