Chapter 33: Those who don’t have friends get extremely happy just to go out with someone.

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The day after our date, I was indifferently listening to our homeroom teacher’s speech.


“Everyone here must already be aware that tests are approaching. You should stop playing around all the time and study diligently for your exams.”


Tests, huh? Some students changed their expressions after hearing that word, but for me at least, it was a rather pleasant opportunity. After all, I could sleep as much as I wanted since I had already learned this year’s lessons using my wisdom skill.


“Well then, homeroom will end now. Class representatives, as usual please.”

“Stand, Bow!”


Homeroom ended under the class rep’s order and everyone scattered around to prepare for the first class.


“Tests, huh…”


Kamaishi who was sitting in front of me uttered those words with a dejected face.


“Kamaishi-san, are you perhaps bad at studying?”

“Not exactly, but this time I’m not very confident.”


Kamaishi’s grades were slightly above average so they weren’t bad at all. Of course, mine are near the top.


“Kamiya-kun, you look unconcerned, as I thought.”

“You think?”

“Yes, didn’t you get perfect scores in most of the subjects in the small tests?”


That’s because I learned this year’s entire program. Small tests are piece of cake.


“That’s because I studied pretty hard.”

“I see… hey, Kamiya-kun.”


When I lied about studying hard, Kamaishi suddenly replied although she also seemed hesitant to say something.


“If it’s fine by you, can you help me study… maybe?”


“I know, you don’t wan— it’s fine?”


Kamaishi was surprised when I accepted her suggestion instantly and she brought her face close to me.

Too close.


“Y-Yeah, I’m okay with it.”

“I’m glad. I was worried that you would refuse.”


Kamaishi said as her expression changed to relieved.

I didn’t have a reason to refuse anyway. And to top it off, it was the request of my only friend in the school. There’s no way I’d say no.


“Okay, where should we do it then? My mom told me she will come back early from work today so we can’t go to my place.”

“I don’t mind if she’s there.”

“Well, she will probably tease me again if I brought you home, so…”


Recalling the incident from last time, Kamaishi replied while faintly blushing.

I came to remember what happened too. It was indeed troublesome to have your parents misunderstand your actions.


“But there will be other students in the school library and there’s no library in this vicinity…”


Seeing the troubled Kamaishi stressing to find an adequate place, I tried proposing the my idea.


“How about we go to my place?”

“Eh? Your place, Kamiya-kun?”

“Yeah, my mom will probably be late at work so I guess it should be fine.”


The only person who will there was my sister, Karen, but that shouldn’t be a problem.


“Umm, okay then, let’s do it at your place.”



When I confirmed the decision, I heard Kamaishi muttering something about my house while seeming to be pleased. It should be a considerable event for Kamaishi, who doesn’t have many friends, to visit the home of someone else. I was glad she was happy.


“Well then, let’s go together after school.”

“Sure! I will do my best to study.”


With that reply, Kamaishi turned around to prepare for the first class.

Her smile and humming made it clear that something big happened to her.

A while later, I heard her saying something about changing her clothes before and couldn’t help but let an awkward smile.

If she was that excited to go to a friend’s house, I needed to make sure she got to have a good time.





The criticism of your surroundings.


When Yato and Kamaishi were talking about tests, their neighbors were talking about them.


“Those two are flirting again.”

“They’re flirting each time I look in their direction.”

“I saw them leaving school together the other day.”

“I even heard that Kamaishi invited him to her place.”

“They’re definitely going out.”

“No, it doesn’t seem to be the case.”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s someone who saw Yato going out with another girl.”

Only allowed on

“Seriously, he’s two-timing?”

“Well, he’s not going with her yet, so I guess it doesn’t count as two-timing.”

“So that’s how it is.”

“I hope things go well for Kamaishi-san.”

“Me too…”


The class was watching over them with warm eyes.

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