Chapter 427: Quality Time

When Vahn arrived at the Manor, he was greeted at the door by Fenrir in a light blue one-piece dress with pale pink bows tied in her hair right underneath her very large ears. Fenrir quickly moved forward and hugged Vahn around the waist as she said, “Welcome home, Vahn~! Come play with Fenrir!” Vahn briefly passed his perception over the Manor before saying, “Sure, that sounds like fun.” Even though he wanted to ease his tensions with Tiona and Ais, Vahn could tell they were with several others and it would probably be awkward to try and ‘invite’ them away from the group. It was much easier to relax with Fenrir anyways, assuming she wasn’t in a strange state like the previous incident.

Following the happy Fenrir, Vahn ended up in a room with Milan, Tina, Shizune, Preasia, Haruhime, and the twins, Emiru and Maemi. He could tell they had been studying previously, as there were several books spread out on the low tables they had set up as a mock classroom. Seeing Vahn’s arrival, though they had expected he had returned due to Fenrir’s behavior, all of the girls were pleasantly surprised and welcomed him to join their study session. It turned out that Fenrir had just wanted to ‘show off’ a bit and display how much progress she had made in her studies. Vahn knew she was trying to mature faster and it was a little sad because he knew Fenrir wouldn’t always be the somewhat innocent little wolf girl that usually brought him comfort.

After seeing Fenrir’s progress, Vahn heavily complimented her but also turned his attention to the previously illiterate Maemi and Emiru who had also made commendable progress. Toward the end of things, Vahn ended up surrounded by the cluster of girls while Fenrir sat in his lap and he read for the entire group. Milan was at his right, with Tina and Shizune clinging to her, while Haruhime and Preasia sat at his left. As for the twins, they were looming over Vahn’s head somewhat since they were leaning over his shoulders from behind the sofa. Vahn was a little distracted by the situation, but he quickly regained his calm and spent nearly two hours reading a heroic tale to the group before Fenrir released a yawn and fell asleep leaning against his chest.

It wasn’t really that late in the day, so it was somewhat uncharacteristic for Fenrir to sleep so early, especially considering she didn’t actually require sleep at all. Usually, she only slept during the evenings when other people were sleeping, or when she was relaxing with Vahn and trying to keep him calm. This keyed Vahn in on the idea that Fenrir was trying to keep him for herself at the moment, or at least wanted to spend time with him. As he had been spending a lot of time with the other girls lately, especially during the evenings, Vahn had only been brushing her hair on occasion and helping wash her body in the bath. This typically ate up less than an hour of his day, so she was probably feeling lonely.

Deciding to pamper Fenrir a bit, Vahn closed the book and explained, “I think I’ll take a short nap as well…I don’t want to wake her if she is tired.” This was Vahn’s way of passively letting the girls know he was going to spend time with Fenrir, but it ended up turning into a situation where he napped with all the girls cuddled up with him instead. Even Milan, who had a playful smile on her face before she closed her eyes, had leaned her head against Vahn’s shoulder as she hugged Shizune and Tina to her body. The only exceptions were Maemi and Emiru, as they had been standing behind the group, but it didn’t stop them from placing cushions near Vahn’s feet and cuddling up with each other as he did his best to ‘pretend’ this was normal.

Things continued in this comfortable, yet decidedly awkward, manner until Anubis arrived at the Manor around 5 PM. Emiru and Maemi needed to head to the kitchen to help prepare dinner, and Vahn wanted to stretch his legs after having sat down for so long. When Fenrir awoke, she released another yawn before nuzzling against Vahn one last time and saying, “Vahn is the best to Fenrir~.” After scratching behind her ears for a bit, Vahn had Fenrir hop out of his lap and they all transitioned to the dining room where people generally congregated in the evenings.

When Vahn arrived, he saw something rather surprising as Ais had her hair styled up in a ponytail while Tiona and Tione had also changed their hairstyles and had obvious signs of makeup on their faces. He found out that they had been learning from Tsubaki and Syr how to apply makeup, even though Vahn never recalled either girl ever wearing any. Tiona had medium length hair with somewhat longer sideburns that came to an end in two golden ornaments. Now, however, her hair had two small tufts at the top like pigtails and she looked decidedly more youthful than previously. As for Tione, her sideburns were usually braided but now her entire hair was styled in a loose ponytail that came over her shoulder instead of hanging at the back of her head. It was a somewhat mature hairstyle that was accented by the fact he was curled slightly.

Vahn gave the girls ample compliments, even though he was very tempted to tease Tiona for how childish she looked currently. Though she had the obvious signs of maturity, especially around her legs and hips, her chest was very small and her hair, when it was styled up in short pigtails, made her look much younger than normal. Accented by the fact they were also wearing somewhat casual clothing, instead of their Amazon attire, she almost looked like a completely different person. If not for the fact she had clung to him, as was her ‘normal’ behavior, Vahn would have doubted they were the same person as the makeup also altered her facial features very slightly.

