POB Hall of Fame!

This is where all great contributors to Path of Blood shall have their names forever immortalized.

These people include but are not limited to, consistent commentors and patrons.


Great Dragon Benefactors:

                                                   – Jean-Jacques Beesley-Edgar.

                                                   – Czerac.

                                                   – Sam A.

                                                   – Qwer.


Patrons :

Marvin Biegel.


Jason Owen.

Josh Hamm.


Joshua Bean.

Andre Holst.

Gary Reed.

Joshua Zacherl.


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Commenters :

  • R.M.F
  • ieattacos
  • GameJiant
  • Trek
  • Fishy
  • rissay
  • ermine
  • MysticJazzEnforcer
  • Harsha
  • PJ
  • Spartan 3909
  • careaga5
  • Andra
  • Thecoolone
  • NeoPlayer
  • Sengetsu
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Thank you for your continued support and appreciation 😀



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