Chapter 426: Welf’s Change

Leaving the Takemikazuchi Familia, Vahn headed towards his next destination which was located relatively nearby. With his ability to use [Shundo], he could quickly move through the City so it was surprising to Vahn that this was the first time he was visiting Welf at his new workshop. Because it was next to his own ‘clubhouse’, which was quickly reaching the end of its construction, Welf’s workshop was located less than three kilometers away from the Hearth Manor, so Vahn was able to reach it in less than a minute after he had set it as his destination. If not for his focus on his work, and spending time with the girls, Vahn could ‘jump’ over to his workshop whenever he wanted and continue to build their relationship as friends.

There were downsides to long-range use of [Shundo] however, so Vahn tried not to be overly reliant on it since it wasn’t that difficult to run the distance if he wasn’t in a hurry. The only reason he used [Shundo] this time is because he wanted to test just how quickly he could cover the relatively short distance during an emergency situation. Vahn tried not to make assumptions when it came to protecting his loved ones, so he had to know exactly how long the trip would take even though it was nearly negligible. With how fast some people could move, arriving just a few seconds slower could spell disaster and Vahn had Sis monitor his logbooks just in case the girls sent him an emergency message.

Welf’s ‘workshop’ was a dual residence that had two floors and, from what Vahn could tell at a glance, around eight total rooms excluding the large space that had been set aside as his forge and ‘research’ station. Since Vahn could detect several presences inside, he assumed Welf was home so he knocked on the door even though he had detected the fluctuation of the small formation that had been set up. Welf still remained relatively low key, so his residence wasn’t that glamorous and seemed somewhat spartan in appearance, at least from the outside.

A short while later, Vahn heard several locks unfasten before a mature looking Amazon appeared at the door and gave Vahn a somewhat fierce look for a moment before her expression softened and she said, “Sage Aldrnari, we hadn’t been expecting your arrival. Have you come to visit Welf, or did you have business with us Amazons?” Vahn could see the woman’s aura gravitating toward him slightly and it made him wonder if it was a good idea for him to visit Welf unannounced. Even though this girl was obviously in a relationship with Welf, it didn’t mean she had proper control over her instincts, especially after spending several years as a prostitute. Vahn was somewhat ‘famous’ in the Amazon circles, and they were some of the most common solicitors whenever he was walking around the City in the past.

Vahn smiled politely and waved his hand in a dismissive manner as he said, “I came to visit Welf, but I can come back later if he is busy…” As Vahn spoke, he turned his attention to the collected presences and realized he had inadvertently interrupted Welf’s ‘fun’. The mild blush and antagonistic look the Amazon had given him when she first opened the door was a clear indicator of his transgressions, but she didn’t seem to mind as she grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the interior of the workshop while laughing. She showed Vahn to what looked like the room where Welf would negotiate with clients before giving him a sensuous look and leaving the room, likely to inform Welf of Vahn’s arrival.

Amazons didn’t wear much in the way of clothing, so from the very start, the buxom woman had been wearing nothing but a beige top and bottoms that looked closer to underwear than actual clothing as she walked around barefoot. She had a very mature disposition, a somewhat fierce and confident look on her face, and a very shapely set of breasts with large hips and a pert butt. Because of how Amazons fought, many of them had very toned butts and this one was no exception and even exceeded Tiona and Tione, though only as a result of her age and maturity. Vahn commended his past self for turning away the Amazons that had arrived at his door, as it was very likely he would have been ‘entrapped’ by them over time with how ‘forward’ they acted.

Soon after the woman went up the stairs, Vahn could hear the sounds of quick movements and stomping before Welf came running down the stairs with a large grin on his slightly flushed face. Because of his long association with Tsubaki, Welf often wore clothes in the style of the Far East and he was now wearing a loose black yukata and a pair of red briefs that were visible from his quick movements. It was very obvious he had just thrown on the closest set of clothing he could reach and Vahn got a brief glimpse of his relatively lanky figure that had the signs of muscles beginning to build on it.

