Chapter 428: Twenty-Two

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On the edge of consciousness, Vahn could feel a powerful aura enveloping his body and a strong pressure combined with an inordinately fierce suction enveloping his p****. The moment he came into awareness, Vahn felt a pleasurable sensation run up his back as, for what felt like the first time in his life, he was brought to ejaculate unaware of the situation. Opening his eyes, Vahn’s widened because he was no longer in his own bed and there was a girl he had never seen before with her lips against his pelvis after somehow fitting the entirety of his length into her throat. She had pale blue hair and was staring up at him with a pair of golden eyes that shone with a playful glint as she pulled her head away from his crotch.

Vahn could see her throat ‘deflate’ as the incredulous sight of his own member being revealed from her lips occurred before his very eyes. It wasn’t the first time someone had put his p**** in their mouth, as Hestia, Chloe, and Loki had all done so in the past, but it was the first time he had seen anyone take his full length. Vahn had no idea how she was able to do so without choking, but his question was brought to silence when she stuck out or tongue before swallowing the remnants still contained within her mouth and said, “Thanks for the meal~!” Then, before Vahn was able to make sense of what was going on, the girl tried to climb up into his lap and he was able to see her clearly for the first time.

The moment Vahn saw her actual body, he felt a terrifying feeling well up inside him since she looked closer to a young girl than a woman. The strange pale-blue haired girl was only around 130cm tall and looked very petite with her slim figure, breasts small enough to fit in the cusp of a person’s hand, and a completely smooth slit that was somewhat puffy with a dangerous sheen of liquid tracing its way slowly down her thighs. When he reached out his hands to her shoulders, the girl gave him a pouty look while Vahn suddenly became distracted by his own body for a brief moment. He could tell that his hands were much larger than normal and he was wearing intricately designed red bracers that were more complex than anything he had ever seen before.

Then, as if refusing to give him any time to comprehend the situation, a massive set of doors slowly began to open in the distance, nearly 500m away, and the small girl in his hands showed a startled expression before inexplicably disappearing into a puff of blue dust and light. Vahn’s hands drooped now that he wasn’t pressing against something and he saw the 20m tall ornate doors opening slightly as a familiar face appeared which eased his heart somewhat. Though her disposition had changed, Vahn could tell it was the same goddess he had come to love in the past, Hephaestus. She was attired in a beautiful red dress that Vahn could tell was a greater masterpiece than anything he would be able to forge. On her wrists, and around her neck, there were beautiful golden accessories that radiated with magical power and Vahn felt like her current appearance was reminiscent of a queen as she walked toward him with confident steps and an awe-inspiring aura.

Because the distance was precisely 500m, it would take her a short while to reach him and Vahn used the time to get his bearings and look around at the unknown room he found himself in. He hadn’t noticed it earlier, but he was in a massive circular chamber sitting on a large ornate throne that served as the heart of the gigantic formation that flowed throughout the entire room. Using his [Eyes of Truth], Vahn could see that the formation extended far beyond the confines of the room and noticed this was something he shouldn’t be able to confirm at all. His maximum range of the skill should be around 475m, but he was easily able to see beyond the 500m confines of the room and far beyond…

The biggest change, however, had been in his own body and this made Vahn even more confused since his figure should never change unless he wills it to. He was currently 180cm tall and his muscles were far more developed than they had been in the past. Other than an intricately designed robe, and various accessories, the only thing he was wearing was a pair of red protectors that covered the backs of his forearms. Because of this, Vahn could tell that his skin was somewhat fair compared to the healthy brown of the past so he rose from his throne and set out a large mirror to see the rest of his figure.

Other than his glowing aquamarine eyes, Vahn felt like he was looking at a stranger, even though a part of his mind told him this was indeed him. He had ashen-black hair that extended near his shoulders and was swept back like a black lions mane. Vahn thought it looked kind of cool, but he was too distracted by the long ears growing out of his head to mind his hairstyle too much. Checking his status, Vahn felt a bit of dread, confusion, and relief, because he could easily access The Path and confirm that his race was currently ‘Progenitus’. The fact that he could access The Path allowed Vahn to know this wasn’t a dream, a terrifying thing to be sure, but it also brought him relief knowing he wasn’t completely out of his element. To ease his mind ever further, Vahn called out within his own mind, (“Sis, what is going on here?”)

