Chapter 96: Fallen angel (1)

A shrill scream pierced through the valley for miles. The echoing sound of the scream could easily deafen a weaker being and cause all manner of status ailments. However, it didn’t affect Aleks much, only causing him to become wary. This was the voice of an angel, which was a being to fear. He still remembered her visage as she wrought destruction upon his fellow scientists in the tower. Her expression was one of complete detachment, as if her act of killing so many was a matter of course. She hadn’t taken joy in it, but she also hadn’t felt any guilt or regret.

“Pain, agony, and despair. I hear all those things in her voice, how peculiar.”

Aleks became guarded. This was a being which could bring him harm even with his strength.

Aleks had already called out to Nelay and Lenia who had immediately noticed the mist disperse. They were not far from where Aleks had entered the mist and the group of adventurers that had been hired to scout the region were also nearby. They were observing as the mist began to weaken and eventually disappear and they were also shocked when they heard the scream. They were moderately affected by it, but due to the distance and their upper to peak advanced class strength, it was only for a short moment that they felt the effects. They felt fear, uncertainty, and a mix of confusion which lasted mere moments.

The army that had accompanied Aleks was further than their group, but even at their distance they were still affected somewhat by the scream. Some felt suddenly queasy, vomiting where they stood while others were momentarily dazed or confused. The effects were minimal however, and they wouldn’t last long. Nonetheless, it still caused a bit of chaos through the army encampment which took time for the stronger individuals among the army to settle. If they had been closer to the valley, the effects would have been much more severe, with some perhaps even falling dead. The servants were the worse off with most falling unconscious due to their weak physiques and lack of strength.

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Once Lenia and Nelay received the call in their souls from Aleks, they rushed over in his direction. He wasn’t directly in their line of sight, but they could feel his relative location through their connection with him and knew he hadn’t gone too far into the mist despite being gone for a while. The adventurers who were nearby saw that the mist was gone and watched as the two ran off. Knowing that the it was no longer dangerous to enter the valley, they quickly conversed and decided to see what exactly had emitted that scream. Although the adventurers were wary of putting themselves into obvious danger, the presence of two master class beings gave them some confidence and they felt they could at least escape if it got too dangerous. After only a brief moment of hesitation, their curiosity overruled their caution. It wasn’t long before Lenia, Nelay and the several adventurers arrived where Aleks was. He was staring at something in the distance which they didn’t immediately notice. After seeing that Aleks was fixated on something on the horizon, they all turned to look.

It wasn’t apparent at first, but there was a small black dot which was rapidly closing in on their location. As it drew closer, the dot grew in size until they could clearly see the figure of a person with large black wings. The winged being was flying at a speed faster than sound and was completely clothed in white armor that was a huge contrast to the black wings. It wasn’t only the wings, as the being became clearer, they could all now see that it was a female with jet black hair. Also, there were strange wriggling black lines along her cream colored face which led to eyes which were entirely black without any pupils. It was an eerie and frightening scene, especially the wriggling lines which seemed like veins.

None of them had ever seen anything like it. It was apparent that this woman was a fallen angel, but fallen angels didn’t normally have this strange appearance. Normally, fallen angels didn’t look much different from their angel counterparts besides the black wings and black hair.

“There’s something wrong with her.” said Aleks calmly.

The adventurers were frightened, but Aleks wasn’t bothered by the sight. Instead he looked at the fallen angel inquisitively while pondering what the cause of her mysterious appearance was.

“She is almost like what I remember except for the changes due to her fallen nature, but those strange black lines across her skin are definitely abnormal. She must have been cursed as well.” Aleks mumbled which only Lenia and Nelay were close enough to hear.

When the fallen angel had finally arrived in the sky above them, she stretched out her wings and screamed in anger once more. This was a direct attack which might have even affected Lenia and Nelay. The adventurers who were only advanced class would be gravely affected for sure. However, with Aleks’s strength, he waved his arm sideways furiously and ‘Soul Tendrils’ whipped outwards from his body causing her ability to be deflected. The sound wave appeared to be blocked by an invisible wall, but it was Aleks’s ability which had protected the group. Of course, the adventurers had no idea this was the case and had braced themselves for the shockwaves that never came.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, but we weren’t affected!”

“Prepare yourselves, that is a fallen angel!”

“We’re dead for sure, how can we fight that!?”

The adventurers each reacted to the appearance of their powerful foe and were disheartened. This was a dangerous enemy which could threaten their lives. They were an experienced team though and despite their initial fear and wariness, they quickly calmed their nerves and prepared to fight. They looked at Aleks with concern wondering what he would do. They were too weak to sense his aura and power if he didn’t wish them to know and they had never considered Aleks to be anything but a powerless nobleman.

“No need to be so afraid, she may be a fallen angel but her power has been greatly weakened.” Assured Aleks.

“How can you be so certain?” Asked the leader of the adventurer’s group with skepticism. He could not imagine that Aleks was on the same level as that terrifying being above them in the sky.

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Aleks chuckled at his question causing the group of adventurers to frown. This was no laughing matter and their lives were on the line. They had been hired by Aleks, but not to sacrifice themselves in a situation that guaranteed their deaths.

“I can feel your fear, even if you hide behind a mask.” Aleks turned to the group with a light smile.

“Death is inevitable for the living, only those who transcend their mortality can escape this cycle of life and death. But, even for the gods, there is no guarantee of immortality.”

Aleks chuckled again and glanced once more at the fallen angel above who was furiously flapping her wings in anger while grabbing her head and screaming into the sky. She had been clearly affected by something and was in pain. The wriggling black lines on her skin were visibly pulsing.

“What the hell are you talking about? Don’t you see the dangerous situation we are in? You may be too weak to understand the power of a fallen angel, but we are all going to die here if we don’t escape immediately. Do you get it now? We need to run!” Shouted one of the adventurers who was angered by Aleks’s nonchalant behavior.

Nelay and Lenia both drew their weapons in anger and would have attacked the adventurer if not for Aleks’s gaze which halted their actions.

While the fallen angel was struggling with some inner pain, Aleks turned once more to the adventurers, but this time with a wicked smile.

“You are right about one thing, you are all going to die today.” Aleks said emotionless while slowly placing his mask on his face.

The adventurers could feel his murderous intentions and were immediately on their guard.

“Let’s get out of here, forget them! Even if there are two master class beings, they can’t stop us from leaving and fight that thing!” Said one of the female adventurers who looked much like a cleric.

“That’s right, we need to move, but we also have to be careful. We can’t leave our backs to these lunatics.” Replied another adventurer who was over six feet tall and wore heavy armor with a large two-handed sword clutched firmly in both hands.

The group of six adventurers were about to spring into action, but Aleks sudden words and actions caused them to pause and gape in fear.

“None of you are going anywhere!” Aleks roared while abruptly and unexpectedly rising off the ground.

At first, they only saw him rising as if he could suddenly fly, but then a giant mass of somewhat translucent tentacles began to appear right before their eyes. They were enormous coiling tendrils which twisted and turned. They trembled and quivered like massive arteries pumping blood to a colossal heart. Anyone watching this scene would be gripped with an incalculable fear. Aleks no longer held back his aura and his powerful aura which was now on the brink of a demigod poured out of his body washing over the entire group. Aleks’s mask distorted, a wide gaping maw forming at its center.

The adventurers, who only a moment before were very much alive, had already completely and entirely lost their souls. They were dead without even knowing how they had died, their face’s a mask of fear.

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