Chapter 145: Nothing goes as planned in this world.

Chapter of the week: 4/4
Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker

Tenjouin’s abilities have considerably increased due to equipping his new sword.

“I got you!”

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He transformed his legs into light and swung his sword at me with the speed of light. I barely managed to dodge all of his attacks, but I couldn’t counterattack him because he was too fast. Every time I dodge his swings, he takes a long distance from me and prepares for the next move.

I’ve been only working on dodging his attacks for a while now. I already got used to his speed and became able to dodge him with less difficulty, however, his rapid moves were still too much for me to land a hit on him.

I could tell that he wasn’t moving with his greatest speed as he wasn’t really as fast as light. Perhaps it’s because he was still holding back. In any case, his current speed was equivalent to that of Scala.

“You’re pretty annoying.”

I complained in a low voice while thinking of a way to counter. I’ll have to find some good way or I will keep dodging forever. With that thought in mind, I waited for a good timing and created a wall of ground in front of him.


Tenjouin looked surprised to see a wall appearing before his eyes, but he didn’t stop moving. This is a commonly used tactic, but it’s the easiest one to execute. Let’s see if it can work against him. His legs didn’t stop moving in the direction of the wall and he eventually crashed into it with his rapid speed.

“It’s useless!”

With all his power, Tenjouin broke through the wall. The wall turned into tiny little pieces due to the crash. So it didn’t work. I clicked my tongue after realizing that the wall didn’t stop him, though I had already predicted that he would break through it. It’s just a single wall made of Earth. The moment Tenjouin crashed into the wall, I teleported to his side and aimed for his blind spot. If I lay a single hit on him, the game would be finished. Tenjouin ran his sight around trying to find me, but at that time I had already extended my hand to grab him.

“You’re slow.”

The instant I was going to grab him, all I could get was air. I was able to understand what happened only after hearing his voice. His arms have transformed into light as well. He could transform every part of his body into light, apparently. Evading my hand, he lifted his leg and tried to kick my head with all his might.


I promptly guarded his kick, and a dull sound resulted from his leg striking against my arms. The shock of the kick spread in my arms like an electric wave and a slight pain followed it. Tenjouin instantly took a long distance from me again then we started glaring at each other.

“That was painful just now.”
“I wasn’t expecting you to block that kick.”

Tenjouin replied to the remark I made with a surprised face as I rubbed my arm. It wasn’t strange for him to make that face, as his kick was really fast enough that it can’t be seen by the human eye. I only blocked it with pure instinct since I’m quite used to battles like this. I never thought that all those battles I went through in past could save me at this moment. Although, I still wish I never had them in the first place.

“Next time, it will be a direct hit.”

Tenjouin grabbed his sword with both hands and stepped forth. Very well, I didn’t want to do this, but he left me no other choice.


Right when he stepped forth, I ordered the sword in my mind to disappear. I’m sure that he can defeat the Demon Lord easily with that sword, but I come first here. If he received it from Metron, then it wouldn’t be a problem if I erased it. Besides, the Demon Lord shouldn’t be invincible as long the class has its skills. If the sword disappears, Tenjouin should no longer be able to transform into light. I waited for the sword to disappear after casting my【Erasure Magic】 on it ― but the sword didn’t show a sign of vanishing.


I could barely dodge his swing this time due to the intense shock and astonishment that assaulted me first when I realized that I can’t erase the sword. Because of that, I got scratched in my shoulder and some blood started running down from it.

Why didn’t it disappear?

A bitter expression reached my face as I placed my hand on the minor wound on my shoulder. The sword was most likely immune to magic.

Such a troublesome item.

Tenjouin continued on swinging his sword at me. He is getting too full of himself now that he made me bleed. I took back my defensive stance and dodged all of his hits while casting healing magic on my shoulder. If I can’t erase the sword, I just need to think of another way.


On the other side, Tenjouin wasn’t intending to let me think properly. He continued to attack nonstop while yelling.

“I do not know what you have done until now, but we have something more important to do!”

He started his boring speech without halting his swings.

“As long as you’re evil, we will defeat you here and go back to the place where our precious ones are waiting for us!”

He talked in an overexcited voice tone while on the other hand, I kept quiet.

This guy talks a lot.

That was the only thought I had in mind as I kept dodging his swings. Thanks to his long speech, I found a good counter plan.

“We will win against you!”

