Chapter 58 – Compensation (v)

A chair suddenly appeared before Zilan, he had no idea where it came from but seeing as he had other more important matters to attend to, he chose to sit on it and keep his curiosity to himself.

“I’m listening.”

“Good, now we can finally talk! I have three conditions, two of which are easily explainable however, the last one is extremely complicated and also non-negotiable.”

“I’ve already told you what I want so I’d appreciate it if you hurried up and did the same. If I’m able to meet your conditions, then consider them done.” said Zilan in a slightly annoyed tone.

“Ha! You young people, always trying to rush things. It would be best if you got rid of that trait.”

Zilan didn’t bother giving a response but not because he didn’t want to. The real reason was because he believed that by refuting the clan leader’s words he would only be sparking another off topic conversation or debate.

“The first thing I’d like you to do, is deliver a certain item to the Alchemy association. You need not concern yourself with what the item is or who it belongs to, all I require you to do is carry it with you, the owner will come to you. What say you? It’s a rather simple task is it not?”

“Done, but I don’t even know when I’ll be leaving here.” Replied Zilan.

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“After tomorrow, you will be on your way. As to the exact details of the journey, we will discuss them after I’m finished listing my conditions.”

“Fine, go on.”

“The second thing I’d like you to do is double whatever payment you intended to give my clan for the damages that you caused.”

“Also Done…but why?”

“I don’t understand what you mean. You created a mess and morally, you are obligated to clean up that mess, which in reality does not amount to much of a punishment. That is why double should be sufficient, the clan is compensated and I get to teach a youngster a small life lesson. Everyone benefits.”
After saying that, the smile on the clan leaders face slowly faded, replacing it was a cold resolute expression that sucked the harmonious air in the chamber away.

“What is it?” Obviously noticing the change Zilan could not help but ask.

“The final condition…what I’m about to tell you cannot be spoken outside of this place nor can Kifo ever find out. Do you understand?”

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“I do.”

“Good. I want you to take Kifo with you, he cannot stay here anymore.” said the clan leader.


“Such a simple question yet its answer is the complete opposite.” The clan leader scratched the fur beneath his chin before sighing deeply.

“Kifo is not my son. In fact I do not have the slightest clue from whence he came.”

“What?!” Zilan knew about Kifo’s uniqueness however, he did not think that there was such a story behind him. “How can that be? He looks like you and his ability…..How?”

“Haha….I too asked myself that question every single day until the time came when I finally grew to love the child as my own.”

“You must know something about him.” stated Zilan.

“The only thing I know about Kifo, after all of this time, is that his name means ‘Bringer of Death’.”

“In which language?” asked Zilan.

“The forgotten language of our Ancestors.” The clan leader had a glow in his eye as he spoke of his Ancestors.

“Is that all you know?”

“On Kifo, yes! As for the people who put him in my care, I know far more than I’d like to. One of them who came here a long time ago is responsible for that formation in the theatre.

He said it was a gift but I’ve grown to know better.”

“Why did they choose you?”

“I do not know. All I could get from them is that this clan of mine shares a bond with them somehow.”


“Ah, yes! There was more than one of them who came to deliver Kifo. When the man left, a woman stayed behind to watch over Kifo.
He playfully refers to her as ‘Grandmama’, a name that doesn’t showcase just how horrifyingly scary she is. In fact, she is the one ‘requesting’ that you take Kifo along with you.”

“If I choose to decline this request, what would happen?” Zilan took in a breath before slanting on his chair. To take in someone who had such a mysterious and most likely dangerous background would be nothing short of asking for trouble in the future. Even his own name promised misfortune.

“She asked me to pass on a message in case you said something like that. I personally do not understand its meaning however, she did say that if you too fail to understand, then she will have no choice but to pay you a visit.
As someone who has lived much longer than you, I can honestly tell you that whatever comes after will be the farthest thing from pleasant you have ever experienced.”

“What’s the message?” inquired Zilan, who was not in the best of moods.

“ ‘You have beautiful eyes’ is what she said. I don’t see how that is in anyway relevant but that woman often speaks in tongues and very rarely do I decipher anything.”

“Are you sure that is what she said?” Zilan’s hands started shaking and cold sweat began dripping down his back. His mind raced, cursing himself for being too careless and at the same time thinking of ways to get out of the situation.

“Indeed. That is what she wanted me to pass along in the case that you declined.”

“And what if I accept?”

“In that case you will get all the details on the formations you’re interested in as well as a note and a few small gifts.”

“A note…from her?”

“Indeed. It will be yours as soon as you agree to the terms I’ve listed.”

“Fine. I accept!” said Zilan, in hopes of getting a clue as to what this ‘Grandmama’s motives were.

“Good. When I receive my compensation, I will see to it that you get your end of the deal.”

Zilan was speechless, he’d almost forgotten about the compensation. Before, he would need half a day to produce something worthwhile for the clan leader however, now that he had asked for double, Zilan would need an entire day to get the items finished.
Normally, a day would be reasonable and didn’t matter much but in this case, where an outside party had his life on the palm of her hand, he urgently needed to know exactly what she was planning and whether or not he was in a life-threatening situation.

“It’s going to take time to prepare, but you have my word I will get it to you. So please, all I need is the note_….”

“I apologise but that will not happen. A deal is a deal and you yourself stated, if I remember correctly, that as long as you are able to meet my conditions then I should consider them done.
Thus there will be no further negotiations, leave me.”

With those words, a powerful gust of wind carried Zilan out of the room and closed the door behind him.

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