Chapter 15: Western Wing’s New People

Just now, when Qi Zhou introduced her, he said she was Steward Li’s wife.

Yu Fu knew, in the manor, aside from Qi An, this head steward, there were ten to twenty other stewards, separately in charge of the matters in various places.

For example, Qi Zhou was also one of them, however, he was Qi An’s son, so Gu Huai Jiang had the intention of letting him take Qi An’s place and become the head steward of the manor. That’s why the things Qi Zhou were in charge of was comparatively more than the others, and was also a little more dignified than the others as well.

Since she was the wife of a steward, then presumably she too had some face in the manor.

Yu Fu thought for a moment and then personally went forward to help her up, “Aunt Li, no need to be this formal, quickly get up.”

When she heard the words ‘Aunt Li’, the delight on her face nearly overflowed, as she looked to the little Yu Fu before her with affection.

Seeing her looking like delicately carved jade, and the radiance in her eyes both playful and witty, she became ever more fond of her.

“Miss Yu Fu, are you comfortable in the Western Wing? Because there’s too little people here serving you, Steward Qi had me come take care of miss, and also bring a few more servant girls and servant women over for miss to pick out.”

Aunt Li gave a meaningful glance towards the door, and the crowd walked in in a line. Separately it was four servant girls in front, and four servant women in the back. There were also ten some rough labor servant girls and servant women waiting under veranda that didn’t come in.

“Miss have a look, are these servant girls and servant women usable?”

Hearing the words ‘have a look’, everyone all lifted their heads, revealing their most appropriate smile.

Seemingly as if they were afraid Yu Fu won’t take a fancy to them and have the returned back.

Yu Fu however didn’t look too much, just smilingly looked to Aunt Li, “Steward Qi was sent by the Great General, and Aunt Li was someone personally picked by Steward Qi. Then the people you picked definitely won’t be bad, so there’s no need for me to look.”

The joy in the corner of Aunt Li’s eyes momentarily couldn’t be concealed anymore.

She looked to Yu Fu’s tender little cheeks, practically hating that she can’t give it a pinch.

In this world, how is there such a smooth talking little miss!?

Her words not only praised Aunt Li, it even praised Qi Zhou who was present, as well as all eight servant girls and servant women. How could one not like her?

Aunt Li had always believed herself to be someone who has long experiences in social relations, but unexpectedly in the first sight of meeting Yu Fu, she’d already ‘fallen into enemy hands’.

No wonder the marquis and the young masters all pampered her that much!

“Yes, then will just go according to miss’s intention and have them all stay. Let me introduce them to miss, this is Qian mama, this is………..”

Seeing Aunt Li getting along very well with Yu Fu, Qi Zhou thus silently withdrew.

After he left, Yu Fu sized up the four servant girls.

The two in front were a little older, approximately fifteen sixteen years old, about the same as Qi Ting.

The two in the back were slightly younger, also about thirteen fourteen years old.

“You’re called Lian Zhu, and you’re called Lian Bi?”

The two servant girls in front that were called out by Yu Fu curtsied with a cheerful expression on their face.

“It is precisely this servant.”

Yu Fu held one in each hand, helping them get up. She looked to Lian Zhu’s slightly plump figure and her smooth and round face, “Big sister Lian Zhu appears round like pearl and sleek like jade, just like a top quality southern sea pearl. Calling you Lian Zhu is perfect.”

(T/N: The ‘zhu’ in Lian Zhu’s name means pearl.)

Then, she looked towards Lian Bi. Her figure was slim, and she was also slightly taller than the average girl.

“Big sister Lian Bi’s figure is slender, just like an upright jade bamboo. Calling you Lian Bi also can’t be more fitting.”

(T/N: The ‘bi’ in Lian Bi’s name means ‘green jade’.)

As for the two little servant girls in the back, the one called Yin Ling(silver bell), her voice was crisp and clear, perfectly matching the sound of a silver bell. And the one called Yin Xue(silver snow), her skin was snow white, very much matching her name too.

Yu Fu had the four all looked over, their names and characteristics matching perfectly. She instantly had them all memorized.