Simultaneously with that scream, he swiftly moved behind me and lifted his sword overhead. He was confident that he caught me off guard, he unwaveringly swung his sword down. He thought that it was his win, however, at that moment, I heard a familiar voice in my head.

“The skill【Prediction】has been acquired.”

An announcing voice resounded in my mind.


The swing he was confident that it would cut my back in two ended up missing its aim. Finally, I was waiting for this skill. While Tenjouin was astonished to have missed his aim, I teleported to his side and struck my fist against his face.


Tenjouin got slightly pushed back by my punch to the back. He couldn’t understand what happened to him for a moment, though he quickly took back his composure.

“I’m impressed that you have dodged that swing.”

Well, you’re impressed by something quite obvious.

If【Erasure Magic】doesn’t work, then I will just have to rely on【Super Growth】. I’ve been dodging his wings all this time but I didn’t learn the skill until late at this point though. It was the prediction skill which Tenjouin has in his stats. Its function is exactly what its names says. It makes the user predict the enemy’s moves. It could become more useful if I level it up, but for now, this is plenty.

Tenjouin’s moves are so simple. Although his speed and strength have increased due to equipping the sword, he still can’t control his skills, and thus, he still can’t move freely. He has been moving around me with his light speed to make up for it and to deceive me.

“Too bad. That sword of yours can’t hit me anymore.”
“We will see about it!!”

Despite telling him that, there was no way he would believe it. Tenjouin rushed at me with his sword raised over his head again.

It’s useless now…


I can read all your moves now.

While predicting that he was going to pass by my side, I only moved my hand to that direction in the exact timing when his face was going to be there. I can lay as many hits on him with even my eyes closed now. Tenjouin staggered for an instant after having his face punched, I used that opportunity to kick him.


Along with a painful groan, he flung in the air with his face looking upwards. I’m not planning on teasing him like this.

Let’s finish it quickly.

I teleported to the place where he was floating and covered my hand with a layer of flames.

“Let’s finish this battle, Mr. Protagonist.”

I released my flame fist directly towards him.

“Explosion F—”

The moment my final blow was going to reach him, I heard Miki’s voice and noticed countless magic shots coming for me.


I promptly teleported to avoid the flying shots causing the flames in my arm to disappear and giving Miki the chance to teleport Tenjouin to her place. I got perfectly hindered. I landed on the ground and looked at Tenjouin and Miki.

“Are you okay, Tenjouin-kun?”
“Miki, everyone…”

Tenjouin gazed at Miki and his surroundings who were calm all this time in a daze.

“Tenjouin. We are your friends.”
“Let’s go defeat him together.”

They didn’t talk that much, yet Tenjouin understood their intention and muttered to everyone in a low voice. Eventually, his mind changed and he revealed a smile.

“Everyone, please lend me some time.”
“Leave it to us!”

Replying to his request, all the class members in that place started shooting their magic at me.

What’s up with this development?

It’s the type of scenario where the protagonist is bound to win. I thought to myself while blocking the magic attack with a barrier. I wonder what is about to come.

“Rock wall!”

Someone screamed those words and created a giant wall of Earth before me in which all of them shot their magic attacks. The wall gradually cracked due to their attacks and eventually collapsed in my direction.

I see. So they’re trying to bury me under the collapsing wall, huh.

I wonder how this is supposed to stop me. I blocked the entire wall with the same barrier I was using before this time around, a dazzling light blocked my vision.

“Everyone, thank you. I’m okay now!”

The cause of the light was a giant pillar coming from Tenjouin’s sword. A pillar of strong, dazzling light, piercing the sky. Well, to be honest, it only pierced the top of the barrier, but it was enough to make me raise my head.

“Kamiya, this is the end. This final blow, will decide the outcome of this battle.”

Following his words, Tenjouin swung down the giant pillar of light in my direction with an amazing speed.

“Day Break!”

The giant pillar of light piercing the sky fell down on me. The ground started trembling due to the vibrating noise resulting from it.

This is too powerful.

I kept gazing at the pillar falling in my direction without faltering.

“This is not the end and I’m not planning to lose anyway.”

I muttered in a low voice. If he couldn’t defeat me alone, then he will surely do so with the help of his friends.

What a template pattern.

“If this were some cliched fantasy story, then you will probably win. But the reality isn’t like that ―― Full Reflection.”