Several seconds passed in silence and Vahn felt a powerful sense of dread pass over him before the sound of Hephaestus’ voice stirred him awake, “Vahn, is everything okay? You’re behaving strangely…” Turning her head down, Hephaestus saw Vahn’s standing member and a scowl appeared on her face as she asked, “Was it that little brat again? Oh, when I get my hands on her later!” Vahn had so many questions right now, but the first thing he asked was, “Who…?” Hephaestus heard his words and cocked her head to the side in confusion as she asked, “Was Lenneth not here…or are you trying to cover for her?” Releasing a long sigh, Hephaestus gave Vahn a blaming look and said, “If you continue spoiling her so much she will just keep getting worse, Vahn. You need to discipline her more…”

Without explaining anything else, Hephaestus pressed against two emeralds on her dress and the entire thing turned into wisps of flame as the garment receded back into the necklace around her neck. Vahn saw Hephaestus’ nude figure as she walked forward and placed her hands against his bare chest and looked up at him with enamored eyes and said, “Instead of worrying about little girls, why not play with this small Empress every now and then…?” Vahn had habitually put his hands around Hephaestus’ back and was staring down at her as he tried to make sense of the situation.

The fact that she called herself a ‘small empress’ was a clue and, combined with the fact that he seemed to be in a throne room, he somewhat assumed he was her ‘Emperor’. Though he desperately wanted to confirm what was going on, Hephaestus had expertly lifted her leg against his body while using his shoulders as support before deftly lowering her hips and releasing a hot sigh against his chest. In what sounded like teasing, intermixed with a bit of blame, Hephaestus kissed the base of his neck and said, “Fuuuu, it feels like it’s been so long…you’re always so busy these days…let me keep you to myself for a short while, okay~?”

Though he didn’t mind carrying her body, Vahn backstepped before sitting in what he presumed was his throne so that Hephaestus could move more freely. She gave him a grateful look and began to move her hips in a skilled manner, unlike anything Vahn had ever experienced from her before. Vahn felt her insides were very familiar, but her techniques had increased greatly and she also skillfully attacked her own weak spots without him having made any efforts. Unwilling to be ‘left out’, however, Vahn began tracing his hands around Hephaestus’ back and started kissing her. For a brief moment, she showed a shocked expression before a few tears streamed from the corner of her eyes.

Vahn felt a bit of grief in his heart when he saw her tears as, even though he could tell she was happy, it felt like Hephaestus was blaming him somehow. It was almost like he hadn’t shown her any affection in a very long time and she was both happy and sad at the same time. Another thing that Vahn noticed was that his [Hands of Nirvana] was behaving differently and Hephaestus squirmed about at just the briefest touch. Her earlier efforts turned into an eagerness that made Vahn feel somewhat terrified as she spun her hips quickly and grasped both sides of his face as she kissed him with a skill that dwarfed his own. Not too long after they began, Vahn felt the urge to release once again and placed his hands firmly against Hephaestus’ hips before lowering her down and doing so deep within her.

Hephaestus’ eyes opened widely and, the moment he ejaculated inside of her, she arched back and shouted so loudly that it echoed around the chamber for several seconds after, “Thank yoooooooou, Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn~!” Hephaestus gripped his arms tightly as powerful reverberations wracked her body and she gasped loudly before leaning forward and tucking her face into his chest. She placed her arms loosely around his hips and began to cry as she kept muttering, “Thank you…thank you…thank you…” Vahn had no idea why she was behaving this way, but it made his heart twist painfully in his chest so he embraced her tightly against him and asked, “Why are you thanking me, Hephaestus…?”

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As Vahn spoke, he noticed something that made his heart tremble as he had looked into her body with his [Eyes of Truth] for a brief moment and noticed that she was no longer pregnant. Before he could ask what had happened, Hephaestus lifted her tear-stained face and kissed him passionately once again before giggling and pulling away nearly a full minute later. She gently passed her fingers through his hair and muttered, “Maybe I’ll need to thank Lenneth later…she seems to have confused you a bit…? It’s been more than three years since you decided to release inside of me, so I was very grateful…if you don’t want another child, I’ll go visit Eos and get it removed…” Vahn blinked in confusion when Hephaestus mentioned ‘three years’ and he knew things had changed far more than he expected. To hide his expression from her, Vahn pulled Hephaestus close and muttered, “Let’s have another child…” as he looked into his system and inspected his status in detail for the first time.