Unfortunately, their new styles didn’t last long after Vahn brought up the idea of giving out massages so he could practice his skills further. Since he hadn’t been able to spend time with Tiona and Ais earlier, Vahn started with them and helped restore their default appearances in the process as the sweat from their bodies had marred their makeup a bit after the fact…

Ais had always enjoyed Vahn’s [Hands of Nirvana], but he noticed that she was now a lot more vocal about it and even released somewhat tantalizing moans during the process. Her previous responses were always stifled, or outright non-existent, even though her aura would always flare up and there would be a glimmer in her eyes. Now, however, she had taken the initiative to lay on her back and guided Vahn’s hands across her body as she stared at him with passionate eyes and released labored breaths and sensuous moans that caused his brain to buzz. When the fifteen minutes had finished, Ais rose from the table and clung to his neck as she gave Vahn a passionate kiss before saying, “Thank you…it was very pleasant, Vahn.”

If not for the fact there were other girls waiting, Vahn would have likely pushed Ais down on the spot because of the rising emotions in his body. Fortunately, Ais didn’t take things much further and just wore the bathrobe that Vahn had given all the participants before leaving the room with a flushed face and a light smile on her lips. Tiona burst into the room shortly thereafter, accompanied by Tsubaki who was supposed to reign her in if she lost control. Vahn, seeing the beautiful brown-skinned girls realized that his self-control had been slipping greatly lately as he had a powerful urge rising up inside of him that he had to ease with his [Will of the Emperor].

Whenever he massaged Tiona, she always started off by laughing for a long period of time before her laughter ceased entirely and turned to soft moans that were generally very long and drawn out. Vahn couldn’t ‘forcibly’ relax her body, as it would only make things stressful for her, so he had to give her a relatively normal massage while using his energy to stimulate her nerves in a gentle fashion that caused her body to vibrate slightly. Because of his [Petting] ability, she enjoyed it a lot more than in the past, however, and made sure Vahn was very aware of it since she started narrating half-way through about what parts of her body felt the best.

Following Tiona, Vahn gave a massage to Tione with Tsubaki watching curiously from the side once again, also with the intention of reigning in the Amazon if she lost control. When she stripped off her robe, Vahn noticed something that startled him somewhat and he couldn’t help but swallow a bit of saliva as she climbed onto the table with her back facing upwards. It wasn’t uncommon for the girls he gave a massage to, especially lately, to be completely nude during the process, however, Tione had done something Vahn hadn’t expected at all and was wearing a very small pair of black panties that looked closer to a string than actual underwear. When she laid down on the table, Vahn could see the fabric arranged into a T-shape that disappeared into the crack between her two cheeks as if guiding the eye to follow.

After collecting himself, Vahn ignored the undergarments, at least on the outside, but he kept thinking about how he could improve upon his own designs in the future as he massaged Tione’s back. Because she was still a ‘maiden’, Tione was able to relax greatly during the massage without releasing any ‘sensual’ moans. Of course, this didn’t stop her from gasping out and giving subtle moans of pleasure as the procedure was incredibly relaxing. She had a lot of pent up stress, especially over the last few months, so Vahn’s massage was very therapeutic for her. Once he was finished, she gave him a bashful look and said in a somewhat low voice, “Thanks…” before leaving the room relatively quickly.

Vahn followed her back with his eyes as Tsubaki walked over and stripped out of her own bathrobe and said, “Remember, Vahn, she is still being punished for her previous actions. If you feel bad for her, just get stronger even faster, okay? Now, lets hurry up and get started, I don’t want to lose any of my own time because you’re lost in thought!” Tsubaki smacked Vahn hard on the shoulder before climbing onto the massage table with her belly facing upwards. Vahn was distracted by the sight for a brief moment before asking, “You don’t want me to massage your back?” Tsubaki gave him a cheeky look and said, “If I’m on my stomach, you’ll probably just rub my butt until I can’t even walk properly. This way, I can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t do anything strange when I’m not paying attention…”

Shaking his head, Vahn smiled and walked over to Tsubaki before rubbing his hand along her abdomen and making her take in a sharp breath of air. He now knew that the imprint above her womb completely protected the fetus that was continuing to develop inside of her body and, unless she completely ran out of mana to support the formation, there was no danger to it at all. This allowed Vahn to tease her a great deal because his own energy resonated with both her body, as well as the seal at the same time and greatly enhanced the amount of stimulation she felt. She might have made a comment about keeping an eye on him, but her actions also allowed Vahn to see her reactions because her face was clearly visible to him.