The next moment, a giant magic circle appeared above my head. It then grew larger to cover my surroundings and halted in its place. When the pillar of light reached it finally, the magic circle exhibited its true function. The instant the light touched it, the circle blocked it. Actually no, it absorbed the light..

“W-What is that!?”
“I’m returning it to you.”

A similar magic circle appeared in front of me this time. Everyone was astonished to see Tenjouin’s final blow getting absorbed away. It was too late for them all. An instant later, the magic circle in front me released the light that got absorbed by the circle above my head towards Tenjouin and his classmates.

“This is not good…!?”
“Leave it to us!”

While Tenjouin was still watching the magic circle with a dumbfounded face, the others went to his side to block the blow. Well, the result wouldn’t change even if they do that.

“You guys don’t stand a chance to win against me in this battle.”

I lifted my leg and struck it back on the ground. As a result, black magic circles appeared under everyone except Tenjouin’s feet and bound them with black chains.

“What are these chains?!”
“I-I can’t move!!”

All of them got restrained by the chains twining around their bodies. Though some of them were restrained while taking a stance to shoot their magic, they couldn’t release it anymore. The chains don’t only block their moves but also their magic. With his classmates literally unable to even move their limbs, all that was left for Tenjouin to do is receive his light pillar with his own flesh.

Let’s hope he’d still be alive after this.

The instant when the light was going to reach him, I saw him revealing a sorrowful expression.

“W-Why, did I ――”

Before he could finish his words with a cracking voice, Tenjouin and his classmates got swallowed by the pillar of light. They didn’t scream or yell. All that reached my ears was the sound of the shock and the wind. The light eventually disappeared after fulfilling its duty. What was left there was the slightly burned ground and Tenjouin’s classmates lying there unconscious.

This should do the trick.

I closed my eyes, and let out a heavy sigh. The battle was done. That was what I thought before I suddenly heard a weak voice.


I promptly turned to its direction to see Tenjouin barely standing while using his sword as a support.

“I’m impressed that you can still stand.”
“Not yet… We are still… Not done yet…”

He tried lifting his sword as he usually does, though his body didn’t move like he wanted.

You’re still intending to continue?

Everyone else have already fallen senseless. Tenjouin was the only one who could miraculously stand up thanks to his sword. His voice was so weak that it barely reached me.

“I am a hero. A hero… Doesn’t give up!”

Bracing himself once again, he rushed at me with his sword. His breathing was disordered and his body was full of wounds. All that I could do from watching him standing despite all that was letting out another sigh.

“We don’t play heroes here. Do it somewhere else.”
“Got you!”

He was just making it hard for me to react by acting that way. I approached him swiftly and forcibly made him sit down on the ground.

“I’m really tired from this fight, honestly. Just admit your loss already. No?”

I tried asking him with an annoyed attitude, but I just ended up making him angry.

“Don’t fool around! We are still not done! And if I lose, the others will…”

He probably meant his other classmates who went to take hostages. No need to worry about that.

“Don’t worry about that. I already ――”

The moment I was about to tell him about my plan…

Only allowed on

―― Can you hear me, Kamiya!

I heard a voice coming from somewhere else. I halted my words and turned to look for its source when suddenly, a large image reflection showed up in front of me and Tenjouin.

“This is Miyada’s skill!”

Tenjouin guessed the person behind that reflection and got further astonished when he saw what reflected on it.

“Doumoto-kun! Everyone!”

The reflection was showing the face of the guy who was with Tenjouin in the last battle and Saya and Karen tied down. Tenjouin revealed a face of despair uttering something about not making it on time while on the other hand, I was confused in another meaning.

“We have taken care of these girls. Don’t move from your place.”

The guy yelled at me in a violent voice tone, though it didn’t reach me that at that time.

…… Eh? Why did they get caught?

The only question that overtook my mind was that.



“What’s wrong, old man?”
“I was thinking of how I don’t show up recently…”
“Yeah, you didn’t get a turn since Scala’s arc.”
“You know of a way that can get me more screen time?”
“The only way is to pray of showing up.”
“C’mon Yato. Can’t you do something about it? Don’t give me that ‘no’ again.”
“Stop being ridiculous. It’s impossible for me. I never fell into a similar situation so I wouldn’t understand you anyway.”
“How come?”
“Well, I’m the protagonist!”
“Okay! I understand now. You’re picking a fight with me.”

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