Chapter 315 – Rescue

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Jiang Fu, the uncle of Jiang Lie, has been managing Blazing Lava City during the period after Jiang Lie’s capture by Dark Yang Tian.

“How is it? What is Ji Hou Tao’s reply?”

Within a large building in Blazing Lava City, an anxious Jiang Fu looked at a returning metahuman and asked.

“Ai, another round of acting dumb. I believe they had no plans to help us all along!”

The metahuman helplessly sighed, this was not the first time he went to visit Ji Hou Tao, who would always act dumb each time.

This was also considered normal. If Ji Tian Luo had not erupted during Dark Yang Tian’s attack, C City would likely have become Dark Yang Tian’s territory. Ji Hou Tao and his group was already thanking the heavens that Dark Yang Tian was no longer attacking C City, why would they want to find trouble with Dark Yang Tian now?

“What are we to do now? With our current abilities, it is just sending ourselves to death.”

While the two were worrying about what to do, the black hair elder was also listening to their conversation. From the information collected over the past few days, the elder was able to quickly bring the pieces together and understood the situation.

“So the City Lord of Blazing Lava City is captured. It looks like I need to pay a visit to this Devil Domain! I wonder if those people would…”

The black hair elder disappeared in a blink!

As for Dark Yang Tian in the Devil Domain, several Evil Sects had visited him over this period. However, whenever Dark Yang Tian brought up the Blood Demon Sect, all of them would quickly leave.

“Is the Blood Demon Sect this powerful?”

“Looks like I can work together with the Blood Demon Sect.”

Dark Yang Tian crushed the Blood Demon Sect’s spatial talisman, and a familiar figure appeared from the spatial hole.

“Looks like you have thought it through.”

“Yes, let’s cut the crap and begin!”


A Contract Agreement appeared, and the Blood Demon Sect Master also appeared in Devil Domain. A thick blood-colored mist was being emitted from the Blood Demon Sect Master that releases the scent of fresh blood.

“Young man, you have good insight.” the sharp voice of the Blood Demon Master rang in Dark Yang Tian’s ears.

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“No, it is because you people got lucky.”

“Ha, interesting! You are the first young man I have met that dared to say that. Of course, you are the first to remain alive.”

 “Oh? Is that so?”

The Blood Demon Sect Master was undoubtedly powerful, but Dark Yang Tian was sure that he has yet to reach beyond Epic Rank. Dark Yang Tian currently requires the support of the Blood Demon Sect and should the Blood Demon Sect not help when he needs it, Dark Yang Tian would kick them away without hesitation.

While the Blood Demon Sect treats Dark Yang Tian as a puppet, they have never placed him with any importance.

“Let the contract begin!”

Dark Yang Tian pricked his finger, but no one noticed that when the blood was oozing from Dark Yang Tian’s finger, a black rune was mixed within the blood as well.

Dark Yang Tian injected his blood into the Contract Agreement, the Blood Demon Sect Master did the same.

After the contract was established, the Blood Demon Sect Master left.

“This is our gift to you!”

A set of Rank 6 equipment, as well as the Summoning Token of the Blood Demon Sect. Allowing Yang Tian to possess the authority to order the disciples of the Blood Demon Sect.

“Okay. I need to go.”

Not long after the Blood Demon Sect had left, the black hair elder had brought his group to the outskirts of Devil Domain.

“The blood miasma in this area is very severe, the master of this place is undoubtedly a person of great evil.”

“Head Elder, why not we kill him now, consider it as helping the people to remove a source of suffering.”

The black hair elder suddenly frowned and replied:

“He had established a contract with the Blood Demon Sect, we cannot touch him for now.”

“What! The Blood Demon Sect is also thinking of influencing the Secluded World?”

“With Reiki restored, do you still think that this world is still the same Secluded World from before? Since the Blood Demon Sect has decided to act, it meant that the Secluded World is no longer simple! Our goal now is the Blazing Lava City Lord, now that the people of the Blood Demon Sect has left, it is time for us to take action.”

The black hair elder suddenly turned blurry, if a person did not check in detail, they would not be able to notice the presence of the elder.

“I am going in, all of you wait here for me.”


Jiang Lie was being locked up inside a dark prison cell. There was not a single area of his body that was not damaged and bloodied while his pair of clouded eyes would alternate between fear and anger from time to time.

When the black hair elder entered the cell, he immediately noticed Jiang Lie.

“This should be him.”

“Caught in a mind illusion? Did he plan to torture him until he dies?”

A glow appeared on the palm of the black hair elder before he lightly placed it on Jiang Lie’s head. Jiang Lie’s eyes slowly returned to normal.

“Don’t make any noise, I am here to rescue you. However, I need to explain my motive before I save you.”

The black hair elder explained about Ancient Martial Sects to Jiang Lie. When the latter heard that this was a matter that could only benefit him with no harm, why would he not agree?

“I agree with you. Quickly save me and get me out of here.”

“Okay. You need to endure some pain, these chains used on you are not simple.”

Dark Yang Tian was the first to notice that Jiang Lie had disappeared, but he did not give pursuit.

“Someone finally came to rescue him, else I am really going to wonder if I should deliver him back myself.” Dark Yang Tian’s mouth lightly curled up.

It was likely that Jiang Lie did not even know what sort of pain his body had experienced. Dark Yang Tian could be the only one to know what had really happened. As for the Epic Rank Blazing Ancient Sword, it was currently being fiddled in Dark Yang Tian’s hands.

The black hair elder brought Jiang Lie along and regrouped with the people waiting on the outskirts for them.

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“What serious injuries.”

“It likely requires great effort to recover from this.”

“Head Elder, let’s quickly leave this place!”

The group quickly headed towards C City. Along the way, the elder also healed the external injuries on Jiang Lie, but Jiang Lie has to deal with the internal injuries himself.

“Thank you for your help, I will remember this gratitude.”

“There is no need to be polite City Lord. We have a cooperative relationship after all.”

A trace of hatred could be seen lying within Jiang Lie’s eyes, hatred towards Ji Hou Tao. He had brought Blazing Lava City to help Ji Hou Tao, yet he did not receive any news of anyone coming to save him.

When Jiang Lie returned to C City, he confirmed that Ji Hou Tao had no intention to rescue him indeed. The soldiers of C City were performing their usual activities, only the Blazing Lava City was mustering forces.

“Humph, I will make Ji Hou Tao regret it one day.”

After Jiang Lie returned to Blazing Lava City, he immediately established a contract with Mountain Way Sect. The sect also gifted Jiang Lie with a set of Rank 6 equipment. Meanwhile, news that Jiang Lie has returned to Blazing Lava City quickly spread through C City.

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