Welf laughed loudly and approached Vahn very quickly before wrapping him up in a bear hug and shouting, “You really know how to treat your friends, Vahn! Ahahahahahaha!” Vahn blinked in confusion before seeing the look in Welf’s eyes and understanding what he was implying. Vahn felt somewhat awkward being hugged by a man, but he still pat Welf’s back in the same manner before they parted and Welf walked to the side and grabbed very familiar alcohol from a nearby cupboard. Vahn had left several types for his use when they last parted, and now Welf had grabbed some of the more expensive brands before pouring a glass for both himself and Vahn.

Sitting down on the opposite sofa, Welf had a large grin on his face as he raised his glass and toasted, “Let’s see, how about a toast to our continued friendship and the beautiful women at our backs?” Nodding his head, Vahn clinked his glass against Welf’s and they both said, “To friendship and beautiful women!” before downing the contents of their glass in one fell swoop. Though he didn’t feel the impact like Welf, Vahn still released a hot sigh as was customary for such an exchange. Afterward, they both started to laugh as the sound of footsteps emerged from the stairs and Vahn got his first glimpse of the four Amazons living with Welf.

Welf gave the women an enamored look and his smile grew even larger as he said, “Let me introduce everyone! As you girls are likely well aware, this is my good friend, Vahn Mason, the man known as the Sage Aldrnari and the Captain of the Hestia Familia! Ahahahahahaha!” Welf pat Vahn’s shoulder heartily before gesturing at each woman individually and saying, “These beautiful women are Sonia, Maia, Vestal, and Kris. They’ve been a great help ever since they’ve arrived, so I’m very grateful for their presence!” Like the first woman, who Vahn now knew was named Maia, each Amazon was wearing nothing but various colored tops and bottoms that fully showed off their figures.

Hearing Welf’s words, the women all gave Vahn greetings and he was once again made aware of his ‘influence’ of such girls as their attention was slowly beginning to turn towards him along with their auras. Other than the first Amazon, Sonia, every girl seemed somewhat interested in Vahn but Welf surprisingly didn’t seem to mind it too much. Because all of his women were Amazons, Welf knew a fair amount about their culture and habits and knew that he could only blame himself if he weren’t capable enough to keep them. He had matured a lot in a relatively short amount of time and was now putting in his best efforts after having the women promise to give him a chance.

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As a display of their convictions, each girl had actually taken a vow promising themselves to Welf alone for the next three years, though it didn’t stop them from ‘perusing’ Vahn and making ‘inviting’ remarks. With Welf’s permission, things could quickly take a strange turn but Vahn clearly expressed he had no such interests, and would likely avoid such a situation since there were numerous beautiful women waiting on him at home. Each of the Amazons were beautiful women, which seemed to be a racial trait as Vahn had never met an ugly one. He actually hadn’t even met an ‘old’ looking Amazon before, so Vahn’s assumption was that they were the type that retained their beauty into their old age. There were surprisingly few texts regarding the Amazons, as their community and cultures were highly secretive and segregated from the outside world.

Vahn did, however, get to enjoy the sight of their bodies as he talked with Welf about his research and also discussed some of his own progress as a [Master Smith]. Welf immediately became very serious the moment the topic changed and Kris, who had been rubbing his back previously, rose from the spot and left with the other girls as if they were respecting Welf’s privacy on the matter. As Welf’s research was actually top secret, they knew they weren’t to be present for the discussion and excused themselves after sharing a kiss with the over-eager youth. Vahn realized he should probably expose Welf to some other guys as well since it looked like he would end up controlled by the girls around him if he didn’t develop his sensibilities a bit.

When the women finally left, Welf activated a formation key and a soundproof barrier spread throughout the room as he released a sigh and remarked, “I used to envy you for the number of women surrounding you, but I now pity you more than anything else. Those little vixens drain me dry every day, not that I really mind it, hahahahaha.” For a very brief moment after his laughter ceased, there was a somewhat melancholic look in Welf’s eyes as he said, “I used to think I would be happy just being with one ‘woman’, but now I don’t know if I’d forgive myself if I let any of those girls go. I want to become a stronger warrior and a better blacksmith so I can ‘keep’ them with me far into the future…”

Vahn nodded his head and said in a firm tone, “You’ll have to be prepared to fight for them if you want them to stay with you for the rest of your life. The Amazon Queen isn’t very understanding, so make sure you come to myself and the Alliance when the time comes.” A serious expression appeared on Welf’s face and he said, “Cultures and traditions can be such b*******…first I have to deal with the stigma of my own family, and now I stand to lose my women in the future if I become strong enough to get them pregnant…ridiculous!” As Welf spoke, Vahn poured another glass of the strong alcohol and gave a very understanding nod at the youth before they both downed their second shots.