The four all felt strangely happy after getting looked over by her. The words of praise from her mouth really made one respect her from the bottom of their hearts.

Such a young age yet already treats people this generously, making it difficult to not like her.

Aunt Li smilingly said, “It’s good that miss likes, it’s good that miss likes.”

Yu Fu had Yao Lan and Qi Ting called over too, letting them meet with Aunt Li as well as the other four.

“Aunt Li, this is Yao Lan who has served by my side ever since I was little. When I was at the Immortals Valley, it was her that took care of me. Although she is young, but don’t worry, she understands the rules.”

Yu Fu said with a serious expression, fearing that Aunt Li will be like Qi Ting, insisting on teaching Yao Lan rules.

Aunt Li’s heart was already stolen away by Yu Fu, so how could she still say any words of objection, repeatedly nodding her head as she listened.

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“I’m not worried. Having been trained by miss’s side since childhood, even if her age is small, she certainly must be a sensible good girl, just like miss.”

With that said, she turned around and said to Lian Zhu and them, “Miss Yao Lan’s age is the smallest, but she’s already taken care of miss for many years. Based on seniority, she’s a senior to you all. You all better not bully her because of her age. If I hear of it, I won’t let you all off easily.”

Everyone answered in unison.

Yu Fu gratefully glanced to Aunt Li, and even Yao Lan’s impression of Aunt Li increased by a lot.

Looks like the servants of the Gu Manor weren’t really all the same as Qi Ting, frivolous and rude.

Qi Ting rather arrogantly walked over, her gaze bluntly sweeping over the four servant girls. Seeing that Lian Zhu was smooth and beautiful, seemingly even prettier than herself, she immediately became unhappy.

Aunt Li has been in the manor for a long time, so naturally she recognized Qi Ting. Normally, seeing on behalf of Qi An and Qi Zhou, she didn’t look after her any less either.

“Qi Ting, you’re the oldest here, and also the first to come serve at miss’s side. In the future, you’ll need to look after the others a little.”

“Don’t worry Aunt Li!”

After receiving these words, Qi Ting produced a mischievous thought inside, feeling as if she herself had instantly gotten a few more people to serve her, increasingly showing off her authority as she glanced to them.

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Lian Zhu and the others were also all house-born servants1house-born servantsservants born to servants serving in the manor, also having grown up in the manor, just their parents weren’t as respected as Qi Ting’s.

Right now, everyone was serving miss together in the Western Wing, so who was more noble than who?

Qi Ting’s gaze and demeanor made the four of them all feel uncomfortable inside, yet on their face, they didn’t dare show it.

Aunt Li swept a glance at the four of them, carrying a slight smile on her face, unknown as to what she was thinking.

After a while, she turned to Yu Fu, “Miss most likely has also figured it out, a in our Eastern Ling’s noble manors, there’s a unwritten rule. The servant girl’s names are all matched in pairs. Lian Zhu and Lian Bi are a pair, and Yin Ling and Yin Xue are a pair. Just Qi Ting and Miss Yao Lan…………..”

As soon as Qi Ting heard these words, she immediately wanted to rebuke, but Yu Fu stealthily beat her to it.

Still with a childish tone.

“Aunt Li, Yao Lan’s name, I’ve called for seven to eight years already. If she were to suddenly change her name into something else, then I won’t be used to it.”

Qi Ting’s mind sounded in a bang.

Yao Lan can’t change her name, then that means she’ll have to change her name to match Yao Lan’s?

How can that be!

How can she change her name to follow a feral girl’s, this definitely won’t do!

Aunt Li looked upon Yu Fu’s gaze. In those eyes, aside from childishness, there was also clear firmness.

She instantly understood and smilingly looked to Qi Ting.

“Qi Ting, in the past, you were Steward Qi’s daughter, and wasn’t considered a proper servant girl in the manor. But now that you’re a servant girl in miss’s place, you should have a servant girl’s name. Lian Zhu and Lian Bi’s names were also given to them by me just now.”

Saying to here, Aunt Li couldn’t help feeling somewhat pleased with herself.

These four names she came up with were all praised by Yu Fu just now!

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