Chapter 14: Only Accepting Toys as Gift

The news of Gu Shu Bai spending huge amount of gold buying a few bolts of brocade in Jin Ling, for some reason, spread all over the imperial capital.

Rather, they weren’t surprised at his valiance in throwing a thousand pieces of gold in one go. The heir of the Gu Marquis Manor spending thousands of taels of gold to buy something wasn’t something worth mentioning.

What was worth mentioning was that reportedly, he bought those brocade for his younger sister to make new clothes.

Ever since Marquis Gu lost his wife sixteen years ago, he never remarried nor had any concubines, so where did this younger sister come from?

In an instant, Yu Fu’s appearance became the imperial capital’s hottest topic of conversation.

Some who were partially informed divulged bits of information, and some who had rich imaginations added oil and vinegar to the story. Thus Yu Fu’s identity had a ‘definitive answer’——

She was born from Marquis Gu’s outside mistress kept at the borders, his illegitimate daughter!

Turns out Marquis Gu wasn’t deeply devoted to his deceased wife, and wasn’t preserving his body, unwilling to take a concubine, but rather, he’d long had a mistress outside!

Heard that this young miss from this outside mistress was already twelve years old.

The officials that were well-informed had long prepared presents, practically about to stampede through the Marquis Manor’s doorsteps, eagerly wanting to let their presents be favored.

One has to know, Marquis Gu was infamous for not accepting gifts and not joining factions.

Under his ‘military orders are like mountains’ type of education, the young masters of the Marquis Gu Manor also were the same as him, never accepting the officials’ tributes.

However, whether he accepted or not was one thing, and whether they sent or not was a separate thing.

The officials crouching before the Marquis Gu Manor gates felt a stroke of good luck, “Heard Marquis Gu very much adores this youngest daughter, perhaps this time, he’ll make an exception and accept the gifts?”

The things they prepared weren’t anything too valuable either, all were just clothes, accessories, and ornaments that young ladies liked………

From the gates, a middle aged man that looked like a steward straightly marched out carrying a polite smile on his face.

“Everyone, our marquis has ordered me to thank everyone for the gifts.”

As soon as they heard Qi Zhou’s perfunctory-like words, the crowd only felt as if their ears had grown calluses.

Every time they came to deliver gifts, Qi Zhou always replied like this!

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“The marquis said, anything too valuable can’t be accepted, but if there are some interesting playthings, this one can deliver to our Miss Yu Fu.”

Hearing these words, the crowds eyes lit up, and in their hearts, ignited a flame of hope.

“There is, there is! Look at this exquisite white jade dice of mine, miss will definitely like it!”

“Mine too, this cornelian phoenix tail shuttlecock of mine is precisely what young ladies love to play with!”

“This of mine is also interesting……”

Yu Fu was currently sitting under the Western Wing’s back veranda eating Eastern Ling’s specialty desserts, while also watching the spring water in the back noisily bubbling.

She felt it was very interesting. As she watched, her two lotus root like legs swayed back and forth in the air.

This vein of spring water was clear and lively, always reminding her of the little streams in the Immortals Valley. In the summer, she often paddled in the waters together with Yao Lan bare foot.

She somewhat missed her shifu8shifumaster/teacher.

“Miss, a lot of presents were sent in from outside, do you want to go see?”

Qi Ting walked out from inside the room. Ever since she got reprimanded by Gu Jiu Ge5Gu Jiu GeGu family second son last time, she became much more behaved.

Just, occasionally when seeing Yao Lan and Yu Fu being overly intimate, she still couldn’t help but inwardly roll her eyes.

Nothing more than a wild miss from don’t know where, she definitely didn’t care to get close to!

As long as she can smoothly stay in the Western Wing, then no need to worry about the young masters of the manor not being able to see her, and when the time comes, based on her position in the manor, she definitely will be able to successfully marry one of the young masters.

Yu Fu seemingly didn’t notice her intentions, instead just turning her head to look at her.

“What presents? Is it from the Great General again?”

These days, Gu Huai Jiang frequently sent things to the Western Wing. There was food, clothes, and also toys.

Gu Shu Bai and them also didn’t slack, as they competed in sending things to the Western Wing. Everything that Yu Fu could use, they’ve practically all sent.

This made Qi Ting very discontent.

It’s not like she was their actual younger sister, don’t know what the young masters were pampering her that much for!

“No, it’s from the officials outside. Those officials all think that miss is Marquis Gu’s illegitimate daughter, thus all thought of ways to send presents to curry favor!”

Her underlying meaning was that Yu Fu was completely just a fox exploiting the tiger’s might, thus able to receive these officials’ gifts.

As Qi Ting spoke, she secretly glanced at Yu Fu’s face, but didn’t see anything particular.

She thus felt much more relieved.

Yu Fu was still young, and didn’t understand the mockery in her words.

“So it’s like that. Since they’ve sent them, then I’ll go have a look.”

Despite her hands practically going limp from receiving presents lately, Yu Fu was still just a little girl after all. Hearing there were presents, she still can’t help but feel delighted.

The one that delivered the presents was Qi Zhou. Seeing Yu Fu, he bowed to her with a smile, and then ordered the servants to have the presents brought up.

After seeing the presents, Yu Fu let out a ‘wah’ in exclamation.

In the hands of seven eight servant boys were all presents, brimming to the edge, making one worry that the presents might fall to the ground at anytime.

However, her worries were excessive.

The servants of Marquis Gu Manor were all well trained, and very quickly had all the presents orderly arranged by categorizes, piling into a small mountain on the table.

“Uncle Qi, are these presents all for me?”

Getting called uncle by her, Qi Zhou instinctively blanked. After returning to his senses, he felt as if honey melted in his heart, the sweetness seeping into the bottom of his heart.

His smile also unconsciously became much more gentle.

“Yes, Miss Yu Fu. Just keep anything you like, and if there’s anything you don’t like, just let Qi Ting come tell me, I’ll come and have them taken care of.”

When Qi Zhou said ‘taken care of’, it was just like saying he was taking care of trash and whatnot.

Yu Fu couldn’t help but giggle, inwardly thinking, the Gu Manor’s style really was honest, even Qi Zhou, a steward, all had that bit of a clean and honest character.

His father Qi An, Head Steward Qi, was also a loyal and devoted old servant, the family’s upbringing very excellent.


Yu Fu’s dark pupils turned, as she pursed her lips, ultimately not voicing the words in her heart.

Unfortunately, Qi Ting didn’t inherit her grandfather and father’s steadiness and loyalty, instead having an extra trace of frivolousness from being raised pampered.

Seeing her not saying anything, Qi Zhou respectfully continued, “Actually, I came today for one more thing. It’s to bring Steward Li’s wife to come meet Miss Yu Fu.”

Steward Li’s wife?

Yu Fu tilted her head and looked behind Qi Zhou. Sure enough, she saw an elderly woman.

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She had a medium figure, with her hair combed in a clean and tidy married woman style, and carried a smile on her face.

Seeing Yu Fu gazing at her, she thus walked forward, and graciously performed a formal curtsy.

“Greetings Miss Yu Fu.”

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