Because he had been venturing into the Dungeon often, Welf’s research had slowed down a fair amount but his actual progress had increased. He had been so focused on his research in the past that he had stalled his own progress by following random tangents that often led to dead ends. Now that he had ‘broadened’ his horizons a bit, Welf’s judgment had improved and his strength was rapidly increasing as well. With the protection and influence of the Amazons, Welf had become a bit of a battle maniac and, even though they were originally talking about his research, he ended up ‘gloating’ about his battles within the Dungeon after he got a little drunk. He was still only Level 1, so his greatest conquest ended up being his fight against a variant Hard Armored, but it was still much better than the version of Welf from the manga at this point in time.

By the time Welf was completely drunk, he had started trying to narrate his first experience with the four Amazons and Vahn got to learn how they came to reside with him in the past. Aisha had gathered up a number of the more ‘mature’ women in the group, since she had heard that Welf liked the somewhat motherly and caring types, before bringing them all to Welf’s workshop unannounced. When they had first met him, Welf showed the girls his skills as a blacksmith before the four current Amazons decided to ‘take care’ of him.

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There had originally been eleven girls, so Welf admitted that he was grateful that there were ‘only’ four since they had moved in that very same day. When night time came, he was very nervous but ended up falling into the momentum of the experience girls as they ‘tended’ to him for several hours until he eventually fell asleep cradled in Sonia’s arms. Welf admitted to Vahn that, though he liked all of the girls, the only one he really loved at the moment was Sonia. Vahn could tell that she also had affections for Welf as well, and decided to tell Welf even though his brain might not be capable of processing Vahn’s words properly.

Sonia was the most mature looking of the Amazons and had apparently even given birth in the past before her daughter died during her training. She was still a ‘proper’ Amazon, but her loyalty to her species had diminished a great deal after the fact. Knowing that Welf needed a ‘mother’ figure in his life, she took to the role willingly and was the ‘leader’ amongst the other girls as she was also the strongest in the group. Her breasts were on the limits of a C-Cup, and she had a very shapely figure with the visible lines of muscles under her healthy brown skin. Her black hair was tied into a loose ponytail that reminded Vahn a lot of Tsubaki, but her somewhat lax and gentle face with her purple eyes created a clear contrast.

As for the other girls, Vestal and Kris, they also looked mature but Kris’s breasts were much smaller than the other girls and she was somewhat petite. She was the one that gave Vahn the most ‘attention’ earlier and he could tell she was also the youngest of the group and the least in control of her own instincts. Vahn would later discover that each girl, Sonia, Maia, Vestal, and Kris, were 31, 25, 27, and 18 respectively. Each girl, with he exception of Kris, was Level 3, with Sonia being very close to the requirements for reaching Level 4. As they aged, and increased in strength, their control over themselves increased to match so it wasn’t too surprising that the youngest, and weakest, member of their group would be eyeing Vahn. She had spent less than five months as a prostitute and hadn’t gotten her ‘urges’ out of her body and somewhat eagerly sought strong and capable men.

Welf eventually passed out after drinking too much so Vahn deactivated the soundproof barrier and informed the girls that he was about to leave. Sonia showed up the quickest and gave Vahn a grateful smile as she said, “Thank you for looking after our Welf, Vahn Mason. You are welcome here anytime, though please give us advance warning in the future, fufufufu~.” Though he wasn’t drunk at all, Vahn blushed slightly and scratched the back of his head as he said, “Sorry about that, I should have been more thoughtful…” As he spoke, the youngest Amazon, Kris, decided to say in a cheerful tone, “You should visit more often in the future, I’m sure Welf would be happy. Let’s be good friends from now on, okay~?” Kris stepped very close to Vahn and pressed her budding breasts against his arm before Sonia bonked the top of her head hard and said, “Kris, don’t be so ‘eager’ or you’ll offend both Vahn and Welf.”