Name: [Vahn Mason]

Age: 37

Race: Progenitor, *sealed*

Parameter: [Danmachi: 1-4]


-Power: 7709+(B888)

-Endurance: 8318+(B807)

-Dexterity: 7516+(C753)

-Agility: 7906+(C766)

-Magic: 16104+(SSS1112)

Only allowed on


Soul Tier: 4 (Divine Soul)

[Karma]: 9,713,802

[OP]: 9,617,446,007

[Valis]: 12,229,557,479,885,940

Skills: [Will of the Emperor:SSS], [Rakshasa Body:B], [Keeper of the Akashic Tome:A], [Eyes of Truth:B],[Bow Mastery:S], [Stealth:S], [Chainbreaker:SS], [Heart of the Eternal Flame:SS], [Prometheus:S], [Call of the Reaper:SSS],[Yggdrasil’s Favor:S], [Veil of the Traveler: S], [Featherfoot:SS], [Hands of Nirvana:SS], [Metallurgy:B], [Fist Strike:B], [Friend of Spirits:S], [Sower of Life:S]

Magic: [Thria*Mimos:S], [Shundo:SS], [Void Movement:SSS], [Magia Erebea:SSS], [Heaven’s Fall:SSS], [Throne:SSS], [Spear of Heaven:SS], [Abyss of Despair:SS]

Development Skills: [Wound Transfer:SS], [Well of Spirit:A], [Master Swordsman:A], [Master Smith:A], [Alchemist:A], [Sage:B], [Godhand:B], [Master Aesthetician:C], [Arch Mage:A]


Vahn couldn’t form any thoughts for a very long time as he continued to stroke Hephaestus’ hair as she sobbed happily against his chest. When Hephaestus had mentioned three years passing, Vahn wasn’t too worried, as he had slowly been trying to prepare his mind to live forever, but the fact that twenty-two years had passed made him blank for a long while. He had initially dreaded that Hephaestus might have somehow lost their child, but it now seemed like his children had probably grown up already. This entire situation was outside of his expectation so he just sat stroking Hephaestus while continually calling out to Sis, who still seemed to be missing from his mind.

As she could feel his body shaking, Hephaestus eventually looked up and saw Vahn’s expression before showing a face of profound confusion of her own. The Vahn she knew was a stoic man who was unshakeable in his resolve as he conquered his enemies without a moment’s hesitation. Now, however, the man she had loved for decades seemed to have vanished entirely, almost like he had been replaced by a different person. He was a lot like when she had first met him in the past, almost like he had no idea how the world worked and needed someone to help guide him forward so he wouldn’t be lost against the flow of time. Reaching her hand up and stroking his mortified face, Hephaestus asked in a gentle tone, “Vahn…tell me what’s wrong, please. I will always do my best to help you…”

Placing his hand overtop Hephaestus’, Vahn felt slightly at ease as he saw the love and compassion contained within her red-crimson eyes. Just as he had done in the past, Vahn decided to speak the truth to her so he explained, “I’m not sure what happened, Hephaestus…it seems like I’ve lost all my memories for the last twenty-two years…the last thing I remember is falling asleep surrounded by Tsubaki, Anubis, and Hestia…everything after that is a completely blank.” Hephaestus blinked several times in confusion before placing her hand over Vahn’s heart and confirming he was indeed the same Vahn she knew. If what he said was true, which she could somewhat infer by his ‘honest’ expression, it meant that he didn’t remember anything since before their wedding night…

With a bit of worry and trepidation, Hephaestus asked, “So you forgot everything…even our children?” Vahn blinked in confusion and was about to say something but Hephaestus released a long sigh and answered his unasked question, “We have three children…two daughters, and one son. They are named Ina, Vana, and Egan…you also have several children with your other wives…” Hephaestus released a long sigh before affectionately stroking Vahn’s confused face and climbing off of his lap. She felt a little lonely having separated from him, but she knew this matter was very serious and she couldn’t handle it on her own.

Pressing the emerald around her neck, flames wreathed Hephaestus’ body and her beautiful dress reappeared once again. Seeing Vahn’s intrigue, Hephaestus showed a teasing smile and said, “You made this dress, you know~?” Vahn’s eyes widened and he asked in a disbelieving voice, “I…made that dress…?” Hephaestus laughed at his very innocent reaction and a profound warmth spread throughout her chest. Vahn’s reactions were a lot ‘fresher’ than his typically serious personality and she felt like she had stepped back in time more than twenty years all of a sudden. She now understood why he showed her so much affection when they were having sex and even willingly allowed her to get pregnant once again. With a glimmer in her eyes, Hephaestus said, “Everything around us is something you either designed or constructed yourself…I’m sure you’ll be very surprised~. I’ll make sure to show you around later…for now, I’ll summon someone that can help make sense of this situation and potentially help recover your memories…”

Seeing Hephaestus begin to walk away, Vahn felt uneasy so he reached out and her body was actually pulled to him in an instant. Though she was confused for a moment, Hephaestus smiled lovingly before kissing Vahn once again and saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere Vahn. Even though things haven’t always been easy, I’ve never truly left your side for even a moment…” As if realizing something, Hephaestus showed a conflicted expression before her smile reappeared and she said, “I’ll arrange an audience with everyone that can help…and I’ll show you something that will hopefully stir your memories later. For now…” Hephaestus reached out at the side of Vahn’s throne and pressed a midnight blue gemstone that made a loud mechanical sound pass through the floor.