Tsubaki also seemed to realize this immediately after he started, but she didn’t back down at all and just gnashed her teeth and released husky moans periodically when she ran out of breath. Vahn might not be able to rub her butt, but now he had to option of stimulating her breasts, abdomen, thighs, and calves. He avoided the ‘danger zone’ located between her inner thighs because he didn’t want to get her scent covering his hands. Tsubaki was releasing a large volume of ‘love nectar’, and Vahn could smell its somewhat powerful aroma which made his brain buzz as a giddy feeling spread in his abdomen. He knew that tonight was going to be a ‘rough’ night and added Tsubaki to the list of girls he wanted to invite to stay with him. Just imagining her beautiful brown skin overlapped with the olive-brown skin of Anubis made his heart itch a great deal…

After Tsubaki left, Vahn ended up wiping down his hands with to mask the scent of her body since she had sweat a great deal during the procedure. Luckily, or perhaps not, the next ‘group’ that entered the room consisted of Milan, Tina, Shizune, and Fenrir. Because Vahn helped to wash their bodies in the afternoons, combined with the fact that he proclaimed his massage to not be sexual, he had agreed to let the youth troupe participate for the first time. Fenrir had received his massage before, back when it was just her, Hestia, and himself living in the Manor, but it was a first time for Tina and Shizune.

Even though he saw them naked often, Vahn had the girls wear thin clothing to cover their bodies during the massage since he wasn’t going to do anything to stimulate their bodies like he did for the ‘adult’ women. He actually did his best to not use his palms at all and just gently pressed into their nerves to help ease the tensions in their bodies. Because they were young, they actually didn’t have any real knots or sores in their bodies, except for some sequelae from training so hard in the mornings.

Tina had been the first up and she had been very flustered as she peeled off her bathrobe and revealed her vanilla colored blouse and a pair of black spats. When she was ready, she bowed to Vahn and squeaked, “T-t-t-thank you f-for letting me participate, Vahnya~!” Vahn felt his tensions calm down a lot because of Tina’s behavior and showed a small smile before helping her climb onto the table since she was too small to be able to do so herself. Though she had entered her growth phase, Tina was only around 118cm tall and the height of the table came to her chest.

Just like when he had given a massage to Lili in the past, Vahn couldn’t help but be surprised with how small Tina’s body was when she was laying on her stomach. Her chestnut tail was twitching about furiously every time he touched her body until it eventually lost strength and drooped down ‘pitifully’ as she released quiet mewling sounds that were characteristic of all the Cat Persons Vahn had ever given massages to in the past. Tina’s, however, were decidedly more adorable because of how innocent each of her reactions were. Throughout the entire process, she tightly gripped the sides of the table with her eyes closed and she did her best to stay quiet as the blush from her face slowly crept down her back as even her shoulders began to turn red.

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Even though he had gone very easy on her, Tina was completely powerless by the end of the fifteen minutes and had completely fallen asleep soon after the procedure ended. Milan carried her body and giggled playfully at Vahn before saying, “I’ll put off my on session until a later date; make sure to treat me well when the time comes, fufufu~.” Because Milan was going to take Tina to their room to rest, Vahn ended up refusing to give a massage to the ‘mischevious’ Shizune because, even though he had told them to wear appropriate clothing, she had stripped down into a pair of pure white panties without a top at all so Vahn ‘booted’ her out and sent both her and Fenrir back to Milan. Fenrir knew she could get Vahn to give her a massage in the future, just like Milan, so she ‘escorted’ the troublemaking Shizune to their room like a prison warden as the Kitsune girl’s ears hung low on her head and her tail fluffy tail drooped sadly in between the slit at the back of her robe.

Coincidentally, the time he had spent with the youth troupe made Vahn calm down a lot and he now had a desire to sleep ‘peacefully’ instead of spending the night with the other girls. Since he had already asked Anubis to come over and had even invited Tsubaki, however, Vahn would allow things to progress naturally. Of course, if possible, he would see if they could all just cuddle up together without doing anything strenuous at all. He hadn’t invited the ‘key’ player yet, which was Syr, so there was a chance he could just spend the night sandwiched by the two very mature women and simply relax the night away in a blissful state.

The youth troupe had been the last bunch for the evening, as Vahn had divided the group into two, so he spent the extra time he had been awarded relaxing in the bath with the other girls. Anubis had washed his back as he made casual conversation with Syr and Ryuu while washing Hestia’s long black hair with an expert-level of care. Afterward, deciding it was better to spend some of his evenings relaxing, Vahn retired to his room with Anubis, Tsubaki, and Hestia. Syr seemed to have suspected something, but she didn’t say anything at all and Vahn was able to easily convince the three busty women, which consisted of two goddesses, to simply cuddle in peace.

Anubis’s ears drooped for a very brief moment, but she quickly recovered with a smile when Vahn promised to escort her back to her residence early in the morning. Hestia and Tsubaki hadn’t had any problems at all with the arrangement so Vahn ended up being sandwiched by two beautiful brown-skinned women while the petite and inexplicably beautiful Hestia slept on his stomach. Since all three girls had relatively large breasts, Vahn felt like he was being surrounded by plush marshmallows as he enjoyed the varying body temperatures of the three loveable women after he kissed them all good night…

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