Kris rubbed the top of her head and sent a fierce look at Sonia before immediately averting her eyes when the older Amazon squinted. The other two had shown up at this point and Maia remarked, “Don’t be too harsh on her, Sonia, even I can’t help but feel my body acting up when someone like Vahn is around. Not only did he save us from that shitty life, but he is also a very powerful man…” Vestal nodded he head and added on, “Maia is right, you can’t fault Kris for following her instincts as an Amazon. If Welf actually allows it, even I wouldn’t mind spending some time with the ‘famous’ Sage Aldrnari~.” As she spoke, Vestal sent a wink at Vahn and he just returned a wry smile and said, “Well, I’ll be heading out now…it was a pleasure meeting you all. I’m sure we’ll be good friends in the future, but I will respect Welf as my friend and avoid doing anything untoward. You’re all beautiful women, but I have my own principles to live by…”

Sonia nodded her head thoughtfully, but the other three girls didn’t seem quite as understanding even though they didn’t press Vahn any further. For the majority of Amazons, relationships weren’t that important at all and they simply followed their compulsion to find capable mates to in order to have the most capable children. If not for their jobs as prostitutes, they would have all likely had daughters by now and would have gotten the urge out of their system, but they hadn’t been as ‘fortunate’ as Sonia, at least as far as conceiving a child was concerned. Most patrons in the red light district are relatively weak and this made it exceptionally difficult to find suitable mates to sire their children.

Vahn ended up leaving the somewhat dangerous workshop behind and resolved himself to meet up with Welf at his own clubhouse in the future where they could hang out without worrying about the somewhat troublesome girls’ influence. He didn’t hold their behavior against them since Vahn knew it was very difficult for Amazons to fight against their urges. Tiona and Tione practically ‘attacked’ him when they were triggered, so Vahn couldn’t fault them when they actually showed a surprising amount of restraint.

The fact that they willingly took a vow showed they were serious about being with Welf, at least for the time being, so the only thing Vahn needed to do was help Welf get stronger and there wouldn’t be any major problems in the future. Worst case scenario, Vahn could just let Kris meet Tiona and Tione and they would instantly shut her down since Amazons were very deferential to strength. Tiona and Tione were both Level 5, even though they were still very young, so most Amazons would take several steps back when they saw the relationship between Vahn and the beautiful twins.

Because he was in somewhat high tensions after visiting Welf, and dealing with the Amazons, Vahn was slowly walking towards the residence of the Anubis Familia and considering if he should visit later. It was currently around 2 PM, so he could just stop by the Hearth Manor and enjoy a meal as he calmed his body and mind for a while. If he visited Anubis, Nanu, and the rest of the pack, covered in the smell of women and alcohol he might lose a bit of face. At the very least, he would probably end up spending some ‘quality’ time with Anubis, but this would likely upset the still ‘too young’ Nanu…

Vahn released a hot sigh that caused a large cloud of condensation to spread since it was still below freezing outside even though it was the afternoon. Anubis was just too ‘stimulating’ an existence to associate with easily because Vahn’s own inhibitions towards here were nearly non-existent. He was very weak to receptive women and, with perhaps the exception of Loki and Hephaestus, she was easily the most receptive girl in his life and had a very submissive personality that made it too easy to escalate things. Because of this, Vahn decided that it would be better to visit the Anubis Familia later and just sent a message to Anubis inviting her to stay the night as ‘compensation’. He would escort her back in the morning and then spend part of the day with the pack instead of causing them any trouble by his current state.

With his schedule suddenly freed up, Vahn decided to release his tensions at the Hearth Manor before spending the rest of the afternoon pampering the girls. He really wanted to train his [Petting] skill even further, so Vahn decided it was a good opportunity and intended to give short massages to each of the interested girls at the Manor. This would undoubtedly be all of them, so Vahn had already resolved himself to divide the group and tend to the larger majority tomorrow since he had nothing else planned other than a bit of work.

After scanning through the Status Log, Vahn decided to spend part of his afternoon with Ais and Tiona, as they were both currently free and residing in the Manor. Syr and Hestia would most likely accompany him during the evening and Vahn had been spending a lot of time with Chloe, Arnya, and Aki lately and decided to show some affection to the two girls that had been a part of his first time. Ais had been behaving differently after her ‘confessional’ and had opened up a lot after that fateful day. Though they had spent a fair amount of time together afer the fact, Vahn still felt like he needed to pamper the inordinately beautiful girl more often…

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