Vahn hadn’t noticed it earlier, but there was a massive motif of a wolf in front of his throne that was nearly 20m in diameter. When Hephaestus pressed the gemstone, the floor began to open in a spiral as a large platform lifted up from the darkness. Vahn could feel an incredible amount of pressure spreading through the atmosphere before his own [Will of the Emperor] shattered it completely. After several seconds of silence, excluding the loud mechanical sounds, the platform reached the same level as Vahn’s throne room and he saw something that both terrified him and made him feel relieved at the same time.

Fenrir was wrapped up in resplendent silver chains and was crouched down on the floor staring towards them with her fiercely glowing scarlet eyes. When the platform came to a stop, she pawed something on the floor that loosened the bindings on her body, but didn’t remove them, and she rose to her feet wearing a strange skin-tight outfit Vahn had never seen before. He could sense a ridiculous amount of power radiating from her body as she tilted her head to the side and asked in an eager and clear voice, “Master, why have you awakened me? Do you require my assistance?”

Vahn was completely caught off guard by how eloquently Fenrir spoke and how ‘majestic’ her demeanor was even though she was wrapped in silver chains. Unable to answer for himself, Hephaestus released a chuckle and explained, “Fenrir, your Master has amnesia and has lost his memories for the last twenty-two years. Can you protect him for me while I gather the council?” Fenrir cocked her head to the other side and asked, “Amnesia…? That is troublesome…very well, I will do my best and protect Master. After all, it is my duty, no, my honor…” Fenrir had a fervent look in her eyes and kneeled down towards Vahn as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Vahn felt saddened by her actions and she seemed to immediately realize it as she lifted her head with clear concern on her face.

Hephaestus, realizing her misunderstanding, said in a gentle tone towards the incredibly loyal wolf girl, “Vahn doesn’t remember all of the vows you have taken, Fenrir, he just remembers the time when you used to behave very spoiled back at the Manor. For now, so that Vahn’s heart and mind can be at ease, why don’t you get him to spoil you for a little while~?” Fenrir’s eyes opened wide and the scarlet glow increased in intensity as the chains coiling around her body sparkled with a magical light. After several seconds of silence, she tilted her head and asked in an adorable manner, “Master will spoil Fenrir~?” Vahn, awakened by her words, nodded his head with a gentle smile on his face and said, “Fenrir is a good girl…I’ll spoil you as much as you want.”

For a brief moment, when Vahn said Fenrir was a ‘good girl’, she flinched slightly but didn’t break character as she quickly drew a complex pattern of runes on the platform ‘sealing’ her away. Hephaestus ruffled Vahn’s hair before kissing him on the forehead and saying, “I’ll be back shortly, Vahn. Play with Fenrir for a bit…she has been pretty lonely in the last couple of years…” Vahn really wanted to know exactly what had happened in the past, but he decided to trust Hephaestus’ judgment and allow her to summon the so-called ‘council’. She seemed to believe they would be able to help and Vahn knew she had a better grasp of the situation than he did. For now, he just focused on the runes Fenrir was carving as Hephaestus quickly walked toward the same doors she had entered through previously.

Nearly three minutes later, Fenrir finished drawing a giant magic circle that covered her entire platform and caused the chains to loosen once again, this time releasing her completely. She released a long sigh before turning her attention back to Vahn and smiling in a natural manner. Because he had never seen her manage a real smile, Vahn was very surprised and even more so when she started laughing playfully before bounding over to him happily. As he was sitting down, Fenrir immediately tried to hop up into his lap and Vahn remembered that he wasn’t wearing pants at all so he quickly equipped a random pair from his inventory. Fenrir sat down in his lap before showing a curious expression and rubbing her butt against his member and saying, “Ah, you forgot that as well…”

Though he didn’t want to believe it, Vahn asked hesitantly, “Did we…?” Fenrir nodded her head in a complacent manner before hugging Vahn and saying, “Vahn is the best to Fenrir…even when she was a bad girl…” As she was hugging him, Fenrir began to smell around his body before a scowl appeared on her face and she said, “Lenneth…Master needs to be careful…no, Fenrir will protect you until you remember things clearly.” Hearing the same name once again, Vahn began to form his question as a powerful fear welled up inside of him, “Who is…Lenneth?” Fenrir blinked in confusion for a moment before a flustered expression appeared on her face and she said in a hesitant manner mirroring his own, “She is…Freya’s daughter…?”

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