Chapter 30: A fight between monsters is pretty cruel

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“Alright, let’s start your training, Rouga. How do you want to get stronger?”

“I don’t know~”


Don’t know, huh. Well, I expected her to say something like that.

There are no monsters in this world.

Experience points are indispensable when raising one’s level, and defeating creatures was necessary to obtain those experience points.

Although defeating monsters was not the only means to increase levels, it was still the typical way that anyone would rely on.

As I said, leveling up required defeating something; in other words, killing it and obtaining experience, though the acquired amount is limited for someone who has a low level.

Either way, there’s no way I’d make Rouga murder just to increase in level so I started pondering about another way.

Everything would be resolved if there were monsters here though…


“Chief, you’re not going to call monsters~?”

“That’s absurd. There’s no way I’d be able to… not summon monsters…”


I hit on a good idea that spawned from hearing Rouga’s question.

Exactly as she said, I could just call some monsters.

Making my decision, I immediately started creating the appropriate skill.


“Skill 【Summon magic】has been acquired.”


That’s the one. I can summon monsters from another world using this skill.


“Alright, I’m summoning one now.”

“Right, got it chief~”

“Come, normal slime!”


As I chanted the spell, a small magic circle appeared in front of me and a blue slime popped out of it.

Right after leaving the circle, the normal slime started jumping up and down. I wonder if this jumping habit was one of their traits.

While I remained vaguely gazing at the tiny slime, Rouga came out before me and barked at it. Looked like she was full of motivation.


“Now, get him Rouga!”



Obeying my order, Rouga rushed directly at the slime.

The slime was blown off the ground from Rouga’s thrust, then its body melted and turned into light particles before it vanished.

Too weak. Didn’t think she could finish it in one blow.

Being astonished by the normal slime’s frail body, Rouga came rushing in my direction.


“Chief! I did it~”


Seeing the cheerful expression in Rouga’s face, I couldn’t help but pat her head.

She seemed so happy that she had won against the blue slime. Rouga waved her tail with a satisfied attitude.


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“Well done Rouga. But it’s not the time to feel relieved yet. A slime is probably the weakest among monsters.”



That’s good. I stopped caressing Rouga and moved to start summoning the next monster.


“Come, Goblin!”


This a green creature the size of a child and holding a rod appeared out of the magic circle.




The goblin let out menacing sounds when it noticed the both of us.


“Rouga, the enemy this time isn’t as weak as the last one. Be careful.”

“Got it!”

“Alright, get him!”

“Wan wan!”


Following my command, Rouga aggressively leaped at the goblin.

There was not a big difference in their levels, I wondered how things would turn out.

Watching over Rouga, I saw the goblin unleash his rod attack, aiming at her.

Rouga dodged the attack by moving sideways.




With no further delay, Rouga swiftly jumped at the goblin.

Right when the goblin fell to the ground due to her ram, Rouga hopped on it and bit off a part of its throat.




An immense amount of blood started flowing out from the goblin’s neck, but as if she didn’t mind it, Rouga continued biting.

The goblin kept on struggling violently for a while, though it eventually ran out of strength and didn’t budge anymore.

Soon enough, it turned into light particles and disappeared.

Apparently glad about her victory, Rouga began howling like a wolf.

However, regardless of that… I already knew about it, but a fight between monsters was pretty cruel.

It was the first time I saw a goblin getting his throat torn off.

And for some reason, even though the goblin turned into light particles, Rouga’s face was still dyed with blood. Quite the unsightly view.


“Chief~ I did it~!”


Finishing her howl, Rouga came running in my direction, her face dripping with blood.

Uwaa, gross.

She stopped near me and gave those eyes as if she was asking me to pat her head. Honestly, I don’t want touch her now.


“W-Well done, Rouga!”

“I did my best so pat me.”


Noticing that I was apprehensive to touch her, she had put it in words.

Um, you see, I kinda don’t want to…


“What’s wrong?”

“Ah, how about we do something about that blood first…”


Running out of patience, Rouga resorted to a forceful method this time around.


“C’mon! Pat me~!”

“Wa! Don’t jump at me, idiot!”


I barely avoided Rouga, who jumped at me with her blood-stained face.


“Why do you dodge me?”

“Like I said, do something about the blood… Wait, don’t come here.”

“No, pat me-!”


Not lending an ear to what I was trying to convey, Rouga rushed toward me with terrific speed. Attempting to run away, I dashed in the opposite direction. Why did things turn out with Rouga chasing me like this?!


After that, I washed Rouga’s face using water magic and heartily stroked her head.

We continued our training until she got even stronger.





Pokemon with Rouga


“Come to think of it, I think I sounded like a Pokemon trainer when I ordered you earlier.”


“It’s a game here on earth. Since I mentioned it anyway, let’s play it.”

“Play what?”

“Pokemon battle.”


“Rouga, Attack!”

Only allowed on


“Rouga! Bite attack!”


“Rouga! Gyro ball!”


“…I said that in the heat of the moment, but you can really do it?!”


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